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These next few pages have been copied from a journal at the Waldo Pierce Reading Room in Frankfort, Waldo County, Maine.


Monument reads:
Carter, Orland Cass
His wife Jennie {Carter}
On the other side:
Carter, Asa, 1829-1904
His wife Susan {Carter}, 1828-1890
Another stone:
Moulton, Elmer E. 1893-1893
Moulton, Clarence E. 1891-1892
Another stone:
Orland and Sarah 1853-1920


Ide, Abigail, d. March 28, 62y;.d/o Nathaniel & Hannah
Ide, Deborah, d. June 4, 1851; age 53y 2m 6d
Ide, Ezra, d. October 14, 1816; age 73y Revolutionary War Veteran
Ide, Ezra, May 29, 1773 - December 6, 1845
Ide, Hannah, their daughter, d. January 1, 1880 age 84y 4m
Ide, Lydia, d. June 11, 1855; age 67y 2m 10d
Ide, Nathan, d. May 30, 1851; age 59y 7m 11d
Ide, Nathaniel, April 1, 1769 - August 7, 1795 age 26y 3m 5d
Ide, Sarah, d. December 30, 1826; age 76y; widow of Ezra Ide
Ide, Rowland, April 26, 1780 - October 17, 1852; age 72y 5m l5d. [ War of 1812 Veteran]
Ide, Stephen, d. November 7, 1862; age 7ly l9d [War of 1812Veteran]
Lain, Deborah, d. Mar 5,1831 age 26y 1m 3d; d/o Chas and Jane Lain
Lain, Jane, d. February 21, 1847 age 72; w/o Charles Lain
Lain, Sarah, d. October 22, 1812 age 27yr; [below]; wife of Silas Lain,
Littlefield, Mrs. Hannah, d. August 6, 1865; age 92y 7m 26
{Note: Sarah "Lane"Lain was the d/o Ezra and Sarah Ide}


Clark, John, d. June 2, 1842, age 78y; (Next in line is a fieldstone no markings)
Clark, Lucy , d. October 29, 1883, age 8ly 2m 11d; w/o Nathaniel Lane
Gamble, Edith, w/o Timothy Kingsbury, d. 1927
Killman, Luhamah, b. September 19, 1835 - d. April 9. 1907; w/o Joel Lane
Kingsbury, Timothy F., d. 1917
Lane, Caroline Elizabeth, d. April 8, 1863, age 3y 1m 12d; d/o Nathaniel & Lucy [Clark] Lane.
Lane, Georgia L. , "Mother 1872 - 1959"
Lane, Georgiana F., d. June 18, 1860, age l2y 8m 22d; d/o Nathaniel & Lucy [Clark] Lane
Lane, Joel, b. September 11, 1828, d. March 25, 1909
Lane, Margaret K., 1866-1943; d/o Joel & Luhamah [Killman] Lane
Lane, Martha Lavilla, d. April 2, l847, age 3y 4m 10d; d/o Nathaniel & Lucy [Clark] Lane
Lane, Nathan, d. Apr 11, 1844, age 16y 11m 5d; s/o Nathaniel and Lucy [Clark] Lane
Lane, Nathaniel, d. August 20, 1880, age 8ly. 7m l8d; h/o Lucy Clark
Lane, Robert K., s/o Georgia, d. April 3 1916, age 20y 2m 1d
Lain, Silas, d. Oct 22,1812, age 27y
Lane, Timmy N., d. February 11, 1885, age 6y 4, 28d; s/o Joel & Luhamah [Killman] Lane
Lane, Timothy, d. September 12, 1865, age 3y 4d
Nelson, Mrs..Mary Jane, d. April 27, 1904, age 78y 7m 24d; w/o Capt. James Nelson
Nelson, Charley Joel, d. February 6, 1863, age 3y 4m ld; s/o Capt. James and Mary J. Nelson
Smith, Rose C., 1879 - 1945; w/o Isaac Smith


