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Carroll County, Maryland


Estate of Henry & Hannah NEFF - Sale of Real Estate - 29 Jan 1841

George TRUMBO of Carroll County, Augustus GROVE of Worcester County,
Louis GROVE of Washington County, all of the State of Maryland;
and John WINEBRENNER and wife Hannah of Pennsylvania

Henry NEFF, the Elder of Baltimore County died abt 1 Jul 1796 
    (will written 4 Nov 1795 stating he was about 75 years old, 
     giving tract Rochester to d/ Susannah except part which he 
     conveyed to s/ Henry; will filed 18 Jul 1796, 
     witnesses:  Stephen WINCHESTER, John YINGLING and Joseph HOWARD). 

widow - Hannah and ten children.  Hannah died about 1 Jul 1827 
   leaving the same ten named children.

- John NEFF (died since his father, intestate) leaving 9 children -
.....Peter NEFF, Allegany Co, MD (has since died, assumed w/o issue)
.....John NEFF, Allegany Co, MD
.....Elizabeth  w/o Thomas WRIGHT - Allegany Co, MD
.....Susannah  w/o William WRIGHT - Allegany Co, MD
.....Ann (has since died) w/o _______ COOMBS - Allegany Co, MD
        - her 5 minor children,
.....---Sarah COOMBS
.....---Margaret COOMBS
.....---Elizabeth COOMBS
.....---John COOMBS
.....---Susannah COOMBS
.....Hannah (has since died) w/o _________ KOONTZ - Allegany Co, MD
        - her 3 children,
.....---Sarah KOONTZ
.....---Catharine KOONTZ  w/o Salem HUMBERSON
.....---Jacob KOONTZ - Out of State
.....Sarah  w/o Isaiah FROST
.....Henry NEFF (has since died) - his 2 children,
.....---John NEFF 3rd - Out of State
.....---Sarah NEFF - Out of State
.....Jacob NEFF (has since died) - his 3 minor children,
.....---John NEFF - Allegany Co, MD
.....---Sarah Ann NEFF - Allegany Co, MD
.....---Mary NEFF - Allegany Co, MD

- Mary “Molly” (Neff) TRUMBO/DRUMBO, dec'd, leaving 4 children, 
.....George TRUMBO - Carroll Co, MD
.....Mary TRUMBO, dec'd w/o Abraham LAMMOTT - Carroll Co, MD 
         - her 5 children,
.....---Elizabeth LAMMOTT
.....---Angaline LAMMOTT
.....---George Wesley LAMMOTT
.....---William Henry LAMMOTT
.....---Lewis I.A. LAMMOTT 
.....Elizabeth TRUMBO, dec'd w/o Jacob GROVE
         - her 3 children,
.....---Augustus G. GROVE (minister) - Worcester Co, MD
.....---Louis I. GROVE - Washington Co, MD
.....---Hannah  w/o John WINEBRENNER - PA
.....Hannah TRUMBO  wid/o John Lewis WAMPLER - Westminster, Carroll Co, MD
        - she d/ 1838 (will* Jun 1838; 15 Oct 1838)  
- Susannah NEFF  d/ 26 Feb 1840 - Carroll Co, MD 
     (will written 26 Dec 1839 stated her share to be divided amongst 
     her relatives except - William DURBIN and his heirs to be excluded;
     mentions her niece Hannah, w/o John NICODEMUS)
- Henry NEFF (Jr) d/ abt 24 Mar 1830, w/o issue - Baltimore Co, MD 
      (will written 14 Mar 1830 for his share to be divided 
       amongst his heirs, ..also freed his 
    SLAVES - 

