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Herricks in the Brooklin Village Cemetery

Herricks in the Brooklin Village Cemetery
Copied from the headstones, July 1998 , by
Xana Arango Hansen


Image of headstone (Together on one stone):

Theophilus Herrick, d. Mar 10, 1879, age 68 yrs.
Patience, his wife, d. Sept 18, 1886, age 76 years
Algernon Herrick, Co. G 3rd Maine Vol., Enlisted May 1861, d. in Richmond, Va.,
October 28, 1863, age 21y, 3m. He Died for his flag.

Image of headstone (Next stone to the above:)
Mr. John Herrick, d. Nov. 24, 1854, age 83 y, 8m.
Mrs. Rachel, wife of John Herrick, d. May 15, 1855

Image of headstone
Capt. Humphrey Herrick, d. Apr 3, 1859, age 85 yrs. 6 ms. 9 days
Nancy, wife of Capt. Humphrey Herrick, d. Oct 21, 1848, age 62 y.

Roswell B., son of Arthur M. and Alice L. Herrick, 1830-1849
Capt. Arthur M. Herrick, d. Dec 30, 1885, age 76y, 7 m.
Alice L., wife of Capt. Arthur M. Herrick, d. April 16, 1878, age 68 y. 11 m. 8 d.

Image of headstone
Samuel Herrick, Esq, d. Jan 24, 1867, age 80 y. 2 m 9 d.
Rebecca C., wife of Sam'l Herrick, Esq., d. May 26, 1843, age 49y, 6 m.

Carl (no dates)
Susan C. Herrick, wife of Capt. Daniel Bray, 1818-1899
(on back of same stone:)
Carl, son of Daniel N. and Susan H. Bray, d. May 20, 1878, age 29 yrs.

One large monument : Herrick (The three families below are listed on various sides
of the monument)
Capt. George W., 1857-1924
Hattie H., 1868-1965
Alice Mabel, dau of Capt. Geo. W. and Hattie B. Herrick, d. Jan 10, 1893, age 3y. 8m.

George C. Hall, 1834-1923
Catherine B., his wife, 1842-1898
Rossie H., 1877-1880
Aggie E., 1879-1880

Thomas C. Stanley, 1851-1933
Alice I., his wife, 1866-1945

Infant dau, 1887.

Image of headstone On separate stones:
Mrs. Hepzibah, wife of Joseph Herrick of Brooklin,
and dau of Rev. Amos and Joanna Allen
of Bluehill, d. Dec 24, 1851, age 57 y, 5 m, 17 d.

Mr. Joseph Herrick d. April 5, 1859, age 69 y, 1 mo, 9 d.

These two stones adjacent to one another:
Sally A. Herrick, d. May 5, 1883, age 84 yrs.

Humphrey Herrick, d. Mar 20, 1878, age 78 yrs.

Q. Adams Herrick, d. ___April 1908, age 80 y, 11 m. (day of death not given)
Sarah J., wife of Q. A. Herrick, d. July 24, 1900, age 64 y, 8 m, 10d.

All on one stone:
George C. Herrick, 1868-1922
Grace E. Herrick, 1872-1959
Clifford E. Herrick, 1901-1971
Louise C. Herrick, 1900-1980
Sarah Herrick, 1935-1994

An infant dau of Humphrey 2nd and Sally A. Herrick, d. Jan 3, 1837, age 17 days.
(dates may not be correct, as the engraving was hard to read).

Richard A., d. July 14, 1846, age 13 y, 3 m.
Hannah R., d. July 14, 1846, age 5 y.
Children of Humphrey 2nd and Sally A. Herrick

Rachel A., dau of Israel A. and Charlotte Herrick, d. Mar 19, 1834, age 3 y, 4.m.

Israel Herrick d. Jan 11, 1892, age 88 y, 15 d.
Charlotte W., his wife, d. Sep 12, 1856, age 54 y.

Nellie H., dau of Adoniram J. and Lois Herrick, d. Oct 17, 1890, age 27 y, 8. m.

Capt. Adoniram J. Herrick, d. June 15, 1888, age 52 y, 7m, 15 d.
Lois R., wife of Adoniram J. Herrick, d. Aug 17, 1893, age 55 y, 5m, 1 d.

Capt. Shadrick Herrick d. July 3, 1888, age 74 y. 3 m.
Elizabeth E., wife of Capt Shadrick Herrick, d. Sept 24, 1882, age 44 y.
Josie C., dau of Capt Shadrick and Elizabeth Herrick, d. Feb 5, 1888, age 35 y. 7m, 5 d.

Shadrick Herrick d. April 8, 1814, age 47 y.
Betsey, wife of Shadrick Herrick, d. June 10, 1821, age 50 y,

(Next stone - no surnames)
Joel, d. Jan 1, 1800, age 6 y.
Phebe, d. June 14, 1814, age 5 y.

(Note: The Sedgwick Vital Records, Vol. 1, p. 382. , LDS Microfilm # 0023348, lists the children of Shadrick and Joanna ?Betty? (Obear) Herrick, including the two children listed above, but the birth and death dates differ. The Sedgwick records show the dates as follows:)

Joel, born 18 Sept 1798, d. 1 Jan 1802,
Phebe, born 7 Feb 1811, d. 21 May 1814.

