Alpena Co., MI Marriage 1867-1868
To the Hon. Secretary of State of Michigan
Returns of Marriages Recorded in the County of Alpena- film found at the Library of Michigan.
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1. Aug. 7, 1867 Alpena, Allan McDonald, 26y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Canada, occ- Mason, P.B. Murray, Catholic Priest, m. Catherine Fitzpatrick, 18y,   Witnesses: Patrick McDade, Mary Ann Murphy, Res- Alpena

2. Aug. 7, 1867 Alpena, James McGillis, 30y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Canada, occ-laborer, P.B. Murray, Catholic Priest, m. Harriett McDonald, bpl- Canada, 18y, Alpena, bpl-Canada. Witnesses: Alex McDonald and Christina McDonald, Res- Alpena.

3. Sept. 7, 1867, Alpena, Peter Dastard, 35y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Canada, Occ- Farmer, Isaac Watson, Justice of the Peace, m. Josephine Alalze, 19y, bpl- NY. Witnesses: Christina McDonald and Elizabeth Carle- Alcona.

4. Nov. 25, 1867, Alcona, William A. Park, 25, Res- Alcona, bpl- MI; Occ- Farmer,   Isaac Watson, Justice of the Peace, m. Josephine Parker, 26y, Res- Alcona, Germany- MI. Witnesses: Jno. McDonald.

5. Nov. 8. 1867, Harrisville, Daniel C. McRae, 27y, Res- Harrisville; bpl- Canada, Occ- lumberman, J.P. Merchant, Justice of the Peace; m. Martha J. Noyes, 23y, bpl- MI. Witnesses: James McClelland, Joseph Donhaimn, res- Harrisville.

6. Feb. 13, 1868, Alpena, Paul Cisero, 34y, Res- Alpena, bpl- MI, occ- Lumberman, P.S. Murray, Catholic Priest, m. Jane Keyes, 19y, bpl- Canada. Witnesses: Martina Cisero, Martha Merchant- Alpena.

7. Feb. 19, 1868, Harrisville, James McLelland, 27y, Res- Alpena bpl- Michigan, Occ- Farmer, J.P. Merchant, Justice of the Peace; m. Caroline E. Chase, 37y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Canada West. Witnesses: Margaret James and Catherine McRae.

8. Jan. 4, 1868, Alpena, Roland Brush, 46y, Res- Alpena, bpl- New York, Occ- Farmer, O.J. Smith, Justice of the Peace, ; m. Ann Murphy, 44y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Ireland, Witnesses: F. Pnnday? and Emma D. Patten.

9. Jan. 29, 1868, Alpena, James J. Porter, 25y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Canada, Occ- Book Keeper,F.N. Barlow, Minister,  m.  Frances G. Parlorr, 19y, Res- New Jersey, bpl- New Jersey. Witnesses: Lucy Smith, F. Anndy.

10. Mar. 28, 1868, Alpena, George D. Mitchell, 28y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Metamores, Occ- Sailor, F.N. Barlow, Minister; m. Ann Foster, 28y, bpl- England, Witnesses: Jno O. Campbell and Mrs. Jas Newton.

11. Mar. 31, 1868, Alpena, John Ellsworth, 33y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Canada, Occ- Lumberman,  F.N. Barlow, Minister; m. Ellen Lane, 20y, Res- Alpena, bpl- Michigan. Witnesses: A. J. Garey and Emily Squires.

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