Alpena High School

The History of Alpena High School

1858 Miss Mary L. Carter teaches 9 students during the summer in a cooper shop.
1859 School is moved to the second floor of the "Miller Building" at the corner of Water and Second Streets. Teaches a total of 21 days for the school year.
1863-64 First school building is built. Addison F. Fletcher is the school director.
1867 Union School District is organized.
1870 Union School is built on White Street. The building is later renamed Central School. Other schools are being built, one on the north side of town and one in "Campbellville".
1883 1883In the spring of 1883, 4 students completed requirements for graduation and became the 1st graduating class from Alpena High School. The Alpena Board of Education writes to University of Michigan asking that AHS be accepted for diploma relations.
1883 The High School is accredited with University of Michigan.
1891 Central High School is built at a cost of $31,800. When first opened, 4th, 5th and 6th grades were taught on the first floor and high school classes are taught on the second.
1900 Athletics are added sometime around the turn of the century. The 1902 yearbook, "1902The Oracle" includes photos of a football team, baseball team and a girl’s basketball team. Local football games are played at the Fairgrounds. Basketball is handicapped by a lack of a gym in any school and games are played in the Old Armory, located on Chisholm Street between Second and Third Ave.
1914 AHS is accredited with North Central Association.
1920 Early in the decade the Dunbar Street wing is added. It contains a Study Hall seating 320 students, a stage, 4 classrooms, library and office for the school nurse.
1924 A gymnasium wing is added to the high school.
1925 1925
1935 The Board of Education votes to transport athletes to and from games. A public address system is installed in the study hall with half of the funds coming from the H-Y Club. Vocational guidance is started for the first time.
1940 On April 14, the high school burns, yet within 10 days classes resumed in quarters provided in Memorial Hall, the Boys Club, the Civic League and the American Legion.
1942 In September the new high school building opens.
1949 Contracts for high school additions are let.
1952 1952The Gymnasium wing, Science wing, Cafeteria wing are completed and the Music wing started.
1957 The second floor of the Music Wing is completed. This area includes vocal music rooms, rooms for speech and dramatics as well as a small theater.
1962 Sanborn School becomes the first country school to be annexed into the Alpena School District. Other surrounding schools follow suit, creating a county wide school system. In the past, students wanting to continue their education through high school either had to board with a friend or family member in Alpena, or have adequate transportation to attend high school in the city. Now, all county students could attend high school and be bussed to school.
1963 A committee is appointed to develop a new high school to meet the needs of an expanded system.
1967 The new high school is opened and the 1st class graduates in June. The school is located on 71 acres on the north side of Third Street between Bagley and Garden Streets. The old building becomes a junior high school.
1974 1974
1977 1977
1981 Black Friday, October 16th, Alpena Public Schools closes and locks the doors after running out of money to run the system. A millage election re-opens the doors but many offerings, including athletics and bussing are eliminated. Sports programs are re-funded by "booster" groups raising funds for the activity. Bussing and athletics are slowly added to the school’s curricula in the following years.
1996 In June a bond issue is passed to build additions on to the high school. Included in the plans is a  Graphic art room, expansion of the cafeteria and a new "G" wing that would include a child care center and the agriculture department
1998-99 A new g-wing is added and a large childcare building is now used. The small commons has become a classroom. Lunch periods have been changed from three to four.
2000-2001 2000