sanbornhill cemetery

Chesterville, Maine

From Chesterville Village, take the Ridge Road to the public boat landing on Norcross Pond. Take a left onto the Norcross Hill Road, go about 2 miles, take the next left, go about 2 miles, take the next left onto the Sanborn Hill Road. Cemetery is a short distance up the hill on your right. Poor condition. Some field stones. Some broken stones and some stones sinking into the ground.

Copied by E Nora Farrington & Phyllis E Hardy Oct 5 1998

 Benjamin  d. 12-16-1880 @48y*
 Eunice d. 12-21-1848 @23y*
 John  d. 5-17-1863 @44y*
 David d. 6-26-1849 @60y*
 Jane his wife d. 11-3-1869 @74y*
 (all separate stones)

 David d. 5-21-1888 @58y 7m 11d

 Amos d. 12-16-1858 @54y 6m
 Stone unreadable

 Mary D  d. 9-3-1904 @77y 2m "mother"

(Between Mary D Balentine & Jason Riggs 3 field stones unreadable
  one with War of 1812 Flag Holder)

 (fieldstone unreadable)
 (top of stone broken & gone) wife of Alfred Bubier d. 10-30-1851 @29y 9m
 (fieldstone unreadable)
 (fieldstone unreadable) Flag Holder War of 1812

 Jas Saint Co F 12th Me Inf (FLAG)
 Maria A d. 4-12-1883 @14y*
 Angie C d. 2-27-1884 @16y*  *(same stone)
  Children of James St. C & Olive J Coolidge

 Charles M d. 9-3-1891 @32y 5m 15d
 Rufus O 1827-1906
 S Elizabeth his wife, and former wife of Stephen Palmer 1839-1873

 Franklin  d. 8-9-1887 @89y 9m
 Prudence P his wife d. 4-17-1856 @61y
 Andrew J son d. 12-3-1853 @19y
 Phebe Ann dau dl 2-4-1853 @27y
 Clarinda dau d. 5-8-1847 @26y
 Lucinda P, wife of Franklin Currier d. 12-23-1891 @71y 4m 20d
 Andrew F d. 12-15-1922 @63y 2m 24d
 Augusta E his wife d. 5-26-1893 @39y 4m
 Clyde H son of Andrew F & Augusta E Currier d. 6-24-1960 @70y 9m
 Blank Stone

 Levi  d. 6-23-1875 @71y 5m 5d
 Dorothy his wife d. 11-5-1867 @67y 8m*
Henry A Davis  21st Me Regt d. at Baton Rouge La 5-5-1863 @28y 5m*
   *(same stone)   FLAG 

 Mary, wife of Benjamin Davis d. 7-10-1871 @70y
 Stone unreadable

 Auswell F  1846-1915
 Lucetta K his wife 1857-1930
 Augusta M hiw wife 1845-1887
 Cora, dau of AF & AM Fellows 1870-1872
 Bertha M, dau  1875-1880
 Ellery D son 1866-1879
 Albert L son 1873-1902
 Jonathan 1819-1901
 Rachel T his wife 1822-1894
 Ida B, dau of JF & RT Fellows 1855-1874

 Amzi S  b. 12-2601834 d. 11-16-1899 (FLAG)
 Ella E Bacheller b. 3-29-1844  d. 11-12-1873
 Bertha Marie b. 4-28-1871  d. 10-10-1871
 Bertha Ella  b. 2-18-1873  d. 8-   -1899
  Their children

 Benjamin Sanborn  b. 2-19-1809 d. 1-8-1897
 Mary Upton, his wife b. 2-4-1811 d. 5-20-1900
 (other side of stone)
 Thomas Upton b. 4-5-1893 d. 5-31-1911
 (other side of stone)
 Adelaide I, the dau b. 9-9-1840 d. 5-30-1879
 (footstones) Father Mother Thomas Adelaide

 Mrs. Mary, wife of Charles S French & dau of Josiah & Dorothy Norcross
  d. 6-7-1848 @33y 3m 8d

 Col. S. b. 9-2-1803 in Chesterville d. 3-3-1888
 Alice his wife b. 9-5-1803 in Bath d. 6-29-1861 @58y 10m
 Dr. Mortimer D  d. 8-5-1861 @33y 9m
 Geo W.M. d. 10-1-1860 @25y 3m
  sons of  Samuel & Alice French
 David O  d. 11-2-1857 @30y
 Daniel G  d. 9-29-1859 @30
  sons of Samuel & Alice French

