Land Record Abstracts in Carroll Co, Maryland

Carroll County, Maryland

Land Record Abstracts - Liber WW-1

Since Carroll County was formed in 1837, this is the first book of land records recorded in that county. The majority of these listings indicate whether the land previously had been in Frederick or Baltimore County. Many times, family relationships are listed and there is usually a good reference to the previous land holders and surrounding land tract names. An every-name index is included which also contains the names of the land tracts. Even a couple of references to family graveyards were found. This book of abstracts is useful in locating ancestors and land previously owned by them, and possibly even a link to family relationships. Since all abstracts are subject to interpretation by the compiler, it is necessary to obtain a copy of the deed or record itself, for verification of all facts and interpretations as well as obtaining the metes and bounds. This book should prove useful in learning which records are needed for your research.

Note: All entries are deeds and all parties are from Carroll County - unless noted otherwise. The first entry starts on page (folio) 5.

Abbreviations: pt = part; dtd = dated; cm = current money

Carroll Co Map

5 – Hannah SHIPLEY – 4 Apr 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from Basil STEVENSON, surviving executor of Samuel STEVENSON of Baltimore 
County.  Per the will of Samuel STEVENSON probated 20 Oct 1821, property was 
in Baltimore County (now Carroll County), 597 acres, 469 acres lay next to 
Fell’s Dale with buildings; sale price $2,665.  The other executor was 
Joshua STEVENSON, now deceased.

7 – James KNOX, Catherine KNOX, John Robinson KNOX, Margaret Stark KNOX 
-  5 Apr 1837 (made 2 Mar 1837)
from John KNOX of Forsey Shone of Lycoming Co, PA to minor children and 
heirs of William KNOX, deceased (brother to John KNOX).  
Deed was made 19 Oct 1819 in Frederick County, MD, # JS-9, 601 & 606 
and mortgaged for $4,900 for tract Owing’s Chance (from Chancery record, 
#1468 Equity).  Claims have been settled so sale was not necessary.

9 – Union Bank  -  8 Apr 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from James Mason CAMPBELL of Baltimore City, Trustee; William and George 
WINCHESTER were executors of William WINCHESTER, esquire, deceased from 
23 Jun 1835.  Theodrick BLAND, Chancellor of the Court, determined that 
tracts to David WINCHESTER by William and George WINCHESTER on 10 Jan 1823 
should be sold for settlement.  Property was part of Lot 6 of Legh Castle 
of the late Legh Master’s estate and lay next to Bond’s Meadow Enlarged 
and Long Valley and Brown’s Delight with neighbors George BROWN and William 

12  -  Samuel CARR  -  8 Apr 1837
from Basil D. STEVENSON, deceased, of Baltimore County.  Samuel STEVENSON 
had a will probated 21 Oct 1821 of Baltimore County having as executors, 
his son Basil D. STEVENSON, and his brother Joshua STEVENSON previously 
deceased.  Property of 147+ acres consisted of part Resurvey on Father’s 
Gift, Rich Meadows, and Pigeons Hill for $1,034.76.

14  -  Richard JOHNS of Baltimore County – 11 Apr 1837
from William JORDAN of Carroll County, formerly Baltimore County for $3,000, 
tract Curgaforgus?, now in Carroll County (formerly Baltimore County) of 
64 ½ acres and part Mount Pisgar which adjoined the first tract previously 
deeded by Thomas L. EMORY and John J. DONALDSON.

17  -  John ROOP – 11 Apr 1837 (made 25 Mar 1837)
from Jacob REESE and Ellanor, his wife for $600, part Bond’s Meadow, 
previously deeded by Joshua SMITH Jr., trustee.  Land consisting of 
½ acre with brick house was located on the turnpike leading from 
Westminster to Petersburgh, and adjoined lands of David UHLER and 
the heirs of Jacob SHERMAN, deceased.

19  -  David EVANS – 12 Apr 1837
from James RAYMOND,  appointed Trustee per Frederick County Equity 
Docket #1393 – Thomas DEULLIP and wife Mary Ann  vs  Samuel HAINES, 
etc; to sell real estate of David HAINES, deceased, of Frederick 
County which consisted of part Legh Castle (part Lot #9 & 14) which 
begins at Robert’s Care and ran along lands of Robert BENNETT and 
James PEARRE.  On 17 Apr 1835, David W. NAILL platted the land which 
consisted of 143+ acres with a mill, and lay on each side of Sam’s Creek 
in Carroll County, being where Evans now resides.  Sale price was $1,432.50.

21  -  John EARHART – 15 Apr 1837 (made 21 Mar 1837)
from Daniel BANKER for $509, part Ohio of 76 acres and part Resurvey on 
High Germany of  which 8+ acres were previously deeded from Conrad ROUTZON 
on 22 Aug 1829 (Frederick Co Deed).

