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(Located of a farm formerly owned by
Herbert Bradstreet in South Freedom, Maine)

Commings, Hannah, d. 28 Jan 1836; age 25y


Bowers, Frances C., d. 19 Apr 1847; age 29y 4m 19d; d/o Samuel & Betsey (Barlow) Briggs; w/o Albert W. Bowers
Briggs, Betsey (Barlow), d. 4 Jul 1865; age 65y 11m; w/o Samuel Briggs
Briggs, Llewellyn, d. 31 Oct 1935; age 92y 11m 24d; s/o Samuel & Betsey (Barlow) Briggs; h/o (1) Rosina (2) Ida Trasker
Briggs, Samuel, d. 23 Jan 1886; age 87y; h/o Betsey Barlow
Briggs, William H., d. 9 Nov 1844; age 3y 7m; s/o Samuel & Betsey (Barlow) Briggs


Commings, Benjamin, d. 28 May 1853; age 76y; h/o Hannah P.
Commings, Hannah P., d. 12 Oct 1859; age 82y; w/o Benjamin Commings
Commings, John, d. 9 Apr 1860; age 65y 3m; h/o Susan
Commings, John S., b. 1832; d. 1871
Commings, Susan, d. 19 Nov 1840; age 43y; w/o John Commings
Swears, Burton R., b. 23 Jun 1868; d. 26 Sep 1937; s/o Reubin Swears


Abbott, Charlotte, b. 6 Apr 1825; d. 26 Apr 1825; age 20d; d/o Reuben Jr. & Thankful Abbott
Abbott, John, d. 8 Mar 1891 in Clinton, ME; age ca. 65y
Abbott, Reuben C., b. 11 Jul 1823; d. 12 Jan 1853 in California; age 29y 6m; s/o Reuben Jr. & Thankful Abbott
Abbott, Reuben Jr., d. 5 Mar 1831; age 39y 4m; h/o Thankful; [Children: (1) Sumner b. 18 Dec 1814; (2) Mercy b. 4 Apr 1817]
Abbott, Thankful, d. 16 Mar 1856 or 21 Oct 1856 (both dates appear on stone); age 68y; w/o Reuben Abbott, Jr.
Glidden, Abigail, d. 29 May 1859; age 67y 7m; b. in Jefferson, ME; w/o Moses Glidden
Glidden, Charles W. Jr., d. 10 Apr 1863; age 14y 3m 15d; s/o Charles & Catherine Glidden;
(Charles & Catherine buried in #4 Cemetery, Albion, ME)
Glidden, Moses, d. 10 Feb 1842; age 58y 1m 10d; b. in Jefferson, ME; h/o Abigail


Fuller, Bathsheba, 3 Jun 1838; age 30y; w/o Jona H. Fuller
Fuller, Betsey,
d. 28 Oct 1801; age 1y 2m; d/o Jonathan & Hannah (Gould) Fuller
Fuller, Eleanor, d. 25 Oct 1801; age 3y; d/o Jonathan & Hannah (Gould) Fuller
Fuller, Hannah M., d. 3 Mar 1834; age 20y; d/o Jonathan & Hannah (Gould) Fuller
Fuller, Jonathan (H.), d. 24 Jul 1819; age 51y; h/o Hannah (Gould); (s/o Jonathan and Hannah Fuller)
Fuller, Mary A., d. 26 Mar 1847; age 30y; w/o Jona H. Fuller
Fuller, Mary A. B., d. 26 May 1841; age 3m; d/o Jona H. & Mary A. Fuller
Fuller, Nathan, d. 3 Jul 1819; age 2y 3m; s/o Jonathan & Hannah (Gould) Fuller
Gould, Dr. Aaron W., d. 18 Aug 1860; age 23y 22d; s/o Aaron Jr. & Zoa (Whitney) Gould
Gould, Hannah, w/o Jonathan Fuller (bottom of stone missing)
Gould, Lydia (Curtis), d. 1 Sep 1834; age 29y 5m; w/o Aaron Gould, Jr.
Gould, Rachel, b. 1850; d. 1852; d/o Aaron Jr. & Zoa (Whitney) Gould
Gould, Zoa (Whitney), d. 21 Mar 1880; age 76y 10m 1d; d/o Charles Whitney; w/o Aaron Gould


