Census 1820 Moscow Maine

US Census, 1820

Moscow, Somerset County, Maine

Heads of Household

Transcribed and contributed by Jane Padham Ouderkirk

Jane cautions that the spellings are the best guess she could make given the quality of the copy from which she worked.


IN ORDER OF ENTRY (nearly alphabetical)

William Alexander
Jonathan Baker

David Baker

Reuben Baker

David Bourk
Alen Baker
Charles Baker
William Baker
Capt. Joseph Bassett
Asa Baker
Caleb Clough
Thomas Chase
Joseph Clark
Robert Clark
William Decker
Levi Ellice
Lydia Fletcher
Nathan Fish
John Graves
Morrill Greene
Gilbert Greenwood
Thomas Hunewell
Ebenezer Hunewell
Lasky Jackson
Hugh Healihan
John Healihan
Patrick McCoy
Andreas M??cim
Nathaniel Perce
Peter Perse
Moses Perse
Caleb Rowe
Elijah Robinson
Peter Royal
Levi Robinson
Stephen Smith
William Stevens
Samuel Smith
Abo?? Small
Thomas Small
Elijah Temple
Jacob Temple
Hiram Varney
Robert Whitcom






































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