Adams, Lovina, d. June 19, 1893, age l3y 10m; d/o Eli W. and Lovina B. Adams
Adams, Lovina B., d. July 22, 1879, age l7y l0m; w/o Eli W. Adams
Adams, Mary E., d. Mar.22,1872, age 35y 1m 9d; w/o David Adams
Clark, Abbie P., d. September 18, 1877, age 32y 1lm l4d.; w/o Melvin Clark
Clark, Edwin A., 1896 - 1917
Clark, Ezra T.(?), d. November 19, 1861, aged 53y 6m
Clark, Freelove, d. September 6, 1875, age 69y 4m; w/o James Clark
Clark, James, d. February 2, 1869, age 70y; h/o Freelove Clark
Clark, Jeremiah C., d. March 11, 1863, age 70y; h/o Rebecca
Clark, Lavonia, d. Aug.29,1855 age 3y; d/o Alfred and Julia Clark
Clark, Rebecca, d. July 28, 1866, age 69y 11m; w/o Jeremiah C. Clark
Clark, Sarah T., d. Jan 7,1891, age 63y 7m 22d d/o Jeremiah C. & Rebecca Clark
Cunningham, Cora J., d. May 6, 1864, age ly 5m 11d; d/o John and Nancy J. Cunningham
Cunningham, James L., d. May 71 1864, age 3y 3m 10d; s/o John and Nancy J. Cunningham
Cunningham, Martin E., d. 20 May 10, 1864, age 5y 1m l8d; s/o John and Nancy J. Cunningham
Curtis, Everett, d. December 22, 1939; Me. PVT, 73rd rgt. CAC
Curtis, Ina E., d. March 17, 1879, age 3y 11m 1dy; d/o Libbeus C. & Mary C. Curtis
Curtis, Libbeus C., d. December 7, 1915; Me. PVT, Co D, 26th Regt. Inf . (CIVIL WAR); h/o Mary C.
Curtis, Mary C., d. May 18, 1887, age 39y 26d; w/o Libbeus C. Curtis
Downs, Abbie J., 1846 - 1913, age 67y; w/o J. R. Downs
Downes, James, d. August 29, 1887, age 66y
Downs, Herbert E., August 1,1879 - January 1, 1904
Downs, Noah, d. March 4, age 9m; s/o James and Abbie Downs
Downs, Norman, d. April 7, age l0m; s/o
Hamm, Myra Louise, d. age 3y 9m 10d, d/o Cyrus and Annie S. Hamm
Harriman, Joseph E., Co F, 38th NJ., Inf. (CIVIL WAR)
Hobbs, Albert W., d. May 28, 1892, age 42y l0m l5d
Hobbs, Jane C., d. October 2, 1910, age 83y 4m l5d
Hobbs, John W., d. June 20, 1884, age 85y l0m l4d
Holmes, Frances A., d. September 29, 1844, age ly; d/o George & Sarah Holmes
Holmes, George, d. October 14, 1893, age 85y 1m; h/o Sarah Holmes
Holmes, Havillah A ., b. April 11, 1851 - d. March 28, 1863
Holmes, J. Burnie, d. February 4. 1381, age l1m 21d; s/o Charles A. & Susie M. Ho1mes
Holmes, John C., d. October 17, 1871, age 26y 2m
Holmes, Sarah, d. February 6, 1893, age 78y 7m; w/o George Holmes
Holmes, Sarah E., December 3, l856 - April 3, 1863
Howe, Abigail, d. October 30, 1851, age 37y 7m; w/o Ephraim Howe
Littlefield, Bertha, d/o Nehemiah & Hannah F. Littlefield (No Dates)
Littlefield, Bessy E.
Littlefield, Conrad S.,s/o Nehemiah & Hannah F. Littlefield (No Dates)
Littlefield, Hannah F., d. May 30, 1872, age 32y 8m; w/o Nehemiah Littlefield
Littlefield, Metilda
Littlefield, Nehemiah, September 30, 1900, age 64y 1m 6d Co K, 1st Me. Heavy Artly. (CIVIL WAR); h/o Hannah Littlefield
Littlefield, Thomas W., s/o Nehemiah & Hannah F. Littlefield (No Dates)
Low, Abram,.d. February 4?
Low, Elijah, 2nd, d. September 19, 1865, age 63y 7m l9d; h/o Susannah Low
Low, Frederick, d. July 45 1864, age 2y 28d; s/o Elijah 2nd & Susannah Low
Low, George W., d. 4. August 3, 1865
Low, Mary A., d. October 26, 1846, age 1y 6m; d/o Elijah 2nd & Susannah Low
Low, Oliver; d. November 1, 1871, age 2y; s/o Oliver and Martha J. Low
Low, Mrs. Oliver, d. September 12, 1850, age 43y
Low, Susannah, d. December 29, 1877, age 69y 11m 4d; w/o Elijah Low, 2nd
Low, William F., d. May 15, 1897, age 66y
Lowe, A.D., Co E, 19th Me. Infantry (CIVIL WAR)
Lowe, Bisbee, d. November 9, 1853, age 36y 8m
Lowe, Elijah, d May 3,1865, age 32y 10m
Lowe, Jacob, February 29, 1828 - August 10, 1874; h/o Sarah A. Lowe
Lowe, J. H., Co. A. Maine Coast Guard (CIVIL WAR)
Lowe, Margie, d. October 5, 1890, age 21y 1m 20d; w/o Chester B. Lowe
Lowe, Sarah A., March 8, 1834- August 8, 1915; w/o Jacob Lowe
Lowe, Willie, - (No dates)
Massure, Rebecca J., d. October 20, 1873, age 40y 6m; w/o C. N. Massure
Mayo, Austin H., d. in Andersonville Prison, April 2, 1863, age 2ly 7m (CIVIL WAR)
Mayo, Catherine, d. April 1, 1912, aged 80y; w/o Robert W. Mayo
Mayo, Charles W., d. August 24, 1893, age 63y 6m; h/o Mary Mayo
Mayo, Ebenezer, d. October 8, 1873, age 85y. 9m; h/o Maria Wilkenson
Mayo, Ebenezer, Jr., d. July 25, 1822 age 5y
Mayo, George A., b. June 14, 1868 - d. June 23, 1899; s/o Charles W. & Mary Mayo
Mayo, Howes, d. December 7, 1869, age 78y 9m; h/o Huldah Mayo
Mayo, Howes, April 21, 1835 - March 13, 1905 Co B, 8th Maine (CIVIL WAR)
Mayo, Huldah, d. August 10, 1885, age 75y 1m 1m; w/o Howes Mayo
Mayo, Maria Wilkenson, d. June 19, 1871, age 92y; w/o Ebenezer Mayo
Mayo, Mary, 1832 - 1918; w/o Charles Mayo
Mayo, Robert W., d. June 17, 1910, age 88y; h/o Catherine
Moody, Amanda M., d. March 17, 1859, age 22y; d/o Benjamin & Barbary Moody
Moore, Bertha A., d. December 4, 1863, age ly 9m
Moore, Edwin O., "Brother" d. March 24, 1891 aged 45y 1m
Moore, Eli, d. June 23, 1873, age 37y 5m; h/o Kate Moore
Moore, James, {stone down, broken and crumbling}; h/o Paulena Moore
Moore, Kate, d. April 2, 1875, age 34y 7m; w/o Eli Moore
Moore, Lois A., "Mother" d. October 17, 1891, aged 7ly 7m; w/o Otis Moore
Moore, Otis, "Father" d. October 20, 1839, aged 70y 5m; h/o Lois A. Moore
Moore, Paulena, d. June 29, 1863, age 66y; w/o James Moore
Murphy, Eldora, 1864 - 1954; w/o Horace W. Murphy
Murphy, Horace W., 1856 - 1916; h/o Eldora Murphy
Murphy, baby, Lottie M., d. August 28, 1886, age 5m 23d; d/o Horace W. & Eldora Murphy
Murray, Helen M., d. December 2, 1874, age 28y; w/o William F. Murray
Murray, William F., d. December 17, 1874, age 33y; h/o Helen M. Murray
Perry, Emma, d. November 30 1862, age 4y 8m; d/o George and Sarah B. Perry
Perry, George, March 18, 1829 - March 6, 1897
Perry, Maria M., d. March 24, 1864, age 63y 14d; w/o Asa Perry
Shute, Eliza J., d. October 5, 1881, age 53y 3m; w/o Henry J. Shute
Smart, Annis T., d. February 29, 1891, age 63y 11m 11d
Smart, Daniel, Co G, 21st Me. Inf. (CIVIL WAR); h/o Annis T. Smart
Smart?, Daniel, d. March 7, 1865, age 42y {stone broken}
Staples, Martha J., August 24, 1824 - June 1, 1904
Swett, Eva J., d. March 30, 1882, age 30y(?) 7m l8d; w/o C. E. Swett
, Samuel, d. Oct 16,1862?, age 65 {stone broken}
Treadwell, Samuel J., d. Aug 14, 1853, age 22y 7m; s/o Samuel & Nancy Treadwell
Trundy, Edgar L., 1843 - 1904; h/o Emily Larrabee
Trundy, Edgar L. Jr., 1869 - 1904; s/o Edgar L. & Emily (Larrabee) Trundy
Trundy, Eller M., 1889 - 1889; c/o Edgar L. & Medora (Tozier) Trundy
Trundy, Emily Larrabee, 1845 - 1875; w/o Edgar L. Trundy
Trundy, Francis A., 1896 - 1896; d/o Edgar L. & Medora (Tozier) Trundy
Trundy, Leslie E., d. June 18, 1880, age 20y 7m 23d; s/o F. L. and Sarah A Trundy
Trundy, Lillian N., 1880 - 1884; d/o Edgar L. & Medora (Tozier) Trundy
Trundy, Linney, 1874 - 1879; s/o Edgar L. & Emily (Larrabee) Trundy
Trundy, Maud, 1876 - 1879; d/o Edgar L. & Medora (Tozier) Trundy
Trundy, Martha, 1878 - 1879; d/o Edgar L. & Medora (Tozier) Trundy
Trundy, Medora Tozier, his wife, 1855 - 1904
West, Maryetta, d. November 28, 1893, age 35y 4m; d/o Demin and Rebecca West
York, .{Last name only on a 6' x 8' lot}
York, Gertie A., 1881 - 1890
York, Hattie M., 1870 - 1889
York, Willard R., 1851 - 1886


