Maine Town Directories 1880-81- Upper Kennebec Valley Maine State Year-Book and Legislative Manual

for the year 1880-81

from April 1, 1880 to April 1, 1881

by Edmund S. Hoyt, prepared pursuant to orders of the Legislature; published by Hoyt, Fogg and Donham, Portland, ME


Twenty-two miles N.N.W. of Skowhegan, on stage-line to the Forks. Settled 1784. Incorporated Feb 6, 1812, and named in honor of William Bingham. Area 23,040 acres. Population - 1850, 752; 1860, 833; 1870, 826. Valuation, 1860 - Polls, 159; Estates, $120,360; 1870 - Polls, 210; Estates $201,017.

Postmaster - Willis B. Goodrich
Selectmen - Simon Goodrich, Elias Smith, Stephen Jones.
Town Clerk - Simon Goodrich
Treasurer - Calvin Colby
Constable and Collector - (Solon P.O.), E.P. Cooley
School Committee - T.F. Houghton, Samuel W. Baker, M.A. Goodrich
Clergymen - Vacant, Cong.
Physicians - F. Williams, Albert A. Piper, All.
Justices - C. Baker, Feb 3, 1875;H.B. Baker, August 1, 1878; C.B. Gilman, Feb 25, 1874; S.A. Dinsmore, Feb 9, 1876; Joel Colby, March 7, 1877; Nathaniel Withee, Jan 7, 1880, Quorum; Stephen Richardson, Jan 22, 1879, Trial.
Merchants - S.A. & A. Dinsmore, L.C. Andrews, Joel Colby, L.S. Preble, Willis B. Goodrich, general stores; B. Smith 2nd, drugs and furniture; Mrs. E.F. Savage, clothing and millinery; Arthur C. Dinsmore, boots and shoes; Baker & Bray, groceries and meat market; Calvin Colby, hardware; H.J. Abbey, furniture and fancy goods.
Manufacturers - C.M. & A. Baker, improved driving calks and sets; Seth Goodrich & Co., lumber; W.P. Preble, carriages; J. Dealy, tailor; A.N. Burke, harnesses; Levi Holway, shingle mill; Benj. Cooley, saw mill..
Hotels - Bingham House, Warren Holbrook; Stage House, Geo. Savage.



Twenty miles N.N.W. of Skowhegan. First settled soon after the close of the revolution by Major Ephraim Heald, of Temple, N.H. Terminus of the stage line from No. Anson. Incorporated Jan 25, 1821. Population - 1850, 550; 1860, 541; 1870, 452. Valuation, 1860 - Polls, 120; Estates, $69,179; 1870 - Polls, 107; Estates $91,594.

Postmaster - Nathan H. Savage
Selectmen - W.W. Hamblet, N.H. Savage, L.S. Lombard
Town Clerk - William W. Hamblet
Treasurer - Martin W. Berry
Constable and Collector - B.F. Atwood
School Supervisor - Sidney S. Chase
Clergymen - B.S. Rollins (Pleasant Ridge), F. Bap.
Justice - Edwin O. Vittum, September 20, 1876, Quorum.
Manufacturers - Hiram Witham, lumber; E.W. Bowen, lumber and grist mill; Chandler Savage, smith.



Twenty-five miles N.N.W. of Skowhegan. On stage-line from Skowhegan to The Forks of Kennebec. Settled 1784. Incorporated the 211th town, Jan 30, 1816, and named for the Russian city. First settled in 1773 and called Bakerstown. Baptist church established in 1812. Population - 1850, 577; 1860, 574; 1870, 528. Valuation, 1860 - Polls, 140; Estates, $61,702; 1870 - Polls, 127; Estates $91,836.

Nearest Post Office - Bingham.

Selectmen - J.H. Goodrich, C.M. Hill, D.S. Moore.
Town Clerk - J.H. Goodrich
Treasurer - Joseph B. Whitney
Constable - John Gray
School Supervisor - Albert Burke
Clergymen - Vacant, F. Bap.
Justices - J.H. Goodrich, Feb 28, 1879; John Carney, Feb 9, 1876; J.D. Hill, Feb 9, 1876, Quorum.
Manufacturers - Isaac Temple, wheelwright; Elijah Temple, lumber; Abel Hunnewill, Em. Hill, smiths; Cyrus M. Baker, Amon Baker, driving calks.
Hotel - John Carney


Carratunk Plantation

Forty miles North of Skowhegan. On Canada road and stage route from Skowhegan to Quebec. Settled 1810. Organized, 1840. Population - 1870, 214.

Postmaster - Omar Clark
Assessors - W.L. Webster, O.H. Young, C. Spaulding.
Clerk - E.L. Webster
Treasurer - Omar Clark
School Supervisor - E.L. Webster.
Justice - Ephraim Witham, Dec. 2, 1876, Quorum.
Manufacturers - E. Witham & Son, axes and cant-dogs; Wm. Clark, A.R. Williams, N.P. Brown, lumber.
Hotel - Omar Clark



Fifteen miles N.N.W. of Skowhegan on stage-line to The Forks. First settled, 1782. Incorporated, Feb 23, 1809. Population - 1840, 1139; 1850, 1419; 1860, 1345; 1870, 1176. Valuation, 1860 - Polls, 301; Estates, $245,306; 1870 - Polls, 306; Estates $331,919.

Postmaster - Albert Gordon; South, Daniel Paul.
Selectmen - John L. Pierce, Corydon Felker, Joseph Maynard.
Town Clerk - A.M. Maynard
Treasurer - G.M. Longley
Constable - George W. McIntire.
School Committee - Lyman C. Jewett, George M. Longley, A.M. Maynard.
Clergymen - J.W. Brownville, Cong.; G.D. Holmes, Meth.; South, vacant, Union Church.
Physicians - J.B. Kinsman, D.S. Hunnewell, Jonathan Moore, All.
Lawyers - E.G. Savage, Turner Buswell.
Justices- E.G. Savage, April 24, 1878; H. Whipple, Feb 25, 1880; Turner Buswell, Aug. 18, 1879, Quorum; David R. McIntire, Jan 7, 1880; Jotham Whipple, May 2, 1876, Trial; D.R. McIntire, Dedimus.
Merchants- D.R. McIntire, H.M. Bodwell, Grange store; Malon Patterson, agent, dry goods and groceries; C.B. McIntire, groceries; A.M. Maynard, groceries and confectionery; G.M. Longley, dry goods, boots and shoes; Parkman & Rowell, hardware; Cinda Bosworth, Julia A. Moore, millinery; Turner Buswell, drugs and books; John H. Rowell, jeweler, S.N. Tibbetts, boots and shoes; O.O. Vittum, cattle and sheep broker; A.F. Jones, notions and small wares; Charles A. Moore, barber and confectionery.
Manufacturers - Allen B. Wilson, carding and cloth dressing; Abner E. Whipple, James D. Black, carriages; O.W. Hilton, lumber; Luther P. French, harnesses; Brud Savage, J. Stevens, tailors; J.S. Wilson, T.C. Jones, Israel Drew, smiths; Albert Gordon, coffins; Buswell & French, harness pads; Gordon & Curtis, cigars; Alvah Lord, grist-mill; Isaiah Cook, Simeon Cleveland, shoemakers.
Assot'ns- Masons - Keystone, Wednesday, on or before full moon. P. of H. - No. Somerset, 1st and 3d Sat.
Hotel - J.H. Gray.



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