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Public and Private Graves

North Berwick, Maine


Using the published records of John Frost and Richard Day, we have designed and created a computerized database to contain the inscriptions from the public and private cemeteries located in the town of North Berwick, Maine.

The database contains three thousand three hundred fifty-six (3,356) inscriptions primarily for the years prior to 1964. According to Frost's records, "...many of the early graves...are marked only by field stones, many early graves are not marked at all."

Our database contains all of Frost's and Day's recorded inscriptions regardless of how incomplete the available information was due to disintegrated stones, broken stones with just initials, field stones with no markings, and stones with names and incomplete dates. In addition to names and dates, our database contains a memo file which contains such information as "Wife of...", "Daughter of..." "Son of..." epitaphs, war service history, and other valuable information.

We claim no recognition for the acquisition of the information contained in our database and give full and deserved recognition to John Frost and Richard Day for their arduous, comprehensive, and meticulous work in gathering and documenting this important information from our past. We were privileged to be able to reduce to digital format the work of these two men. Several tables have been extracted from the database for publication on the internet.

We are also pleased to recognize the work of Rev. Robert G. Cole in providing information from his research which allowed us to include in our database a complete list of Soldiers of the Revolution who are interred in the North Berwick cemeteries. A table of Revolutionary as well as other wars is included on this website.

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Of interest:

Under the Sod
by Janet Robie Hooke

This 10 year project, Under the Sod contains every cemetery in North Berwick, Maine and is current to date.

Cemeteries are located by street, box # and GPS location.

There are 144 pages and 21 8"x11" glossy pictures of all the pre-1800 stones in North Berwick.

It also contains maps of the two public cemeteries and lists all veterans that are buried in town.