Hutchins, Charles P., b. 27 Jun 1858 in Freedom, ME; d. 8 Apr 1922 in Freedom, ME; s/o John & Susan (Sylvester) Hutchins; h/o Martha E. (Archer); Children: (1) Fred E., b. 24 Nov 1883 in Lowell, MA, (2) Leroy B., b. 15 Sep 1888 in Freedom, ME, (3) Florence E., b. 26 Feb 1891, (4) Alta b. 16 Jul 1895 in Freedom, ME
Hutchins, Florence E., d. 28 Jun 1891; age 4m 2d; d/o Charles P. & Martha E. (Archer) Hutchins
Hutchins, Leroy B., d. 9 Dec 1903 in Freedom, ME; age 15y 2m 24d; s/o Charles P. & Martha E. (Archer) Hutchins
Hutchins, Martha E. (Archer), b. 5 Jul 1859 in Cherryfield, ME; d. 2 Jul 1914 in Waterville, ME; d/o Stillman & Tyrena (Wakefield) Archer; w/o Charles P. Hutchins
Marden, Jonathan, d. 1 Aug 1855; age 62y 5m
McDonald, Alberto, d. 16 Apr 1863; age 11y 5m; s/o John P. & Emily (Sylvester) McDonald
McDonald, Julia A., d. 25 Apr 1863; age 9y 9m; d/o John P. & Emily (Sylvester) McDonald
McKinnon, Albina May (Hutchins), d. 22 Jan 1889; age 22y 2m 9d; d/o John & Susan Hutchins; w/o W. A.. McKinnon
Russell, Joseph, d. 13 Dec 1869; age 84y 4m 7d; h/o (1) Sarah (2) Mary
Russell, Mary, d. 14 Mar 1869; age 74y 2m 11d, w/o Joseph Russell
Russell, Sarah, d. 3 Jul 1831; age 35y 5m 23d; w/o Joseph Russell
Strong, William, d. 19 Aug 1844; age 20y 8m; s/o Samuel & Mary Strong
Sylvester, Dea. Asa, d. 16 Jul 1843; age 57y
Sylvester, Augustus N., d. 30 Oct 1855; age 21y 10m; s/o Enoch & Frances W. Sylvester
Sylvester, Christina, d. 10 Feb 1858; age 15y 10m; d/o Enoch & Frances W. Sylvester
Sylvester, Edwin J., d. 8 Apr 1863; age 12y; s/o Enoch & Frances W. Sylvester
Sylvester, Ellen, d. 26 Feb 1848; age 3y 7m; d/o Enoch & Frances W. Sylvester
Sylvester, Enoch, d. 23 Apr 1860; age 59y 8m 9d; h/o Frances W.
Sylvester, Frances W., d. 25 Jan 1892; age 80y 8m 21d; w/o Enoch Sylvester
Sylvester, Hannah J., d. 24 Nov 1862; age 15y 24d; d/o Enoch & Frances W. Sylvester
Sylvester, Roscoe G., d. 23 Jun 1865; age 29y 10m 14d
Sylvester, Walter S., d. 28 Oct 1850; age 3y


Danforth, Ann Jeanette, d. 24 May 1863; age 15y 7m; d/o Nathan O. & Sally M. (Todd) Danforth
Danforth, Huldah (Kelley), d. 28 Feb 1858; age 67y 6m 21d; w/o Josiah Danforth
Danforth, Josiah, d. 28 Oct 1858; age 69y 8m 22d; h/o Huldah Kelley; Children: (1) Nathan O. b. 26 Oct 1810, (2) Mary b. 6 Nov 1812, (3) John b. 21 Dec 1814, (4) Susan b. 16 Dec 1816, (5) Philip b. 4 Nov 1818,
(6) Stephen b. 23 Dec 1820, (7) Josiah Jr. b. 6 Feb 1823, (8) Huldah b. 20 Jan 1825, (9) Joseph b. 1827,
(10) Sarah b. 1831, (11) Philander Wheeler b. 1836

