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Some of the Hancock County books and web resources that are available are listed below, although certainly not all. If you own any Hancock County books, whether listed or not, and will do look-ups, please add your name to the lookup list. As you can see, volunteers are needed. If you know a Hancock County related internet resource, add it here.

Special Note to Volunteers that have been removed from the list. To make this list more useful to our users, I would like to include what reference materials you have available to use. Please when agreeing to do refernce lookup, list your sources you will use. Thank you very much in your effort to help!!!

Feel free to request a look-up from the following books. Please limit your request to one name per request. Please put Hancock County Lookup in the subject line of your request to insure the message is not overlooked or accidently deleted. In the first line of the message please put the name of the book you are requesting the lookup in. If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time.


Volunteer's Name Document Name URL Document Description
Lois Birmingham     I have the genealogy of the Lowells and the Ryders of Bucksport all the way back to England, if it is of interest to anyone, I would be happy to share. Thank you.
Dennis Kennedy     The Gray Family of Hancock County, Maine (Gray & Snow) - This book was published in 1976 and traces George Gray's (b @1625) descendants who migrated into Hancock County.
Dennis Kennedy     The Grindle Family of Hancock County, Maine (Snow, Wescott, Grindell, & Gray) - This book was published in 1978 and traces Daniel Grindle's (b @1655) descendants who migrated into Hancock County.
Dennis Kennedy     The Snow Genealogy (Snow) - This book was published in 1980 and traces Nicholas and Constance (Hopkins) Snow's descendants who migrated to Hancock County, Maine.
Ann Hinckley Levy     Will share Bracy/Bracey genealogy of all Maine counties. Have extensive database.
Brenda Means Brooksville and Brooklin   I have been recently adding to the extensive genealogy data my brother gathered a few years ago. I live in North Brooklin and have some information (mostly about my own family's lines) about Brooksville and Brooklin in particular. Three other people in the area have much more extensive records than I but no e-mail. So, if I can help someone in their search, I'll try!
Carol-Jeanne Rathbun The Carter Families of Hancock County, Maine.   The Carter Families of Hancock County, Maine. Work on the Carter genealogy began about 1966 and continued until the early 1980's. In 1992 a decision was made to assemble the miscellaneous data into book form for publication. Authors: Walter A. Snow, Elizabeth C. Wescott & Stetson C. Carter
Carol-Jeanne Rathbun John Friend of Salem, Mass. by Peter P. Stearns   A well written book that follows four of the sons of Benjamin Friend, (John, John, James, John) born Wenham, Mass, & died Sedgwick, Maine 31 Oct 1807. Benjamin married Rowley, Mass. 27 Jan 1769 Martha Dodge. They moved with their family to Blue Hill, Hancock County, Maine in 1774.
Xana Hansen Old Hancock County Families, by William F. Pierce   Old Hancock County Families, by William F. Pierce. The following families are listed in the book: Billings, Buck, Colby, Cousins, DOdge, Dyer, Eaton, Flood, Flye, Friend, Gilpatrick, Gott, Greenlaw, Grindle, Guptil, Harriman, Haskell, Haslam, Herrick, Kinckley, Hopkins, Jellison, Jordan, Joy, Lord, Maddocks, Norwood, Orcutt, Paine, Parker, Patten, Pressey, Richardson, Rodick, Somes, Soper, Stinson, Thomas, Treworgy, Wardwell, Wasgatt, Wood, Young.
Jim Bradley Genealogical Newsletter about Maine @ We publish a bi-monthly genealogical newsletter about Maine. If you would like to receive a free copy, then go to the web site for details. We will also post your queries free on our web site. If you would like us to do a quick search, go to web site and e-mail us, there is no charge for quick searches and we are glad to help.
Vandall T. King Information on Mining families in Hancock Coiunty   Among the references I have which are mining related include where people were living in the various mining camps in Acton, Blue Hill, Sullivan, Gouldsboro, etc. If a geneology involved missing bits of family, knowing that they went off to work in the "mines" might provide a clue. Often, mining references indicate the town where the miner originated - information frequently missing in death certificates
Sena, Knox co-ordinator, MaineGenWeb Knox County Towns @ Here is a link to Knox County towns for inclusion or extraction.
Carol Morton History of Ellsworth, Maine    

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