Reed Cemetery

Calhoun Co. Gen. Soc.
Vital & Other Records



Transcribed by the Calhoun County Genealogical Society May 1995

The Reed Cemetery is located in Section 12 of Sheridan Township, east of 29 Mile Road on H Drive and consists of approximately 60 stone markers. The following is a transcription of the legible markers.

BOYD, Ella.  Died Oct 13,1871 Aged 5 yrs 1 mo & 23 d's Dau of Wm. J. & J. Boyd 

ELLIS, Amelia L.  Died Feb 10,1863 Aged 24 yrs 10 m & 27 d Dau of C. & A. M. Ellis. "Gone from our home but not from our hearts.  God is love." 

HALL, Milo;  Died Feb 15,1864 Son of A. & C. J. Hall 

HENTY, Adelbert; 1855-1883 

HENTY, Henry 1823-1875;   also second stone for Henry: HENTEY, Henry Died Jan 31,1875 Aged 51 yrs, ll mos & l3 ds 

HENTY, Emley; 1830-1906

HENTY, John B.; Died Mar 13,1866 Aged 2 yrs & 10 mos Son of M. & E. Henty;  also second stone for John B.: HENTY, John B. 1863-1866 

LANGRIDGE, Ida; Died July 6, 1857 Aged 8 yrs & 11 ds Dau of (?) S. & F. Langridge 

REED, Asa W.; Born Feb 5,1825 Died Aug 8,1891 

REED, Fidelia; His wife (Asa). Born Nov 19,1828 Died Feb 14,1893 (Click on the link for her obit)

REED, Fredric; Born Dec 18,1862 Died Aug 4,1863 Son of A. W. & P Reed 

REED, Nelson; Died Nov 11,1859 Aged 6 days Son of E. & L. A. Reed 

REED, Sarah A.; Died June 10,1853 Aged2yrs&11 ms Dau of A. W. & P. Reed 

SPAULDING, Martha; Died Feb 18,1845 Aged 96 yrs & 10 months Wife of Wright Spaulding 

TIBBITS, Lilly Minerva; Died Jan 25,1857 Aged 23 d's Daughter of J. T & M. C. Tibbits.  "Beneath this stone in soft repose, Is laid a mother's dearest pride, A flower that scarce had waked, To life and light and beauty ere it died."

WAKELIN, Willis; Died Oct 28,1865 Aged 16 yrs Son of W. & M. Wakelin 

WELLS, Ruamy; Died Septem'r 2, 1858 Aged 44 years 3 m's & 7 days Wife of Caleb Wells.  "Remember friends as you pass by, As you are now so once was I.  As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me."

WELLS, Willard; Died March 27,1860 Age 9 mo & 27 ds Son of E. & M. Wells 

WILLIAMS, H.; Emeline Died Jan 8,1862 Aged 42 years Wife of H. Williams

WINES, Nellie B.; Died Nov 16,1864 Age 4 mo & 22 ds Daughter of J. J. & S. R. Wines.  Gone but not forgotten.