23  -  Joseph HARDEN – 13 Apr 1837
from Nicholas HARDEN and wife Rachel, and Samuel GORE and wife Teresa.  
Previously the land of 173+ acres was deeded in Baltimore County 
(WG-124, 431) on 9 Mar 1813 by Sidney BUCHANAN, Mary ALLISON, 
Peggy BUCHANAN and James A. BUCHANAN to Ignatius HARDEN, Nicholas 
HARDEN, Joseph HARDING (then HARDEN) and Teresa GORE.  Ignatius died 
in 1836, intestate with no issue; his part of 161 acres was divided 
amongst his siblings, Nicholas and Joseph HARDEN and Teresa GORE but 
Nicholas sold his portion to other siblings - except Ignatius had 
conveyed 20+ acres to James CONNER.

26  -  Jacob BAEHR – 15 Apr 1837
from John Talbott DEVILBISS, Harriett DEVILBISS and John G. SHAW for $4,000.
William DEVILBISS died intestate possessed of part tract Ross’s Range, 120+ acres;  
on Meadow Branch in part of Carroll County which previously was Frederick County.  
He left a widow, Harriett and two children, John Talbott DEVILBISS and Rachel Ann 
Norris DEVILBISS but now the wife of John G. SHAW.  Since son John Talbott was a minor, 
his share was to be held until he became of age (21) but at that time would be signed 
over to Jacob BAEHR.  The final total on this was $4,212 with exception of the mill 
race and GRAVEYARD.

28  -  John TAUNEY – 15 Apr 1837 (made 3 Apr 1837)
from George McCLAIN and wife Barbara of Adams Co, PA for $500, being part Molly’s Fancy 
in Carroll County (previously Frederick County) and previously deeded by Peter HAFLEY 
to Barbara WAGNER, now w/o George McCLAIN on 29 Jul 1831.  Land lay next to lands of 
Peter RUDOLFSH along Glade Spring.  Exceptions were 22+ acres sold to John HARMAN Sr. 
by Peter HAFLEY in 1813 and 3+ acres sold to Isaac MYERS on 19 May 1827; leaving 37+ 
acres with buildings, woods, and water courses.

30  - Jacob BAEHR (York Co, PA)  – 15 Apr 1837 (made 7 Apr 1837)
from Harriet DEVILBISS, John G. SHAW and Rachel Ann Norris SHAW (his wife), and 
representatives of William DEVILBISS, deceased; for $4,212, part Ross’s Range lying 
on Meadow Branch in Carroll Co (previously part of Frederick Co), conveyed to William 
Devilbiss by Michael STOVER on 31 Aug 1819 containing 120+ acres (boundary line starts 
at stone engraved “Andrew YOUNG”).  

32 – Zacariah EBAUGH – 15 Apr 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from George RICHARDS and Richard RICHARDS of Carroll County (formerly part of Baltimore 
County), executors of the last will and testament of Richard RICHARDS, deceased, of 
Baltimore County; tracts Blenheim, and Rookland Enlarged for $600.  

34 – Joseph EBAUGH – 15 Apr 1837 (made 10 Apr 1837)
from George Gordon BELT of Baltimore City and County, permanent trustee for Jacob EBAUGH, 
an insolvent debtor (application for insolvency dtd 27 Sep 1833). On 2 Nov 1833, sale was 
held in Baltimore County; property of Henry EBAUGH, deceased, was to be divided being 
Lot 1 of tract Transylvania, said land conveyed to Jacob by Henry on indenture dated 
26 Sep 1812; land ran to the middle of Baltimore and Reisters Town and Hanover Turnpike 
and next to part Spring Garden containing ¾+ acres; Joseph Ebaugh was highest bidder 
for $55.  

37 – Elizabeth STULTZ and Ann FUSS – 17 Apr 1837 (made 25 Mar 1837)
from Daniel SHUNK and Elizabeth (his wife) for $30, 1+ acre of Resurvey on Carmack’s 
Chance, near Union Town; conveyed to Shunk by John RIGNEY, Sheriff of Frederick County 
on 28 Apr 1830 (Frederick Co Land Records JS-34, 17 & 18).

38 – Daniel ENGLER – 17 Apr 1837 (made 4 Apr 1837)
from William GAMBLE and Elizabeth, his wife, for $578, tract part Shepherd’s Retirement, 
8 ¾ acres.  

40– William SLAGLE – 17 Apr 1837 (made 8 Apr 1837)
from Martin MINTER and wife Barbara for $125.09, tract part Prussia, being near the south 
side of a branch descending unto Gunpowder Falls; conveyed to the Minters from Eve ZEPP 
and others on 10 Apr 1818 (Baltimore Co Land Records, WG-145, 159).

