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Many families from the East - Connecticut, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and from the North -  New York and Canada,  found a place to raise their children and sow their pedigree's.  There was abundant farm land and other resources, such as Lime Stone, with which they could earn a living.  In the early years, 1833 to 1838 many inhabitants of Bellevue had no idea that they had neighbors until a stray cow found their way to another farm, looking for that invaluable animal brought friendships.

"Local History - Early Settlements -Emigration of 1835-1836"  Taken from the "Past and Present of Eaton County"

The first settlement in the County was made by Captain REUBEN FITZGERALD in July 1833 in what is now the township of Bellevue.  His daughter, SARAH FITZGERALD, whose birth took place on November 12, 1834, was the first white child born in Eaton County, Michigan.  The first white male child born in Eaton County, Michigan was ISSAC E. CRARY HICKOK, son of Captain JAMES HICKOK.  He was born on September 7, 1836.  Captain HICKOK was the first settler in the town of Walton, but his son was born in Bellevue.

On December 26, 1855, SARAH FITZGERALD was married to JOHN SPAULDING by Reverend G.W HOAG.  These are the names of a few prominent and well documented "First Inhabitants" of Eaton County; SARLES pioneer of Charlotte, ROGERS,  HAYT, BAKER

Additional information regarding the colonization is located here:   EATON County GenWeb

The Eaton County GenWeb is an invaluable source for Eaton County Research.  Jan Sedore is a generous and very busy Web Hostess. Please check that site often. 



Limestone was a Huge business in Bellevue, Eaton County Michigan for many years.  




Cemeteries in BELLEVUE... 

                    Riverside Cemetery   City of Bellevue, MI on Bellevue Highway just  past the Lime KILN

                    Follett    3 miles north of Bellevue, MI on Ionia Rd  

                    Spaulding    2 miles north-east of Bellevue, MI on M-78; 3 miles north on Lacey Lake Rd

I have the Riverside Cemetery Book and will do look-ups as time permits, Email me at: bellevue_mi@cox.net     

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This is a picture of the "LIME KILN" in Bellevue.  My Ancestors George W and Philinda(Phelena) STURDEVANT owned and operated this Kiln until Dyer took over the operations.  My Grammy remembers that their horse "Dolly" used to pull lime up the ramp and Grandmama (She was of French Canadian descent and born in Vermont) would encourage Dolly to work hard.