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In the early 1600's the Algonquin Indians who inhabited the region offered little resistance to the establishment of the first white settlements on the coast and along the navigable rivers.  But Main was the scene of many conflicts during the French and Indian Wars and  came under English control after the Treaty of Paris in 1763.  Settlement began to increase, but remained low in comparison with other states until the 19th century.

Maine's soldiers played an active part in the Revolutionary War and the first naval engagement of the war took place off the state's coast, near Machias.  In 1775 the British burned the town of Falmouth (now Portland).  During the War of 1812 the British easily captured and held the eastern portion of the state.  In 1820, Maine, which had been part of Massachusetts since 1691, became a separate state.  The 12th largest state 1820, by 1986 it ranked 38th.








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