Schifferstadt, Frederick Co, Maryland

Schifferstadt in Frederick, Maryland

In 1746, Joseph BRUNNER obtained a deed for 303 acres of the 7,000 acre tract, Tasker's Chance, in Frederick County, Maryland, and named his plantation "Schifferstadt" after his German birthplace, Kleinschifferstadt. Brunner brought his family to the US on the ship Allen into Philadelphia on September 11, 1729 and, after settling briefly in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, joined other German immigrants traveling to western Maryland, forming the Monocacy settlement.

In 1753, Brunner transferred the property to his youngest son, Elias, who in 1756 completed the stone house, now said to be the oldest building in Frederick, an example of fine German colonial architecture. The walls are two and a half feet thick, which would help protect against Indian attacks of those days.

Early Kitchen Sink
Early Kitchen Sink

This must have been the latest in modern conveniences back then.

On the side of the house, the sink can be seen in the right bottom window; the hole below is a chute which goes into the cellar.

It is now owned by the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc. and serves as a museum. In the fall, an Oktoberfest is usually held there. It is located just off Rt 15, on the corner of Rosemont Avenue and West Second Street.

Schifferstadt - Side and Back Closeup of Stone

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