sprague - howland cemetery

Avon, Maine

Leave Phillips On Route #149 South Toward Strong, Maine
Go 2.6 Miles, Cemetery Down Over the Banking On Right
In Pasture of "Old Voter Farm"

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August 26, 1986 by George & Janet Thompson

  Ithial GORDON
  Sophia, his wife  d. 01-23-1849  age 29y

  Elijah, d. 07-18-1855  age 91y 3 1/2m	    (flag)
  Mary, his wife d. 11-24-1830  age 68y
  Molly, their dau. d. 08-16-1840  age54y
  Lydia, dau. of Elijah & Mary Howland  d. 1876

  Elijah, Jr., d. 08-12-1836  age 40y 9m                                                (flag)
  Asenath, his wife, d. 09-14-1843  age 43y 9m
  Wm., their son, d. 08-02-1825  age 22m

  Isaac, d. 05-17-1873  age 72y 9m
  Jane C., his 1st wife, d. 03-21-1844  age 33y8m
  Abigail S., his 2nd wife, d. 05-23-1877  age 73y 3m 4d
  Andrew B., son of I. & J. C. Howland
  d. 04-16-1840  age 2y 3m
  Geo., son of I. & J, C, Howland
  d. 01-21-1868  age 27y 6m

  Oliver, d. 02-01-1880  age 68y
  Emily, his wife  09-14-1814 - 01-03-1906
  Myra A., their dau., d. 03-17-1852  age 14y 9m

  Capt. Zebuland, d. 02-19-1824 in the 86th year 
  of his age.  formerly of Bristol               (flag)

  Jesse, d. 07-15-1868  age 50y 4m 13d
  Mary, his 1st wife, d. 08-27-1850  age 31y 7m
  Asenath F., his 2nd wife, d. 06-09-1898  
  age 75y 10m 13d
  Mary E., dau. of J. & A. F. Sprague  
  11-11-1857 - 03-08-1920

  Samuel, d. 04-18-1845  age 56y
  Rhoda, his 1st wife, d. 05-29-1844  age 52y
  Mary, his 2nd wife, d. 01-06-1850  age 39y 8m 13d
  Rachel L., dau. of S. & R. Sprague, 
  d. 04-07-1837  age 17y

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