42 – Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church – 17 Apr 1837 (made 10 Apr 1837)
from George PATTERSON to Trustees:  George PATTERSON, William BAER, Regin D. HEWITT, 
and Elias BROWN; for $1, tract part Springfield consisting of 1 acre; lies along road 
leading from Westminster to Sykesville.

43 – Harriet DEVILBISS, John G. SHAW and John Talbot DEVILBISS
     Mortgage Deed – 20 Apr 1837 (made 10 Apr 1837)
     from Jacob BAEHR  for $2,412 for Ross’s Range.

45 – John HESS – 21 Apr 1837 (made 6 Apr 1837)
from Charles HESS for $1,000, tract part of Addition to Brook’s Discovery on the Rich 
Lands conveyed to Charles in 1818 by John McKALEB containing 29+ acres (neighbor Jacob 
ECKENROTH but previously Peter BLACK); also another part of same tract conveyed to 
Charles by George LINK in 1792 containing 32+ acres and lies next to George Link.  
(Charles HESS and wife Magdalene both signed by mark)

47 – Basil D. STEVENSON – Mortgage - 22 Apr 1837 (made 8 Apr 1837)
Samuel CARR still owed $734 to the Samuel STEVENSON Estate for tracts Resurvey on 
Father’s Gift, Rich Meadows, and Pigeon Hill containing 147+ acres; Basil is surviving 
executor of Samuel STEVENSON, deceased.    

49 – Basil D. STEVENSON – Mortgage - 22 Apr 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
Hannah SHIPLEY and Denton SHIPLEY still owed the Samuel STEVENSON Estate $1,665 for 
tract Fell’s Dale, 449 acres ; Basil is surviving executor of Samuel STEVENSON, deceased.  

51 – Wesley W. GARNER – Assignment of Lease - 8 Jul 1837 (made 20 Dec 1836)
by Jacob SHOWER and George SHOWER, admin/of Adam SHOWER, late of Baltimore County, 
for $36 cm, tract German Church, plat #18 known as German Town as mentioned in Indenture 
of Lease from Adam SHOWER, John BORN, Henry EBAUGH and John RITTER to John SHOWER dated 
11 May 1809 in Baltimore Co. Land Record WG-104, 248; yearly rent is $1 with 99-year lease.

53 – John B. CHENOWETH, George BRAMWELL and Daniel STULL, 
   all of Baltimore County - 8 Jul 1837 (made 15 Oct 1836)
from John WILLIAMS of Baltimore County for $5 cm, tract Speculation, 59 ½ acres,  
previously conveyed by Ludwick WAMPLER; has log house known by the Appellation of 
the United Seminary and is to be used exclusively for a school house and place of worship.

54 – Joseph ENGLER – 22 Apr 1837 (made 10 Apr 1837) – Mortgage Deed   
from Henry FULKRETH and wife Margaret for $300, tract I Forgot the Name, previously 
conveyed by Benjamin HARGARIDER on 18 Apr 1798; and also for tract Owens Frolick by 
Daniel STEVENSON on 16 Mar 1804; and also tract Stevensons Gardens conveyed by 
Michael SMELSER on 10 Dec 1804; where Henry FULKRETH now resides and is situated on 
the NE side of County  road leading from Smelser’s Mill road to the Westminster and 
Union Town Turnpike (less part sold to Jesse SLINGLUFF of 4 ½ + acres).  

56 – Jacob COLEMAN – 24 Apr 1837 (made 22 Apr 1837)
from Thomas COLEMAN for $150, tract of 5 acres being part of George STONNER’s part of 
Ohio, which was conveyed to Casper SHENEBROOKE and sold by the Sheriff of Frederick 
County to cover Shenebrooke’s debts; then purchased by John McKALEB but conveyed on 
20 Jul 1821 to Jacob LYNN; (doesn’t state how property got from Lynn to Coleman).  
A right of way was granted for an open road sufficient for wagons to pass from Thomas 
Coleman’s land where he now lives.

58 – Peter W. GALWITH – 26 Apr 1837 (made 12 Apr 1837)
from Ann WILSON for $450 cm of US, tract The Resurvey on Unity, 3+ acres, 

59 – Peter W. GALWITH – 26 Apr 1837 (made 8 Apr 1837)
from John KEY and wife Ellen for $85 cm of US, tract Susan’s Fancy, 2+ acres; conveyed 
by Job HAINES on 29 Jun 1832; begins at tract conveyed to Job HAINES from Samuel HAINES.

