tuttle corner cemetery

Freeman, Maine

Take Route #145 North Out Of Strong Village. After
Crossing Town Line Take First Right To Where The Road
Tees. Take a Right. Cemetery Is On Top Of The Hill
On The Left. In Fair To Good Condition.

Copied In The 1970'S by George & Janet Thompson
and Family

  Algernon S.  d. 08-22-1845  age 37y
  Anna F.  wife of J. T. Allen  1819 - 1900
  Oliver F.  their son  d. 03-20-1875  age 22y 3m
  Lemuel G.  d. 10-27-1857  age 31y
  Sarah  wife of Rev. William Bates
  d. 03-19-1863  age 55y 3m
  Asbury S.  their son  d. 01-07-1842  age 1y 9m
  Sarah E.  their dau.  d. 07-30-1846  age 3y 3m
  John  d. 05-01-1858  age 58y 7m
  Mary  his wife  d. 03-29-1874  age 78y 6m
  Silas H.  their son  d. 03-30-1853  age 24y 3m
  Rufus K.  their son  d. 08-31-1863  age 37y (flag)
  Civil War Member 28th Reg. Me. Vol.
  Lyman H.  d. 01-07-1842 age 3m
  son of Joseph O. & M. Brackley
  John  d. 12-23-1831  age 77y            (flag)
  Rev. War Vet.
  James W.  d. 08-28-1875  age 69y 10m
  Angeline S.  his wife  d. 02-28-1890  age 75y 11m
  Amanda  their dau.  d. 11-23-1862  age 25y 5m
  Ellen P.  their dau.  d. 01-25-1874  age 24y 7m
  Abby E.  their dau.  d. 08-09-1861  age 4y 5m 3d
  James  d. 02-19-1853  age 63y
  Sarah  his wife  d. 12-27-1877  age 84y 7m
  Their children:
  Millatiah  d. 05-02-1888  age 71y 2m
  James  d. 09-20-1891  age 69y 9m 9d
  Lewis  d. 04-27-1833  age 7y 7m
  Willie  d. 11-23-1828  age 6wks.
  Rev. Willis H.  d. 10-19-1862  age 33y
  Oliver  d. 0-12-1842  age 42y 10m
  Mellatiah  his wife  d. 10-13-1872  age72y 8m
  Samuel B.  their son  d. 01-14-1841  age 16y9m
  Mary E.  their dau.  d. 08-25-1843  age 10m 7d
  David  d. 01-02-1884  age 57y 27d
  Almira  his wife  d,. 06-26-1864  age 36y
  David C.  their son  d. 10-04-1862  age 1y 10m 8d
  Clara A.  their dau.  d. 05-26-1861  age 6m
  Sons of Warren & Ellen F. Fales:
  Charlie W.  d. 01-21-1864  age 1y 7m 18d
  Samuel B.  d. 01-24-1864  age 1y 7m
  Velzora  see Wilder Pratt lot
  Alexander  d. 10-25-1858                (flag)
  Margaret A.  dau. of Alex. & Sarah Fassett
  d. 09-07-1858  age 31y 5m
  Edward  1842 - 1901                     (flag)
  Civil War Vet. Co. D 9th Me. Regt.
  Edith M.  dau. of Edward & Nancy Fentiman
  02-27-1887 - 03-15-1903
  A concrete border markes this lot just inside the
  Gate.  Known as the French lot
  Cyrus  d. 04-02-1859  age 10m 9d  son of Ansel &
  Eleanor Gammon
  Nath'l  d. 07-27-1870  age 97y
  Rhoda  his wife  d. __-__-____  age 83y 6m
           (broken stone)
  Daniel  d. 02-28-1856  age 74y 4m 19d
  Susan  his wife  d. 03-09-1832  age 47y
  Alma J.  d. 07-07-1881  age 35y 6m 14d  wife of
  Noah E. Gould
  Hooper  d. 06-08-1869  age 50y 3m
  Laura W.  his wife  d. 11-02-1858  age 43y
  Celana  their dau.  d. 08-26-1861  age 11y 11m
  Fannie  dau. of Hooper & Mary A. Luce
  d. 02-22-1864  age 2y 3m
  Mary A.  see Mary A. Stowers lot
  Emily  d. 03-28-1866  age 29y 3m 24d  wife of
  Leslie J. Mayo
  Florantine A.  d. 07-23-1834  age 8m 26d   
  dau. of Stillman & Rebecca Parlin
  Wilder  d. 09-18-1892  age 63y          (flag)
  Civil War Vet.
  Velzora Fales  his wife  d. 04-19-1928  age 93y
  Seth H.  d. 12-05-1886  age 24y  son of Wilder &