Danforth, Mary E., d. 16 Feb 1848; age 1m; d/o Nathan O. & Sally M. (Todd) Danforth
Danforth, Nathan O., d. 15 Nov 1870; age 60y 20d; s/o Josiah & Huldah (Kelley) Danforth; h/o Sarah [Sally] M. Todd
Danforth, Sarah [Sally] M. (Todd), d. 8 Apr 1882; age 69y 4m 3d; w/o Nathan O. Danforth
Danforth, Thomas W., d. 5 Jul 1862; age 12y; s/o Nathan O. & Sally M. (Todd) Danforth
Fuller, Sarah (Danforth), d. 15 June 1863; aet. 32y; w/o Zimri Fuller
Fuller, Susan (Danforth), age 29y 7m; d/o Josiah & Huldah [Kelley] Danforth; w/o Zimri Fuller
Kelley, Oliver, d. 4 Mar 1863; age 81y 7m; b. Dennis, MA; s/o Stephen & Mary (Oliver) Kelley; h/o (1) Eunice Gould (2) Jerusha Bradshaw; Children: (1) Eliza b. 14 Jan 1810, (2) Rufus b. 11 Sep 1812, (3) Eunice b. 31 Aug 1815, (4) Oliver P., b. 25 Apr 1818, (5) Sally S. b. 1 Oct 1820, (6) Nemiah J. b. 31 Jul 1825, (7) Mary Ann b. 23 Jan 1828, (8) Roseilla b. 2 May 1830, (9) Fydilla b. 25 Feb 1832
Kelley, Oliver P., d. 22 Jun 1875; age 57y 2m; s/o Oliver & Eunice (Gould) Kelley; h/o Caroline Knights
Kelley, Ralph W., d. 9 Oct 1864; age 7y 11m; s/o Oliver P. & Caroline (Knights) Kelley
Plummer, Eunice K., d. 15 Feb 1841; age 4y; d/o Jeremiah & Eliza A. (Kelley) Plummer


Bell, Lucinda P. (Penney), d. 2 Apr 1897; age 73y 11m
Clark, Susan H. (Penney), d. 19 Mar 1882; age 53y 4m; [b. 10 Jan 1828 in Freedom, Maine]; d/o Thomas & Susan (Haskell) Penney, w/o 0. P. Clark
Penney, Jonathan B., d. 24 Apr 1865; age 55y 6m 25d; [b. 29 Aug 1810 in Freedom, ME]; s/o Thomas & Susan (Haskell) Penney
Penney, Luther E., d.8 Sept 1815; age 30y
Penney, Mark, d. 19 Jan 1844; age 21y; [b. 7 Sep 1821 in Freedom, ME]; s/o Thomas & Susan (Haskell) Penney
Penney, Mary H., d.11 Dec 1863; age 53y 7d; w/o Jonathan B. Penney
Penney, Ruth H., 18 Oct 1842; age 6y; d/o Thomas & Susan (Haskell) Penney
Penney, Sarah A., b. 1826 d. 1828; d/o Thomas & Susan (Haskell) Penney
Penney, Susan  , d. 6 May 1866; age 76y 2m 11d; [b. Harpswell, ME], w/o Thomas Penney
Penney, Thomas, d. 22 Mar 1872; age 84y 1m; [b. New Gloucester, ME], h/o Susan Haskell
Penney, Thomas Jr., d.3 Dec 1837; age 25y; s/o of Thomas & Susan (Haskell) Penney
Tighe, Ernestine, d. 4 Sept 1857; age 2y 25d; d/o Winthrop & Lucinda (Penney) Tighe
Warren, Ellen (Penney), d. 23 Oct 1868; age 34y 4m 6d; d/o Thomas & Susan (Haskell) Penney, w/o Ruel Warren











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