61 – John TAYLOR – 28 Apr 1837 (made 26 Apr 1837)
from Thomas HILLEN and wife Robina K. of Baltimore County for $375 cm, tract pt White 
Oak Bottom, pt The Resurvey on Hail’s Venture, and pt Mount Pleasant, totaling 91 ¾ acres; 
property runs to corner of Samuel TAYLOR’s land.

63 – Reuben HAINES (of Joseph) – 1 May 1837 (made 10 Apr 1837)
from Samuel HAINES and wife Mary for $500 cm of US, tract Arnold’s Chance, pt York 
Companys Defence, totaling 15 ¼ acres; land willed to Samuel HAINES from his father 
Joseph HAINES dated 29 Apr 1822; property lies next to tract Resurvey on Gabriel’s Choice.  
65 – Samuel HAINES – 1 May 1837 (made 10 Apr 1837) 
from Reuben HAINES (of Joseph) and wife Sarah A., for $500 cm of US, tract pt  Arnold’s 
Chance, pt York Companys Defence, totaling 15 ¼ acres; land was willed to Reuben HAINES 
by his father Joseph HAINES dated 29 Apr 1822; property lies on line of deed to Joseph 
HAINES from James McCANNON in 1811.  Samuel is Reuben’s brother.

67 – David HOUCK – 4 May 1837 (made 8 Apr 1837)
from Michael RITTER as Trustee by decree of state Chancery Court on 6 Feb 1836, 
appointed to sell real estate of Peter DAYHOOFF, deceased, of Baltimore, for the benefit 
of his heirs.  On 19 Mar 1836, property of 42+ acres was sold to David HOUCK for $343 cm.  
Property begins at ground marker “T” mentioned in deed from Jacob CROFT to Peter DAHOFF 
dated 5 Aug 1803 in Baltimore County Land Records WG-78, 142; runs to center of Baltimore 
Turnpike.  Also, a tract containing 6+ acres starting at stone “D”.

68 – David CROWL – 4 May 1837 (made 12 Apr 1837)
from William DURBIN, surviving executor of Andrew REESE, deceased, late of Frederick 
County.  By will of Andrew Reese dated 13 Oct 1820, property was sold; buyer was David 
Crowl for $136.50 cm, tract pt Gists Ambition, 11+ acres; next to Cool Spring and James' 

70 – Isaiah PEARCE – 4 May 1837 (made 3 Apr 1837)
from John GORE and wife Anna for $450 cm of US, lot in Union Town previously conveyed by 
Jacob LEGORE to Reuben GIST on deed dated 24 Jul 1813; begins at eastern corner of formerly 
John REICHENEKER’s, now Jacob MYERS and Samuel MYERS dwelling house built by Reuben GIST, 
fronts the public street; formerly Daniel COVER’s Lot conveyed to him by Reuben Gist but 
now held and occupied by Isaiah Pearce.

72 – Richard RICHARDS – 5 May 1837 (made 29 Dec 1836)    
from George RICHARDS and wife Catherine of Baltimore County.
Richard RICHARDS of Baltimore County, deceased, by his will dated 19 Sep 1834 gave to 
his two sons, George and Richard, tract New Market, 65 acres; lying in Baltimore County 
comprehending the town called Manchester; and also tract Landaff being in Baltimore County, 
adjoining and between land of Narcissus SMITH, lands of John MURRAY called Spring Garden 
and Transylvania; the land formerly owned by Henry EBAUGH called Transylvania; and the 
lands of Charles, Davis and Richard RICHARDS Jr. comprising of several lots being leased 
by Richard RICHARDS, deceased, to Jacob EBAUGH, John HILDEBRAND and Urith WHEELER and 
several others.  Division of land between the brothers; ½ acre of land was leased to Moses 

75 – Nelson NORRIS – Release of Mortgage - 6 May 1837 (made 13 Apr 1937)   
John LEISTER, by indenture of mortgage dated 21 Jan 1824 (Fred. Co Land Records JS-45, 
201-203), to secure $1000 from John WAREHIME, did release to Warehime tract New Haven, 
137+ acres, where John Leister resides.  Leister has paid $500 towards the mortgage and 
John LEISTER and wife Mary E. along with Barbara LEISTER have by deed of bargain and sale, 
dated 12 Apr 1837, conveyed, for $3,525.62 ½ cents, to Nelson NORRIS.  With payment of the 
remaining $500 plus interest, release of mortgage is ascertained by John Warehime to give 
free and clear title to Nelson Norris.  Said property lies on the turnpike road leading 
from Uniontown to Westminster.

77 – Nelson NORRIS – 6 May 1837 (made 12 Apr 1837)
from Barbara LEISTER, John LEISTER and wife Mary E. for $3,425.62 ½ cents, tract New 
Haven, 137+ acres; (see Folio 75 above).

