WELD, ME


From Wilton go to Weld on Rt. 156 and when you come to the center of town, take Rt 142 North for 5 miles. Turn right when you see the Center Hill Road and go for 1.4 miles. You will see the cemetery on your left. The cemetery is well taken care of. There are some indentations in the ground were there are no stones.

                             Copied by E Nora Farrington & Phyllis Hardy July 2000



Henry d. June 29, 1916 age 65y 11m 14d

Osca his wife d. May 22, 1894 age 33y 3m 3d


Seth d. Nov. 23, 1836 age 63y


Daniel B. Mar. 6, 1842 age 29y


Dea. Samuel d. Apr. 11, 1867

Ruth his wife d. July 7, 1873 age 88y 8m 20d

Eliza d. Sept. 13, 1830 age 8y 4m

Willard d. Sept. 20, 1830 age 3y 3m


Mrs. Betsey wife of Stephen J. HAWES d. June 4, 1829 age 33y


George L. 1850-1923 father

E. Evaline MASTERMAN his wife 1855-1936 mother


Abijah d. Sept. 8, 1868 age 74y 3m 12d

Susannah H. his wife d. Nov. 12, 1868 age 74y 8m 2d

(there are 2 small stones with no info on them.)


C.K. 1826-1899


Frank O. 1892-1940 (Flag)


Dr. R.R. 1856-1920


Arthur son of Frank A. & Lois L. MASTERMAN d. Aug. 1, 1879 age 3m


Asa 1821-1905

Martha his wife 1825-1912


Ben d. Dec. 6, 1850 age 65y 7m

Nancy his wife d. Sept. 13, 1866 age 79y 6m


Ben W. d. May 17, 1903 age 88y 10m 12d

Mary Ann B. his wife d. Feb. 3, 1878 age 53y 1m 16d


Charles B. 1850-1925 father

Clara ELLIS his wife 1855-1920 mother

Abner their son d. July 28, 1897 age 10y 4m 26d


Daniel d. Sept. 22, 1878 age 84y 7m 15d

Eliza A. his wife d. June 20. 1878 age 79y 10m 20d

Eliza A. dau. d. June 1, 1862 age 24y

Charles son d. Mar. 2, 1862 age 21y


David d. Mar. 30, 1890 age 69y 7m 26d father

Elizabeth J. his wife d. Feb. 12, 1902 age 77y 2m 16d mother

Melvina their daug. d. Dec. 27, 1860 age 11y 9m 15d


Eben N. 1824-1902 father

Sarah 1825-1902 mother



Edith May dau. of Albert & Tina MASTERMAN d. May 6, 1880 age 1y 3m 8d

(4 small stones with nothing on them)


Fred G. 1885-1945


Henry d. July 10, 1861 age 54y 10m


Hiram 1824-1893

J.P. & T.M. (Small marking stone with nothing else on it)


Capt. James d. Apr. 30, 1888 age 81y 6m 23d father

Mariah d. Nov. 22, 1888 age 71y 3d mother

Judith d. Feb. 27, 1848 age 2y 11m

James P. d. Feb. 19,1848 age 4y 8m

children of James & Mariah MASTERMAN

Nancy dau. of James & Mariah MASTERMAN d. Jan. 3, 1842 age 4y 2m


Mr. James d. May 10, 1842 age 83y (Flag)

Mrs. Hannah his wife d. Aug. 17, 1838 age 83y


James d. Jan. 15, 1865 age 82y

Sarah his wife d. Nov. 10, 1853 age 71y


Joseph D. d. June 27, 1878 age 88y 10m 27d

Sally his wife d. Jan. 31,1854 age 64y

Eliza their dau. d. Nov. 1837 age 23y

(small marker stone with E.G.W.C. on it with nothing else)


L. d. May 6, 1866 age 30y 7m


Samuel 1863-1913


Stillman L. 1831-1863

Velzora B. BLAMEY his wife 1841-1917


Noah H. d.Obt. Sept.2, 1830 age 18m

Fanny P. d. Obt. Sept. 10, 1830 age 9y

children of Abner & Sarah MELCHER

(The Obt. On the stone is what? Transcribers donít know)


Elliott C. d. Dec. 13, 1877 age 33y husband

Mary E. wife of Daniel S. WITHAM & former wife of L. C. Elliott NEWMAN d. Apr. 6, 1882 age 30 my wife (I believe a mistake was made when they carved the initials on the stone)

John NEWMAN d. Dec. 24, 1889 age 89y 5m

Mary C. his wife d. Oct. 23, 1866 age 64y 3m

infant son of John & Mary C. NEWMAN d. June 20, 1847 age 5m


Edith 1855-1937


Pomp N.H. Mil, Rev. War (no dates - FLAG)


Betsey, wife of Joseph STORER d. Feb. 22, 1849 age 62y


David d. Apr. 28, 1876 age 66y 9m

Lucy his wife d. Dec. 23, 1855 age 35y

Christiana his wife b. Jan. 22, 1828 d. May 26, 1898 mother

Sophronia daug. of. David & Lucy STORER d. Sept. 10, 1869 age 26y 8m 21d

Cordelia daug. of David & Lucy STORER d. Mar. 1, 1849 age 4m

Frank son of David & Lucy STORER b. Nov. 2, 1850 d. July 21, 1878

Charles son of David & Lucy STORER b. Nov. 4, 1840 d. May 6, 1883

Minnie dau of David & Christiana STORER b. Aug. 17, 1863 d. Apr. 5, 1895


Miss Eliza d. June 25, 1841 age 17y 7m


Ella G. b. Sept. 22, 1859 d. May 6, 1937


Gardner d. Apr. 4, 1840 age 27y 4m


Joseph d. July 6, 1826 age 73y 3m (Flag)

Rachel his wife d. June 10, 1821 age 68y


Joseph d. Jan. 3, 1857 age 79y 9m 12d


Rachel wife of Joseph d. June 10, 1821 age 68


Warren d. Feb. 28, 1862 age 42y 11m 13d


Elbridge G. b. May 31, 1821 d. Mar. 8, 1878

Rebecca M. his wife b. Nov. 26, 1822 d. May 23, 1893


Marietta wife of A.G. TAFT d. Dec. 1, 1872 age 21y 8m


Ephraim d. May 10, 1847 age 66y 6m

Betsey his wife Our mother d. Mar. 5, 1863 (stone broken)

Ephraim, Jr. their son d. Sept. 5, 1881 age 75y 6m 27d

Ann H. his wife d. Sept. 25, 1889 age 79y 7m 3d


Joshua K. d. Mar. 12, 1874 age 49y 18d

Grace his wife d. Oct. 10, 1874 age 49y


Levi 1831-1907

Mary his wife 1836-1905

Mary wife of Levi WEBSTER d. June 5, 1862 age 30y 16d (separate stone)

Hiram W. their son 1859-1933

Mary E. daug. of Levi & Mary WEBSTER d. Dec. 13, 1871 age 10y 6m



Stephen b. Oct. 10, 1808 d. Mar. 25, 1886

Rebecca his wife b. Aug. 16, 1807 d. May 12, 1892


Benjamin B. b. Mar. 23, 1853 d. Nov. 27, 1916 bur. In Antrim, N.H.

Fannie M. his wife b. May 2, 1851 d. Aug. 11, 1898

Hannah E. their daug. b. Apr. 22, 1888 d. Sept. 22, 1889 age 1y 5m

Abner T. their son b. Apr. 29, 1881 d. Oct. 1, 1960

Mae CONDON wife of Abner T. WING b. Feb. 10, 1883 d. Mar. 17, 1968

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