  Mary W. Pratt
  Edwin F.  d. 05-24-1887  age 18y 1m  son of 
  Wilder & Velzora Pratt
  Sarah  d. 07-29-1870  age 9y  dau. of Wilder &
  Velzora Pratt
  Simeon  d. 12-14-1853  age 71y
  Mahala  his wife  d. 07-11-1861  age 61y
  Charles L.  d. 01-18-1874  age 67y
  Sarah A.  his wife  d. 05-05-1902  age 79y 11m
  Charles L.  their son  d. 09-19-1861  age 11y
  Elias M.  their son  d. 09-21-1861  age 8y
  Mary A.  d. 02-15-1878  age 57y 3m
  George Henry  1862 - 1933
  John   (no dates)                       (flag)
  Civil War  Co. C 16th Me. Inf.
  Betsey W.  his wife  d. 07-02-1879  age 59y 7m
  Joseph  d. 04-30-1892  age 84y 5m
  William  d. 10-09-1852  age  70y        (flag)
  Vet. War of 1812
  Rebecca  his wife  d. 03-30-1864  age 73y
  Lucinda M.  their dau.  d. 05-31-1852  age 18y 7m
  William, Jr.  d. 02-20-1886  age 72y 10m
  Orrinda  his wife  d. 04-11-1880  age 67y 7m
  Angelia M.  d. 05-01-1882  age 35y   wife of Orin Walker  
  Ichabod  d. 09-08-1860  age 79y 17d  son of
  Samuel Weymouth
  Betsey  his wife & dau. of Capt. Joseph Pease of
  Marthas Vineyard  d. 05-12-1836  age 43y 5m
  Samuel  d. 04-01-1871  age 79y 9m
  Frances A.  his wife  d. 03-09-1886  age 84y 10m
  Elbridge G.  their son  d. 11-06-1838 age 2y 1m 23d
  S. Eugene  03-30-1845 - 01-05-1924
  Mary E.  his wife  02-04-1852 - 06-17-1887
  Georgie  his wife  11-26-1864 - 07-13-1923
  Between Eugene & Mary just a field stone marker
  Tobias  d. 11-02-1853  age 68y 8m
  Betsey  his wife  d. 06-17-1852  age 66y
  Tobias  their son  d. 10-14-1841  age 29y
  Rufus  d. 12-29-1877  age 67y 3m        (flag)
  Vet. Civil War
  Hannah   his wife  d. 03-28-1851  age 37y 8m
  Simeon W.  d. 10-16-1886  age 74y 3m
  Lucetta  his 1st wife  d. 05-10-1856  age 41y 6m
  Phebe E.  his 3rd wife d. 12-21-1911 age 83y 9m 14d
  Dexter  d. 08-10-1851  age 17y 4m 7d  son of
  Simeon W. & Lucetta Weymouth
  Hannibal H.  d. 11-18-1863  age 8y 10m 21d
  N. Emma  d. 12-24-1863  age 6y 2m 16d
  Children of Samuel W. & Hannah P. Weymouth 
  Barnabas, Esq.  08-18-1766 - 10-__-1843
  Sarah R.  his wife  05-03-1765 - 07-18-1838 age 73y
  James P.  their son  d. 10-17-1891  age 84y
  Isaac  d. 05-24-1857  age 67y
  Elizabeth  his wife d. __-__-1867 (bad stone)
  Oliver S.  their son  d. 02-29-1832  age 19y 2m
  Marshall H.  d. 07-24-1865
  Lovina  his wife  d. 08-14-1877  age 84y 4m
  Elbridge G.  their son  d. 10-10-1900 age 68y 9m 16d
  Roscoe G.  their son  d. (infant)
  Melissa F.  d. 10-14-1859  age 21y 10m 8d dau. of
  Ezra A. & Martha T. Whitney
  Albert J.  d. 11-17-1862  age 22y 10m  son of
  Ezra A. & Martha T. Whitney
  Columbus L.  d. 02-10-1862  age 8y 2m  son of
  Ezra A. & Abby J. Whitney
  Joseph  d. 07-20-1835                   (flag)
  Rev. War Vet. Pvt. 2nd N.H. Regt.

Names of persons appearing
on stones but not buried here:
ALLEN John T. BATES Rev. William BRACKLEY Joseph O. & M. FALES Warren & Ellen F. FASSETT Sarah FENTIMAN Nancy GAMMON Ansel & Eleanor GOULD Noah E. MAYO Leslie J. PARLIN Stillman & Rebecca PEASE Capt. Joseph PRATT Mary W. WALKER Orin WEYMOUTH Samuel WEYMOUTH Samuel W. & Hannah P. WHITNEY Ezra A., Martha T. & Abby J.

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