Cemeteries of Alpena County


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Some cemeteries are harder to find than others in Alpena County.  As I find information about each cemetery in Alpena County, I will post it here.

Feature Name GNIS ID Latitude Longitude Map Elevation (ft)
Evergreen Cemetery 625699 450353N 0832803W Alpena 617
German Cemetery 626753 445503N 0832859W Ossineke 758
Holy Cross Cemetery 628470 450336N 0832754W Alpena 623
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery 634888 450909N 0833615W Long Lake West 718
Saint Matthew Cemetery 636931 445713N 0833746W Evans Creek 745
Saint Paul Cemetery 636981 445715N 0833745W Evans Creek 738
Spratt Cemetery 638529 445822N 0834628W Beaver Lake 807
Wilson Cemetery 1616557 450112N 0833624W Lake Winyah 758
Sanborn Township Cemetery 1618606 445516N 0832602W Ossineke 604

This fascinating table is courtesy of the US GNIS. These are the known cemeteries, with their locations in latitude and longitude. If you go to the GNIS website, you can look each of the entries up and find them on Google Maps.

Here are a few additional help items that I've given to people over the past year:

Evergreen Cemetery: 1032 W. Washington Avenue


Holy Cross Cemetery - 1300 W. Washington Avenue


King Settlement Cemetery - Herron, MI:


An anonymous donor sent me their list of Alpena County Cemeteries and their locations. I hope you find the information useful!

Alpena/Sanborn Township

Green Township

Hubbard Lake

Long Rapids Township

Maple Ridge Township


Wilson Township

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