John A. Herrick, born June 4, 1816, d. Dec 13, 1890. (Masonic emblem on stone)

Cordelia S., wife of John Herrick, b. Feb 11, 1820, d. Apr 19, 1889

Martha P., wife of Capt. Richard A. Herrick, d. Jan 2, 1874, age 52 y, 7m, 24 d.

William E. Herrick, 1863-1938
Annie A. Grant, his wife, 1864-1941

Leon, son of W.E. and A. H. Herrick d. Aug 25, 1900, age 2y, 9m, 2d.

(at the front of the cemetery)
Derius, [sic] son of Amos and Mary Herrick, d. Jan 11, 1826, age 10 m.

Frank A., Jr. son of Frank A. and Etta M. Herrick, Feb 10, 1903-July 3, 1924.

Josephine, dau of Frank A. and Etta M, Herrick, d. Dec 20, 1920, age 6y, 10m.

Frank A. Jr., son of Frank A. and Etta M. Herrick, d. Nov. 30, 1904, age 1 y, 7 m.

Frank A. Herrick, Sr. 1876-1941
Etta M., his wife, 1872-1926.

Alma E., wife of Amos T. Herrick, d. 1 May 1876, age 32 y, 6 m.

Amos T. Herrick, d. Feb 28, 1919, age 85 y, 2m, 3d.

(back to back on same stone)
Mary, wife of Amos Herrick, d. April 15, 1855, age 58 y, 6m.
Image of headstone
Amos Herrick, d. Jan 8, 1869, age 75y, 9m.

Eben Herrick, d. Mar 12, 1869, age 90 y.
Amy Rich, wife of Eben Herrick, d. July 8, 1866, age 68 y.

Emma M. Smallidge, dau of Eben and Amy Herrick, 1837-1927.

Lois Herrick, d. 1862, age 81 y, 7m.

Alice H. Herrick, dau of A.G. and R. A. Herrick, 1888-1926.

Ada A. Herrick, Nov 5, 1885 - Nov 17, 1962

(On one stone)
Eva T, wife of Austin G. Herrick, born Apr 24, 1853, d. Dec 14, 1879.
Rachel A. Herrick, 1853-1923, wife of Austin G. Herrick.
Image of headstone
Jennie R., dau of A. G. and Eva T. Herrick, d. Aug 2, 1881, age 2 y, 11m, 22 d.
Neva E. Bridges, 1873-1952
Austin G. Herrick, 1847-1926.

Prentiss K. 1837-1856, son of Walter Herrick

Image of headstones
Walter Herrick, d. Sep 5, 1873, age 68y, 6m, 11d.
Harriet S., wife of Walter Herrick, d. Nov 21, 1840, age 29 y. 3 m.
Image of headstone
Sarah W., wife of Walter Herrick, d. Sept 26, 1872, age 64 y, 5m, 9d.

Otis W. Herrick, d. Sept 17, 1895, age 78 y, 11 d.
Mrs. Hepsibah A., wife of O. W. Herrick, d. Apr 7, 1885, age 59 y, 9m.

Mary S., dau of John and Nabby Herrick, d. Mar 11, 1847, age 24.

Image of headstones
Lieu. John Herrick, d. Aug 19, 1829, age 55 y.
Abigail Herrick, d. Jan 20, 1870, age 86 y.

(Under a big bush, climbed under the bush to read this one)
William Herrick, d. Apr 13, 1849, age 54 y, 4m, 7d.
Hannah, his wife, d. Sep 24, 1883, age 88 y, 7m,7d.

Image of headstone
Benj. P. Herrick, d. Dec 13, 1865, age 44 y.
Mary, wife of Benj. P. Herrick, d. Jan 3, 1869, age 48y, 9m, 10d.

Image of headstone
Colman, son of William and Hannah Herrick, d. Sep3, 1861, age 38 y, 5m.

Image of headstone
David, d. Aug 19, 1853, age 24y, 5m.
Kittridge, d. Aug 15, 1838, age 9y.
Twin sons of William and Hannah Herrick

On a separate stone: Sacred to the memory of Kittredge Herrick, who d. at Sedgwick Bay, Aug 15, 1838, aged 9 yrs, 4 mos.

Farewell, dear David, you have been
My loving mate, brother, twin,
My dearest father, mother too,
And brothers all, I bid adieu.

Medora F. Herrick, wife of Capt Albert G. Eaton, 1846-1899
Capt Albert G. Eaton, 1844-1908, (Masonic emblem on headstone)

I have extracted all the Herricks in the Brooklin Village Cemetery, because eventually, if I live long enough, I'd like to write a book about the Herrick families who settled at Naskeag Point. I am descended from Joshua Herrick who married Huldah Brown and who resided in Sedgwick. If anyone has a picture of Mary Hepsibeth Currier, who married as his second wife, Captain Richard A. Herrick, I would be very willing to pay for costs of reproduction! Please contact me. Thanks so very much, Xana Hansen .

Copied from the headstones, July 1998 , by Xana Arango Hansen


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