perham cemetery

Farmington, Maine

Take Route 43 out of the center of Town, East toward Industry. Take a right onto the Perham Hill Road - about a mile from town. At almost the top of the first hill, there's a well-kept farmhouse on the left. In the back corner of the first field is this cemetery. For years it was covered by leaves and such, but the owners of the farmhouse took care to clean out the brush and rope off the area. This cemetery is on private property; and permission to access should be obtained by the owners of the farmhouse.

Copied by Nancy Porter & Dorothy Beisaw Fall of 1998

PERHAM Silas d. 7-9-1844 @74y Hannah, his wife d. 5-7-1838 @50y Georgiannah, dau of Silas D & Mary Perham d. 6-2-1847 @23m Some evidence of other stones, but perhaps were "just field stones"

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