Bithar, Johnson, d. January 31, age27y
Couillard, Samuel, d. "March 18, l8~l", age 8ly. lm
Holmes, Willard G., d. October 11, 1810, age 2y 8m; s/o Hiram and Sarah P. Holmes,
Maddox, Esther, d. April 30, 1850, age 23y 25d; w/o Capt. G. Maddox & d/o Thomas & Sally Seavey
Metcalf {The following names and dates are all on one stone}
Betsey, d. November 19, 1832, age 30y. 13d
Sophia d. August 8, 1844, age 38y 8m The wives of Samuel Metcalf.
John, d. August 8, l840, age l2y 3m l7d
Infant, born and died, 1829
Children of Samuel and Betsey Metcalf:
Helen, d. January 1, 1841, age 2y 9m
Alice, d. June 8, 1844, age ly 5d
Ann, d. September 22, 1845, age ly 7d
Children of Samuel & Sophia Metcalf::
Seavey, Hannah Amanda, d. Jan 11,1836, age ly 10m. lld.; d/o James & Rosilla Seavey
Seavey, John T. Thomas, d. August, 24, 1867, age 30y. l0m 7d
Tibbitts, Albion, d. May 19, 1848, age 25y 6m
Tibbitts, James L., d. March 17, 1848; age l9y 10m 20d.; s/o Reuben and Louisa Tibbitts
Tyler, Dominicus, d. July 12, 1837, age 69y. 8m.; h/o Rebecca
Tyler, Rebecca, October 6 1851, age 82y 6m; w/o Dominicus Tyler