79 – Silas HIBBARD – 6 May 1837 (made 24 Apr 1837)
from Nathan HAINES and wife BULAH for $672.50 cm of US, tract Retirement Corrected, 
16+ acres; next to land conveyed to John FERGUSSON from Hugh FERGUSSON dated 26 May 1791; 
and next to tract Something.

81 – Nicholas DURBIN – 6 May 1837 (made same day)
from Richard FOWLER (of George) and wife Mary for $35 cm (their share in undivided 
Ephraim DURBIN possessed tract York Company Defence, 1 acre; conveyed to him by John 
CASSELL (Fred. Co. Land JS-29, 122-124 dated 8 Mar 1828), but Ephraim died intestate 
leaving four children:  Mary  w/o Richard FOWLER, Rachel, Sally and John Wesley DURBIN.

82 – Levi Tevis BENNETT – 8 May 1837 (made 29 Apr 1837)
from Archibold McCALL of the city of Philadelphia for $400 US money, tract Dunblane, 
103 acres, formerly in Baltimore County but now in Carroll County; said tract was laid 
out of larger tract Caledonia.

84 – David CASSELL – 8 May 1837 (made 5 Apr 1837)
from Jacob WAGNER and wife Elizabeth for $140 US currency, tract pt York Company 
Defence, 7 acres; conveyed from Philip NICODEMUS and wife Elizabeth by deed dated 
3 Jun 1834.

86 – John BENTZ – 8 May 1837 (made 22 Apr 1837)
from Caleb PRICE and wife Kezia of Baltimore County for $200 cm, tract pt Addition 
to Spring Garden Resurveyed, 12 acres; begins at original tract Spring Garden.

87 – Jeremiah DUCKER – Mortgage - 12 May 1837 (made 26 Apr 1837) 
Note for $225 of Jacob SWERN? (or SEVERN), both parties of Baltimore County; lien 
on lot of ground in the town of Manchester which was sold and assigned by Jacob 
WAGNER to Jacob SWERN by indenture of assignment in 1834.

89 – David HAIFLEY – 13 May 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from David SWITZER and wife Ann I., for $155.31 cm, tract pt Look About, 10 acres, 
being part of real estate willed and devised to John LEISTER by will of his deceased 
father, John LEISTER.
90 – Nimrod NORRIS – 13 May 1837 (made 29 Mar 1837)
from Abraham RECK and wife Margaret for $2,878 cm of US, tracts pt The Lower Slipe, 
and pt Bedford; next to Buck Lodge and land deeded from Norman BRUCE and Edward DIGGS 
to George SLIGH on 12 Sep 1766 for 1,000 acres of Bedford.

92 – Frederick SITE – 16 May 1837 (made same day)
from Nicholas DURBIN and wife Sophia for $435 cm of US, lot beginning on line of Lot #5, 
5 acres; said land was part of lands of Leigh MASTER, deceased, being land conveyed from 
Francis KOUGH to Durbin.

94 – Nicholas DURBIN – Mortgage - 16 May 1837 (made same day) 
Frederick SITE and wife Fanny are bound to Nicholas DURBIN by note for $385; mortgage is
for property in previous deed (see Folio 92).

95 – Joseph DANNER – Mortgage - 17 May 1837 (made 3 May 1837) 
William HARRIS of Carroll County is bound to Joseph DANNER of Emmitsburgh in Frederick 
County, by note of $400 for tract Harrisburgh, (acreage not given).

97 – Abraham BAILE – 20 May 1837 (made 8 May 1837)
from Larkin HOUCK and wife Ann Eliza for $160 cm of US, tract Arnold’s Chance, 2+ acres, 
previously conveyed by David CASSELL to John CASSELL, next to property of Esther HAINES 
by John CASSELL.

99 – John WAGNER – Mortgage - 5 Jun 1837 (made 2 Jun 1837) 
by his father, Michael WAGNER for $800 cm, tract pt Castles Finns, part of Resurvey on 
Wagner’s Fancy, pt Spring Valley, part Brierwood and pt Mount Lofty, totaling 192 acres; 
all previously conveyed to Michael WAGNER (of John) by John WAGNER (Fred. Co. Land JS-38, 
56-59 dated 3 Jan 1832).

100 – Abraham BAILE – 20 May 1837 (made 8 May 1837)
from Larkin HOUCK, executor of John CASSELL estate, for $5,000, part of tracts Stevenson 
Garden, Arnold’s Chance, Fell’s Retirement, and York Defence; lands adjoin that of Reuben 
HAINES and Nathan HAINES, Andrew NICHODEMUS, Henry NICODEMUS (deceased) and David CASSELL.  
First part has 37+ acres and second part, bordered by Poulson’s Chance, contains 31+ acres.

