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Cemetery Many of the Tombstone Inscriptions for Carroll County, Maryland were printed in The Democratic Advocate, a Carroll County newspaper, back in 1889. Having the transcriptions from over 100 years ago may provide us with inscriptions no longer available today due to destruction or deterioration.

Regarding the List of Interments in St Mary's Bachman's Cemeteries, the December 21, 1889 issue reads, "Both of these cemeteries are old, the former dating from 1768 and the latter from 1799.   Both are union cemeteries of Lutheran and German Reformed congregations.   At St Mary's there are two cemeteries, the old and the new.   In the old, there are 887 marked graves and in the new 96, a total of 983 and nearly half of the graves are not marked with names and ages.   Of the older persons buried there, Madeline LEISTER and Adam HUMBERT each lived to be 92 years old, and Anna M. YEISER, Eve CRAWFORD, Rachel STONESIFER and Michael KESSELRING each lived to be 90."

Carroll Co, Maryland Cemeteries

Complete List of All Carroll County Cemeteries (pdf)

  • The Tombstone Inscriptions for Carroll Co, Maryland are being published by the Carroll County Genealogical Society in several volumes entitled Carroll County, MD Cemeteries.

  • Some of the inscriptions can also be found in Names In Stone by Jacob Mehrling Holdcraft.

  • There are volunteers who will do Look-Ups

  • In addition, you may find old Court Records concerning Carroll County families on the Early Frederick Co, Maryland site listed below.

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