Old Leister's Church Cemetery

Old Leister's Church Cemetery

Located in the woods on the north side of Gorsuch Road, just south of the Leister's 
Church Road intersection, east of Westminster, Carroll Co, Maryland. 

Information was obtained from the Historical Society of Carroll County and was 
submitted by Rose Marie von Gunten (undated) which states she believed her father 
was the only person around who knew the cemetery was there.  She remembered her 
father telling her Gabriel Hammer, one of the names on the tombstones, had come 
over from Germany.  Her father told her the people buried there were the first 
German settlers in that area which used to be referred to as "Dutch Heaven". 

The old German Church was torn down and a large new home is now on the property.  
A new Leister's Church and cemetery was built not too far from the old site. 

Inscriptions were copied by George Horvath, but not dated.

Henry W. b/ 4 Jul 1866; d/ 27 May 1888 @ 21y.10m.23d
Andrew d/ 22 Mar 1893 @ 73y.11m.23d
...Margaret (wife) b/ 15 Nov 1827; d/ 5 Jun 1888 @ 66y 6m 20d

Andrew b/ 29 Oct 1850; d/ 28 Feb 1902 @ 51y.3m.29d

John - Co H., 3rd Maryland Infantry *

William b/ 23 Sep 1819; d/ 25 Sep 1908 @ 89y
...Christina E.H. (wife) b/ 10 Sep 1815; d/ 13 Jan 1902 @ 86y.4m.3d
George b/ 12 Jun 1822 in Laulerlanik, Germany; d/ 9 Apr 1896 @ 73y.9m.27d
...Catharine (wife) b/ 20 Oct 1822; d/ 26 Jul 1903 @ 80y.9m.6d

William F. b/ 31 Jan 1883; d/ 2 Oct 1937
...Mary F. (wife) b/ 28 Nov 1885; d/ 16 Oct 1909
(In 1980, Joan Hoffman Porterfield took inventory and has their birthdates
as 1833 and 1835, respectively, and William's death year as 1907) *


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