103 – Henry MILLER – 22 May 1837 (made 6 May 1837) – Lease
by Melchoir WARNER, Solomon MYERLY, John SHULTZ and George EVERHART, Trustees of Zion Church 
of Carroll County – to lease and farm tract German Church, tract begins at marker “JK” and 
contains just over ½ acre.  Sold under provise of Assembly passed in November 1800 session, 
to incorporate a Presbyterian and Lutheran Church in Baltimore County, land being conveyed 
by John BORN to the Trustees, in Baltimore Co Land Records WG-85, 112.  Yearly rent to be $2.92.

105 – William ROBERTS – 22 May 1837 (made 13 May 1837)
from Jasper PEDECORD for $350, lots 4 & 5 and part of 3 containing 1 ½ acres, in tract pt 
Orchard conveyed by William ROBERTS in 1836.  (Laid off in Mar 1815 for the executors of 
Christian STAUFFER, deceased.)  Lot 3 is bounded on Main Street on the North and on the West 
by alley leading from the turnpike road to the farm of Daniel ZOLLIKOFFER.  Land subject to 
dower rights of Sarah S. CURRY as conveyed in deed dtd 24 Oct 1836.

106 – Ann Mariah NICODEMUS and Sophia NICODEMUS – 22 May 1837 (made 5 Apr 1837)
from David BROWN and wife Mary for $234.92 US currency, pt tract formerly called York Defence 
but now called Resurvey on Father’s Gift containing 13+ acres.  

108 – Henry RUBEY – 22 May 1837 (made 21 Oct 1836)
          (of Baltimore County)
from David SHRINER and wife Mary; Jesse W. MILLS and wife Mary Ann of Marion Co, Ohio; and 
George B. SHRINER and wife Mary; Henry SHRINER and wife Catharine; and Johana SHRINER of 
Frederick County, MD; for $929 cm, all the undivided 5/6 parts which were inherited from 
Mary Barbara SHRINER  w/o Henry SHRINER and inherited by her from Henry Ziel/Zeel BUCHEN 
being in Baltimore County; tracts Carrton Bearen, Addition to Overegreiten, Landau, Buchen 
Chance, pt Stony Valley Enlarged, Everything Needfull Corrected, pt Richard Conclusion and 
pt Morning Choice; lands adjoin William HOFFMAN, Peter SMITH, Ulerick BUCHEN and others.

111 – Ezekiel BORING – 22 May 1837 (made 1 Mar 1837) 
from Michael RITTER, trustee of the estate of Peter DAHOFF, for $47.05 US currency, tracts 
of 4+ acres beginning at marker E.B. and 3+ acres beginning at marker G.M. conveyed by Jacob 
CROFT in 1803 which was decreed by Chancery Court to be sold at public sale in 1836, naming 
Michael RITTER as trustee for Peter DAYHOFF.

112 – Albinas POOL – 22 May 1837 (made 13 May 1837
from Isaac SHRIVER and wife Polly, all from the town of Westminster in Carroll County; for $75, 
Lot# 15 on the West end of town fronting the turnpike road leading to Chambersburgh.

113 - Horatio PRICE & Abraham WAMPLER – 22 May 1837 (made same day) – 
Mortgage taken out by Albinas POOL and wife Mary for their lot purchased from Isaac SHRIVER 
and wife Polly (see Folio 112).

114 – David STEM (of Frederick Co, MD) – 23 May 1837 
from Absalom FICKLE of Lafeiyette Co, Morsrie (Missouri?) and Mary CRABBS of Frederick Co, 
Maryland, being heirs of Daniel FICKLE of Frederick Co, MD, deceased; for $266.66 cm of MD, 
2+ acres situated on Little Pike Creek in Frederick Co, MD, being same parcel conveyed by 
George ROW in 1822; next to tract Wilson’s Inheritance granted to Samuel WILSON in 1792.

115 – William TURFLE – 20 May 1837
from Jacob POWDER Jr - Article of Agreement made 3 Aug 1833 between the two parties, both of 
Frederick County; Powder sold to Turfle a tract of 4+ acres being pt Arnold’s Arbour Enlarged 
lying in Baltimore County for $12.50/acre totaling $50 with agreement that deed is to be made.

116 – Abraham WAMPLER – 24 May 1837 (made 3 Mar 1837)
from George TRUMBO for $125 cm, tract pt Bond’s Meadow Enlarged beginning at stone planted in 
the Old Baltimore Road to Dr. George COLEGATE’s (deceased) lot, bordering Thomas HILLEN’s and 
John WAMPLER’s (deceased) lot to North edge of Baltimore & Reisterstown turnpike road to Abraham 
WAMPLER’s lot, containing 11 ½ acres.

