Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, Brooklin, Maine Surname: D-F Please note that the years of birth and death have been given here, but not the complete dates. Sometimes that information is included on the headstone. For further information, it is suggested that you consult The Cemeteries of Brooklin Maine: A Guide to Gravestones, Monuments and Private Burial Grounds, Compiled by Roxanne T. Sly and Clare Sullivan. This book is available through the Sedgwick/Brooklin Historical Society at a cost of about $10.

Some names are linked to photos of headstones in the Mt. Ephraim Cemetery. We would welcome additional photos to enhance this section of the Brooklin Web Site. If you have photos of additional stones, please send them to Xana Hansen for inclusion on this site.

Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, Brooklin, Maine Surname D-F

Submitted by   Brenda Means©1999

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Relationship Comment Cemetery
Dennis Charles 1922 1993 h. of Marion   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge MCapt. Mark 1781 1855 h. of Paulina   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Paulina   1869@76yrs. w. of Capt. Mark   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge infant dau. 1896   d. of Mark Dodge   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge infant son 1898   s. of Mark Dodge   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Abigail E.   1871@38yrs     Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Abner E. 1825 1904     Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Annie 1860 1946 w. of Mark   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Bryantha H.   1873@28yrs w of Emery   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Laura   1896@56yrs     Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Lena   1887@21yrs. d. of Emery   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Lorinda M. 1824   w. of S.D.   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Mark 1855 1929 h. of Annie   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Nellie   1863@1yr     Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Rachel 1820 @ 14 Mths.     Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Rachel   1879@58yrs d. of Capt Mark   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge S.D. 1817 1883 h. of Lorinda   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Benjamin   1862@78yrs. h. of Martha   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Fannie E.   1885@21yrs.     Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Clarence E.   1873@3yrs s. of Emery   Mt. Ephraim
Dodge Martha B.   1867@75yrs. w. of Benjamin   Mt. Ephraim
Dority John 1805 1889 h. of Eliza B.   Mt. Ephraim
Dority Eliza B.   1877@64yrs. w. of John   Mt. Ephraim
Dority Howard   1875@26yrs. s. of John   Mt. Ephraim
Dority Walter H.   1892@21yrs     Mt. Ephraim
Dority Roscoe O.   1897@51yrs   14th Reg Inf Mt. Ephraim
Dority Mabel I.   1874@9mos.     Mt. Ephraim
Dority Lizzie   1878@1yr     Mt. Ephraim
Dority Bertrand   1868@2yrs.     Mt. Ephraim
Dority Harriet P.   1885@51yrs.     Mt. Ephraim
Dority Hattie   1879@27yrs     Mt. Ephraim
Dove Margaret W 1891 1988 w. of Albert Dove   Mt. Ephraim
Dow Abbie T. 1803 1882 w. of William T.   Mt. Ephraim
Dow William T. 1801 1863 h. of Abbie T.   Mt. Ephraim
Dow Reuben A.   1891 @51 yrs s. of William T. 16th Reg ME Inf Mt. Ephraim
Dow Josie M. 1880 1961 w. of Hawley D.   Mt. Ephraim
Dow Hawley D. 1876 1936 h. of Josie M.   Mt. Ephraim
Dow Forest N.   1893@19 yrs s. of Reuben   Mt. Ephraim
Dow Lura M.   1895@17 yrs d. of Reuben   Mt. Ephraim
Dow George       14th Reg Inf Mt. Ephraim
Eaton Virgil A. 1913 1989 h. of Viola   Mt. Ephraim
Eaton Charles M. 1906 1982 h. of Mary   Mt. Ephraim
Eaton Daniel H. 1871 1941 h. of Mabel   Mt. Ephraim
Eaton Mabel 1890 1969 w. of Daniel   Mt. Ephraim
Eaton Milton 1936 1953 s. of Charles   Mt. Ephraim
Eaton Viola 1908 1993 w. of Virgil A   Mt. Ephraim
Flye Kermitt J. 1938 1994 s. of Chester Sp-Amer War Navy Mt. Ephraim
Flye Leroy 1868 1949 s. of James   Mt. Ephraim
Fogg Lois E. 1864 1874 d. of Jason   Mt. Ephraim

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