Farmington, Maine

Take Route 43 East out of Farmington toward Industry. About 1.5 miles the Mosher Hill Rd is on the left. Directly across Route 43 there's a subdivision. Turn RIGHT and go up into the subdivision, follow the road to the top where the road "y's". Turn Left. At the next "Y", turn right. The second house on the right is a yellow ranch. Behind this house at the edge of the woods is the cemetery. The Haley Family who owns the house keeps it cleaned out and has had a sign made for it. There's one big stone in the center of the cemetery. Also a couple of other smaller stones.

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  Joseph  1770 - 1851
  Hannah, his 2nd wife  1783 - d. 8-10-1830  age 47y
  Catharine, his 3rd wife  1803 - 1871
  Charlotte SHAW  1833
     Other side
  Bradford Sewall  1844 - 1908
  Catharine E Sewall  1841 - 1862

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