117 – William HARRIS – 26 May 1837 (made 3 Apr 1837)
from Ann E. HART and husband William A. HART of Frederick County for $400, tract Harris Burgh 
devised to her by will of her grandfather John HARRIS of Frederick County; land now in Carroll 

118 – Benjamin STONESIFER – 27 May 1837 (made 28 Jan 1837)
          (of Frederick County)
from John BUMGARTNER of Frederick County by decree of Frederick County Equity Court dated 
13 Oct 1833, John BAUMGARTNER was appointed trustee for John KOONTZ estate of Frederick 
County, to sell Koontz’ property which he did on 29 Nov 1834 to Benjamin STONESIFER for 
$2,167.89 cm, tracts pt Young Blood’s Choice, pt Resurvey on High Germany, pt The Resurvey, 
pt Dyer’s Mill Forrest and pt Ohio, containing 167+ acres; also tract pt Resurvey on pt 
Dyer’s Mill Forrest containing 20+ acres; totaling 188+ acres.

119 – Francis FRANKLIN – 27 May 1837 (made same day)
from Basil David STEVENSON and wife Henrietta for $200 cm, tract pt Rich Meadows, 13 acres, 
next to George SMITH.

121 – Larkin S. BENNETT – 27 May 1837 (made 17 Apr 1837)
from Joshua MURRAY and wife Minerva, Gustavus MERCER and wife Amanda, they part of heirs 
of Thomas BEASMAN of Baltimore County, for $1,575 cm US, their undivided half of tracts 
originally in Baltimore County but now in Carroll County:  Beasman’s Discovery Corrected, 
126 acres; Beasman’s Lot; and Deer Park and Trouting Streams, 27+ acres; the former includes 
Lot#3 and is next to Turk’s Range and Addition to Plumb Tree Bottom.  Said land was bequeathed 
to Thomas BEASMAN by his father, Thomas BEASMAN, late of Baltimore County.

124 – William CRUMRINE & Jacob LINAWEAVER – 27 May 1837
(made 7 Mar 1837)
from Jacob MATTER / MOTTER for $925.22 cm of US, tract Potter’s Lot Resurveyed, 61+ acres, 
next to Winchester’s Lot Resurveyed, runs to beginning of Lot 5.  It is part of the real 
estate of Jacob MATTER, late of Baltimore County allotted to Jacob MATTER, son of John MATTER, 
late of Baltimore County, deceased.

126 – William CRUMRINE – 27 May 1837 (made 31 Mar 1837)
from Michael RITTER, trustee of Peter DEAHOFF, deceased, for $51.23 cm US; tracts:   4+ acres 
beginning at stone marked “W.C.”; and 3+ acres beginning at stone marked “F”; land is part 
mentioned in deed from Jacob CROFT dtd 5 Aug 1803 and was decreed to be sold by Chancery 
Court of the state on 6 Feb 1836.

128 – John P. FRICK & Philip GORE, excecutors of Jacob FRICK
Release of Mortgage – 27 May 1837 (made 4 Apr 1837)
by Jacob EMIG of York Co, PA; (the late Jacob FRICK was of Baltimore Co, MD); Mortgage is in 
Baltimore Co land records, WG-211, 179, for $1,319.70 cm; land now in Carroll County but 
previously in Baltimore County, tracts:  Kittenger’s Tavern, Bridgeland, and California, 
contained in deed from Jacob EMIG to Jacob FRICK on 29 Mar 1831 (WG-210, 592); Jacob EMIG 
having been paid is now releasing mortgage.

129 – William CRUMRINE – 27 May 1837 (made 29 Apr 1837)
from Jacob ALBERT and wife Juliana for $90 cm of US, tract pt Dye’s Adventure, 4+ acres.

131 – Jacob SHOWER – 27 May 1837 (made 31 Mar 1837)
from Michael RITTER, trustee of Peter DEHOFF for $67.12 ½ cm US, parcel of 6+ acres which 
is part of land conveyed by Jacob CROFT and found in Baltimore County Land Records (WG-75, 
142 dtd 5 Aug 1803).

133 – Abraham SHRINER – 27 May 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from Moses SHAW for $2,500 cm US, 3 lots being parts of tract Orchard and are  contiguous 
to each other formerly being in Frederick County but now in Carroll County, located in 
Uniontown and conveyed by John NELSON, a trustee, on 21 Jul 1821:  ½ acre by Earhart COVER 
to David COVER by deed WR-26, 559-560 dated 5 Jan 1805; ¼ acres by Earhart COVER to Daniel 
COVER by deed WR-31, 373-374 dated 5 Aug 1807; 2+ acres by Earhart COVER to Daniel COVER 
by deed WR-35, 81-83 dated 5 May 1810; exception was previously made for a  section conveyed 
to Philip HITESHEW.