 Samuel  d. 2-13-1831 @54y 5m
 Polly, his wife d. 3-26-1863 @77y

 Seth d. 1-28-1850 @38y 9m
 Maria J his wife d. 5-10-1865 @44y

 Olive V King 1850-1924*
 Albion H Wells 1842-1920*
 Emery Wells 1843-1911*
 *(all on one stone)

 Elisha d. 3-21-1846 @57y 11m
 Dearborn, son of Elisha & Nancy Perry d. 3-5-1848 @32y
 John, son  d. 4-25-1853 @29y 10m
 Martha F dau d. 7-9-1853 @24y 11m
 Alexander son d. 3-26-1857 @36y 5m
 Oliver H son d. 8-26-1858 @40y 6m
 Elisha b. 3-28-1819  d. 5-7-1868
 Phebe Jane, his wife d. 8-27-1862 @34y

 Earl S b. 3-25-1834  d. 1-28-1909
 Emily M, his wife b. 6-1-1842 d. 1934
 (small stone) Gene
 (on back of stone) Edgar E, son of ES & EM Pinkham d. 6-29-1873@1y 4m 9d

 Jason  d. 5-26-1895 @77y 10m 25d "father"
 Martha J L his wife d. 7-15-1913 @90y 6m 6d "mother"
 Viola A, dau d. 5-3-1873 @20y

 Ephraim 1839-1929
 Georgia S  1847-1931

 Adelaid L wife of Edgar A LEEMAN 1864-1899*
 Gladys P, dau. 1899-1899*  *(Same stone)
 Moses Sanborn 1822-1883
 Pamelia S his wife 1825-1898
 Darling baby son of Moses & Pamelia Sanborn 1862-1863
 George Sanborn 1844-1863
 Capt Steven Sanborn 1796-1878 Vet of War of 1812
 Mary his wife 1797-1874

 Ada A dau  d. 12-29-1894 @30y 7m
 Emma M dau d. 7-30-1871 @5y 7m 14d
 Abbie L  dau  d. 8-16-1871 @1y 2m 21d
 (daughters of Noah M & Mary E Soper)

 C Wesley  1862-1930
 Olena his wife 1875 - (no date)
 Sylvia M, dau 1898-1900

 Jesse b. in Gray 12-12-1794 d. 8-31-1872 @77y 8m 19d
 (other side of stone)
 Asa b. 9-13-1766 d. 10-18-1842 @76y 1m 5d
 Mehetable his wife b. 2-23-1774  d. 12-6-1844 @70y 9m 13d
 (other side of stone)
 Louis b. Chesterville 6-13-1807  d. 8-14-1871 @64y
 Pamelia Soper, wife of John Mason, d. 4-11-1822 @22y
 (other side of stone)
 Miriam, wife of Jesse Soper b. Fayette 3-14-1793  d. 8-26-1868 @75y 5m 7d
 Nancy, wife of Jesse Soper b. Vienna 11-10-1821 d. (no date)

 D Nelson  d. 6-26-1879 @63y 2m father
 Eliza his wife d. 9-10-1883 @66y 3m mother
 Eveline S, dau d. 3-28-1846 @5y 4m
 Charles H son d. 3-30-1846 @2y 10m
 Eliza H dau d. 7-10-1845 @10d

 Thomas b. Marblehead, Mass 1-13-1787  d. 5-1-1871
 Lydia, his wife b. Leominster, Mass 4-20-1792 d. 10-20-1868

 Earle 1902-1987
 Mary Ann 1916-1974 Mother

 Raymond E 1937-1978
 Earlen C b. 11-28-1935 d. 4-17-1984
 Kimberly M "Timmy" Welch dau of Stephen & Laurie b. 8-5-1989 d. 6-14-1993

 Charles H  d. 8-3-1872 @46y
 Cyntha his wife d. 4-29-1872 @62y 9m 20d
 James H W son of Henry & Rebecca Whitney d. 2-20-1870 @27y
 Dexter W son of Henry & Rebecca Whitney d. 6-16-1858 @20y

 Isaac F  b. 10-13-1828 married 7-3-1849  d. 7-2-1887
( between Isaac F Whitney & Benjamin Atkinson 5 Broken fieldstones - unreadable)

 Ellen M b. 8-29-1853 d. 2-7-1912
 David W d. 3-7-1874 @57y
 Lucinda W d. 9-2-1907 @91y
 Loren W son of DW & LW Whittier d. 10-9-1851 @17m
 (Ellen A?) dua of David & Lucinda Whittier d. 7-11-1847 @4y
  footstone E.A.W.

 David W  d. 4-1-1869 @85y 7m
 Eunice his wife d. 1-18-1868 @82y 3m

 Jefferson, son of David & Alice Wing d. 9-27-1832 @11y
 V Austin b. 11-25-1876  d. 12-5-1955

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