reeds cemetery

Madrid, Maine

Take Route 142 North out of Phillips and take left onto Davenport Flat road. Go to "Y" in in road, Bragg Corner, bear left and go to Toothaker Pond. Keep right on Reed's Mill road to Oberton Stream bridge. Cemetery is just beyond bridge and about .1 miles down into field to the left. From turn off at Route 142 to Cemetery is 5.8 miles Cemetery is in good condition with several unmarked graves.

Copied August 12, 1986 by George & Janet Thompson

  Abby  see Jas. W. Greaton lot
  Mildred B.  see Leslie E. Hardy lot
  Francis  d. 06-20-1885  age 101y 8m 20d    (flag)
  Jas. W.  d. 06-27-1887  age 68y 11m    (flag)
  Co. D 28th Me. Vol.
  Abby Chapman  his wife  1821 - 1906
  Harrison M.  their son  d. 12-14-1862    (flag)
  age 21y 10m  Co. C 16th Regt. Me. Vol.
  Hiram G.  d. 11-04-1890  age 51y 9m
  Clara E.   his wife  d. 11-15-1925  age 83y 6m 5d
  Georgie L.  their dau.  d. 06-24-1865   age 4m 13d
  Leslie E.  06-25-1883 - 06-03-1935
  Mildred B. Davenport  his wife  (no dates)
  Walter G.  their son   d. 02-10-1924  age 5m 8d
  Robert W.  06-02-1912  -
  Mildred B.  05-11-1914 - 
  Anna V. Mogren  10-01-1894 - 11-19-1967
  Horace  d. 12-18-1906  age 81y 10m
  Keturah  his wife  d. 12-30-1877  age 50y 1m
  Anna V.  see Robert W. Holcomb monument
  Abram M.  d. 08-19-1887  age 70y 3m
  Diana E.  his wife d. 10-27-1894 age 81y
  Jennie O.  their dau.  d. 02-18-1866  age 6y 10m
  Wm. Miller  03-20-1852 - 02-02-1909
  Samuel S.  son of Ebenezer & Mary Rollins
  d. 10-08-1853  age 19y 9m
  Harlon M.  07-19-1912 - 12-23-1971    (flag)
  Pvt. U.S.Army  WW II Maine
  Herman Otha  05-08-1866 - 03-11-1916
  Ora Belle  his wife  09-30-1873 - 02-11-1972
  Theo Agnes  their dau.  1895 - 1902
  Mabel M.  dau. of E. P. & E. B. Smith
  d. 11-27-1900  age 1y 4m
  G. L.  05-22-1819 - 11-05-1861
  Elizabeth Voter  formerly wife of Geo. L. Stinchfield
  10-23-1824 - 10-26-1894
  Dea. Samuel   d. 09-30-1878  age 86y
  Zereda  his wife  d.___________  age 55y
  Joseph D.  son of Zereda Stowers  d.  11-25-1855
  age 16y 4m 21d
  Elizabeth  see G. L. Stinchfield lot
  Gilbert  d. 12-10-1880  age 67y 2m 1d
  Betsey  his wife  d. 02-25-1864  age 53y
  Augusta A.  their dau.  d. 09-04-1856  age 17y  4m
  Gilbert, Jr.  d. 10-15-1863  age 19y
  Lucy May  their dau.  d. 06-07-1880  age 13y  11m 7d
  John W.  d. 03-06-1902   age 55y 9m
  Sarah A.  his wife   d. 10-13-1912  age 62y 7m
  Minnie  wife of Horace Voter  d. 03-30-1874
  Children of Nathl. & Elizabeth K. Wilber:
  John R.  d. 12-06-1863  age 7y
  Solomon B.  d. 12-15-1859  age 7m 8d
  Minnie  their adopted dau.  d. 02-26-1866
  age 3y 4m
  Nathaniel F.  d. 03-17-1864  age 51y 10m 13d
  Lorendia  his wife  d. 07-1857  age 37y 6m
  Marshall W.  their only son  d. 04-1859  age 3y

Names of persons  appearing on stones but not buried here:

ROLLINS         Ebenezer & Mary
SMITH           E. P. & E. B.

VOTER           Horace

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