135 – George WIVEL – 29 May 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from Joseph ORNDAF, trustee by Frederick County Court on 8 Sep 1836 to sell dower of 
Elizabeth HENRY, wife of Francis HENRY (Equity# 1475); on 22 Oct 1836, Wivel was highest 
bidder at public sale for $1.25 for Lot# 5 in Pigman’s Addition to Westminster being pt 
of Fanny’s Meadow.

136 – Basil D. STEVENSON – 29 May 1837 – Mortgage
Mortgage made 27 May 1837 by Francis FRANKLIN bound to Stevenson for $150 cm, tract pt 
Rich Meadows, 13+ acres; next to RANDALL’s Lane and George SMITH’s lot.

138 – Cornelius GRIMES – 29 May 1837 – Mortgage
Mortgage made 16 May 1837 by Margaret GRIMES for $898.06 cm secured by tract Shiver’s 
Integrity, 104 acres, purchased by Frederick GRIMES, deceased of Frederick County, from 
Henry WAYMAN of Anne Arundel County; also tract pt Shiver’s Integrity, 62+ acres, purchased 
by Frederick GRIMES from William HOBBS.

139 – Jarret GARNER – 1 Jun 1837 (made 29 Apr 1837)
from Jacob ALBERT and wife Julian for $90 cm US, tract pt Dyes Adventure, 4+ acres.

141 – Wesley W. GARNER – 1 Jun 1837 (made same day)
from George LINAWEAVER, administrator of Peter NACE (of Baltimore but now Carroll County).  
By Nace’s will dated 13 Nov 1827, all his real estate to be sold at public sale which was 
done on 12 May 1837 for $46, tract pt German Church, # 51 on plat known as German Town, 
conveyed by John WENTZ to Nace by Indenture of Assignment in April 1824; is subject to 
original lease from Adam SHOWER, Adam BORNS, Henry EBAUGH and John RITTER, Elders of 
Zion Church to a certain George MYERLY.

143 – Joseph ORNDAFF – 3 Jun 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from John DAVIS for $125 cm US, tract pt George’s Lot.

144 – James HOOD of John – 3 Jun 1837 (made 14 Jan 1837)
   (of Baltimore County)
from Charles W. HOOD and wife Hannah H. of Anne Arundell County for $2,500 cm, tracts 
pt Concord and pt Hood’s Fine Soil Forrest; 70 acres; lies next to Sally’s Chance Resurveyed, 
all in Baltimore County.  

147 – Benjamin KOONS – 7 Jun 1937 (made 28 Apr 1837)
from John WHITE and wife Mary for $1,200 cm, tract pt Addition to Brooks Discovery on the 
Richlands, 98+ acres; beginning at marker “No. 1” on south side of Piney Creek, next to 
tract Maiden’s Point.

148 – John GORE – 10 Jun 1837 (made 3 Apr 1837)
from Isaiah PEARCE and wife Charlotte for $954 cm US, lot in Uniontown on tract The 
Orchard, conveyed by Thomas METCALFE to Earhart COVER on 19 Jun 1802, being part of ½ 
acre lot conveyed by Reubin GIST to Daniel COVER on 20 Nov 1813, part was conveyed to 
Pearce by Isaac APPLER on 31 Mar 1832.

150 – George ORNDORFF – 12 Jun 1837 (made 1 Apr 1837)
from Joseph ORNDORF, trustee by Frederick County Court on 8 Sep 1836 to sell real estate 
of Francis HENRY and his wife Elizabeth HENRY (Equity# 1475); on 22 Oct 1836, at public 
sale for $17 cm, Lot# 6 and 7 in Pigman’s Addition to Westminster being pt of Fanny’s Meadow.

151 – Adam KING – 12 Jun 1837 (made 2 Jun 1837)
from John FISHER and wife Catharine; Abraham HARNER and wife Elizabeth; John HARNER; 
Jacob HARNER; Rebecca HARNER; and Elizabeth HARNER widow ; and all heirs of Peter HARNER 
of Adams Co, PA; for $70 cm US, tract pt Resurvey on Owings Chance, 1+ acres, beginning 
at tract Exchange and next to line of deed from John WELTY.

154 – Jesse REIFSNIDER – 12 Jun 1837 (made 9 Jun 1837)
from Joseph ORNDOFF and wife Mary for $1,100 cm, tract pt Fanny’s Meadow, known as Lot# 5