Buck, Lydia, d. November 18, 1843, age 8ly 1m, w/o Joshua Treat
Fletcher, Grace, b. at Frankfort, ME, August 6, 1851, d. at Boston, December 23, 1933; d/o Israel Webster and Lucilla Pierce Kelley, "who are interred at East Concord, N.H.", - Grand-daughter of Waldo and Catherine Treat Pierce
Kelley, Allston, d. September 18, 1857, age 3y 4m; s/o Webster and Lucilla P. Kelley
Pierce, Arthur, d. November 21, 1899, age 79y
Pierce, Nancy Abigail, b. May 20, 1822- d. August 5, 1822, d/o Waldo and Catherine Treat Pierce
Pierce, Nancy Valeria, b. January 15, 1824 - d. March 4, 1828, d/o Waldo and Catherine Treat Pierce
Pierce, Waldo, "Father", b. February 22, 1778 - October 10, 1841, age 63y, h/o Catharine Treat
Treat, Capt. Albert, b. July 11, 1834 - d. September 6, 1868 (CIVIL WAR)
Treat, Albert Franklin, infant s/o Franklin & Hannah Treat
Treat, Catharine, "Mother", b. November 3, 1813- d. April 10, 1815, w/o Waldo Pierce
Treat, Frederick, d. July 22, 1854, age 15y 5m 11d, s/o Col. Robert & and Joanna G. (C?) Treat
Treat, Hannah T., d. May 2, 1865, age 28y, w/o Franklin Treat
Treat, Joanna G. (C?), d. December 17, 1883, age 80y
Treat, Joshua
Treat, Joshua, d. October 21, 1826, age 70y (REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER); h/o Lydia Buck
Treat, Mary, b. March 24, 1799, - d. September 23, 1859, age 60y 5m
Treat, Miss Nancy, d. December 7, 1820, age l9y, d/o Joshua and Lydia Buck Treat
Treat, Col. Robert, d. October 15, 1859, age 66y 5m 17d; h/o Joanna G. (C?)
Treat, Waldo P., b. February 3, 1841 - d. January 31, 1891


Hopper, Amy Patricia, b. July 6, 1920 d.
Kahler, Woodland, b. February 6, 1895, d. May 31, 1981
McKay, M. Victor, b. May 9, 1886, d. 1972
Tyler, Col. Andrew, d. November 24, 1844, age 87y; A Patriot of '76" (REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER) h/o Hanah.
Tyler, Hannah, , d. December 30, 1838 age 76y; w/o Col. Andrew Tyler
unknown Eliza, d. July 3, 1849 age 63
{Two fieldstones no markings}


West, James, 1794 - 1845
West, Judith F., 1796 - 1860
West, Mattie J., d. January 18, 1890, age 15y 1m 2d; d/o C. V. & Alexander West
West, Nancy A.1828 - 1832


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