Fleagle Family of Maryland

Descendants of Johann Valentin FlŘegel

Johann Valentin FL▄EGEL   b: Abt. 1716 Worms, Germany; 
		d: 1801 Frederick/Carroll Co, Maryland		
  +Anna Elisabetha WIEGAND   b: Abt. 1730 Fulda, Hesse, Germany; 
		m: Abt. 1748 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania; 
		d: Abt. 1797 Frederick/Carroll Co, Maryland		

.2 Charles FL▄EGEL 	b: Bef. 14 Jan 1750 Bedminster Twp, Bucks Co, Pennsylvania; 
	        d: 1810 Adams Co, PA
.....+Catharine FISHER	b: 1755; m: 26 Oct 1778 Frederick Co, Maryland;
        	d: Bef. 1810 Adams Co, PA		

.2 Anna Apollonia FL▄EGEL   b: Bef. 15 Mar 1752 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania; 
                d: 29 Jun 1809 Carroll Co, Maryland; Kreider's Cemetery	
.....+George Daniel ZACHARIAS	b: Abt. 24 Sep 1745; 
		d: 24 Aug 1807 Carroll Co, Maryland; Kreider's Cemetery	

.2 Catharine Rebecca FL▄EGEL   b: 20 Jan 1756; 
		d: 25 Jul 1809 Carroll Co, MD;
             	Kreider's Church, Carroll Co, MD	
.....+John Cover/KOBER	b: Abt. 1756; d: 26 Feb 1832 Carroll Co, Maryland; 
          	Pipe Creek Cemetery	

.2 Valentin FL▄EGEL 		b: 10 Aug 1757 Pennsylvania; 
		d: Apr 1840 Decatur Twp, Clearfield Co, PA
.....+Christena SENTZER/CENSER	b: 1 Sep 1759; 
		m: 17 Aug 1779 Frederick Co, Maryland; 
        	d: 12 Nov 1831 Clearfield Co, PA		
.....+Elizabeth (UNKNOWN)	m: Abt. 1836 Clearfield Co, PA	
		d: Bef. 1850 Clearfield Co, PA		

.2 Johan Jacob FL▄EGEL 		b: Bef. 24 Mar 1760 York Co, Pennsylvania; 
		d: 1828 Bedford Co, PA
.....+Katarina CHRISTMAN	b: Abt. 1762 Montgomery Co, PA; 
		d: 1825 Bedford Co, PA		

.2 Johannes FL▄EGEL
	        b: 30 Jun 1762 Maryland; 
		d: 3 Sep 1845 Tyrone, Carroll County, Maryland; 
                Baust Cemetery, Taneytown, Old part	
.....+Anna Margaretha HAHN	b: 30 Jan 1770 Maryland; 
		d/o Andrew and Magdalena (ERBACH) HAHN; 
             	m: Abt. 1788; d: 4 Dec 1842 Carroll Co, MD
		Baust Cemetery, Taneytown, MD		

.2 Maria Magdalena FL▄EGEL   b: Abt. 1764; 
		d: 18 Jan 1858 Carroll Co, Maryland; 
                Beaver Dam Cemetery, Johnsville	
.....+David STONER/STEINER   b: 13 Sep 1760 Coventry Twp, Chester Co, PA; 
                m: 21 Oct 1787 Frederick Co, MD; 
		d: 3 May 1824 Union Bridge, Carroll Co, MD;
                Wolfe Cemetery, Union Bridge	

.2 Maria Eva FL▄EGEL		   b: Abt. 1766
.....+John Jacob (Daege) TAGEN	b: Abt. 1760; m: Bef. 1778			

*2nd Wife of Johann Valentin FL▄EGEL:						
..+Mary FLYDON    	b: Abt. 1780; m: Abt. 1798	
        (On the day she filed Valentine's will, application 
	  was also filed for a license for her marriage to 
	  Lawrence BURKHART/BANKARD)				

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