- Elizabeth (Neff) REESE, dec'd, leaving 3 children,
.....Andrew REESE (has since died) - Carroll Co, MD
        - his 2 children,
.....---John REESE
.....---David REESE 
.....Elizabeth (Reese) w/o William DURBIN -  Allegany Co, MD
.....Catharine (Reese) (has since died) w/o Nicholas DURBIN 
        - her 3 minor children, all of Carroll Co, MD
.....---Andrew R. DURBIN
.....---Susannah DURBIN
.....---Mary DURBIN 
- Ann (Neff) NICODEMUS, dec'd, leaving 7 children,
.....Henry NICODEMUS (has since died), leaving 11 children - Carroll Co, MD
.....---Isaac C. NICODEMUS
.....---Margarett NICODEMUS
.....---Mary (Nicodemus) w/o Thomas STEVENSON
.....---John NICODEMUS
.....---Sarah Ann NICODEMUS
.....---David NICODEMUS, a minor
.....---Susanna NICODEMUS, a minor
.....---Eliza NICODEMUS, a minor
.....---Jesse NICODEMUS, a minor
.....---Hanson NICODEMUS, a minor
.....---Catharine NICODEMUS, a minor
.....Andrew NICODEMUS - Carroll Co, MD
.....Rebecca (Nicodemus) w/o John PRUGH - Out of State
.....Sarah (Nicodemus) w/o Levi DEVILBISS - Frederick Co, MD
.....Lydia (Nicodemus) w/o Isaac CASSILL - Out of State
.....Anna (Nicodemus) w/o Frederick CRONISE - Frederick Co, MD
.....John NICODEMUS - Carroll Co, MD

- Jacob NEFF, dec'd, leaving 3 children,
.....Margaret (Neff) w/o Burgess MAGRUDER - Allegany Co, MD
.....Mary (Neff) (not Sarah)  w/o Emanuel EASTER - Allegany Co, MD
.....Hannah (Neff) dec'd w/o Robert A. ROBERTSON - Allegany Co, MD
       - her only child,
.....---Anna N. ROBERTSON, a minor

- George NEFF - Out of State

- Hannah NEFF, d/ 18 Oct 1839 - Carroll Co, MD 
   (will dtd 17 Dec 1838 gave estate to sister Susannah for life, 
    then to be divided amongst relatives except - George TRUMBO 
    and William DURBIN to be excluded.)
- Conrad NEFF - Out of State

* - Distribution listing mentions will of Hannah WAMPLER for 
Mary LAMMOTT for 1/3 of 1/4 of 1/9 to George TRUMBO, trustee for 
$26.14; also to Jacob GROVE, Legatee under same will, $100, $10.05
...Angelina LAMMOTT, $100, $10.05
...George W. LAMMOTT, $20, $2
...William H. LAMMOTT, $20, $2
...Louis I. A. LAMMOTT, $20, $2
     with column total as $26.13

George TRUMBO was appointed trustee to sell the properties, 
securities were George TRUMBO, John FISHER and  Abraham WAMPLER.  
Two years after this, 12 Jul 1843, John NICODEMUS brought a 
complaint for contempt against Trumbo because he had not yet sold 
the property or made any report to the court.  One who testified 
was Andrew POUDER of Carroll Co, MD.

Land - Farm composed of two tracts, "Friendship Compleated", and 
"Rochester" (now in Carroll County), 217+ acres, lies along the 
Washington Road; and "Martin’s Spring", 177 acres (now in Allegany 
Co, MD and purchased before the Elder Henry‘s will).

Indenture recorded 27 Jan 1785, written 17 Nov 1784 by Jacob HARMAN 
(wife Margaret) and Nicholas POUL (wife Elizabeth) of Frederick Co, 
MD to Henry NEFF of Baltimore Co, MD for 5 pounds specie, tract 
"Martin’s Spring", formerly in Frederick County but then in Washington 
County, MD, 177 acres with houses, buildings, gardens, orchards, 
waterways, timber, etc.

Indenture written 7 Jan 1802 by Henry NEFF to Hannah NEFF, both of 
Baltimore Co, MD, for $1,333.33, tract "Friendship Completed", 
200 acres, previously conveyed by William ROBERTS in Oct 1756; and 
also part "Rochester", 17 1/2 acres, previously conveyed by Charles 
CARROLL of Carrollton on 8 Nov 1790.

By 12 Apr 1844, George TRUMBO had divided the Carroll Co, MD land 
into 15 lots and sold to the highest bidders:  Lewis TRUMBO (2 lots), 
Jacob RIGHTER, Daniel CASSELL, Jacob GROVE (7 lots including the 
largest one of 64 acres), Jacob BEAVER, Benjamin DAVIS, Basil HAYDEN 
and Jacob RENAULD.  The outcome of the Washington Co, MD property is 
[MdHR 17,898-11359-1/3; MSA S 512-11184; Loc 1-39-04-07, 29 Jan 1841]

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