Dallas Plt., Maine

Cemetery Located Beside Town Hall On The
Saddleback Mountain Road.
Several Fieldstones & Unmarked Graves.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August - 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

  George J.  10-02-1815 - 06-27-1893
  Sarah A.  his wife  10-27-1825 - 12-28-1888
  Georgianna  their dau.  09-07-1858 - 10-21-1867

  Augustus  11-16-1815 - 10-12-1877

  Levi A. & Louisa E. OAKES
  Alton E., their son  d. 03-17-1885  age 1y 7m 17d

  John  d. 07-06-1870  age 70y 6m
  Julia A.  his wife  d. 09-21-1877  age 64y 7m 5d
  Their adopted son:
  Alexander P.  d. 10-02-1865  age 5y 7m 23d

  Thomas B.  d. 02-16-1881  age 29y 11m
  Children of Thomas B. & Eliza A. Oakes:
  Peter K.  d. 10-27-1891  age 15y 3m 14d
  Johnnie C.  d. 11-15-1891  age 10y ___ ___

  Asa K.  1827 - 1898
  Mary J.  his wife  d. 12-17-1891  age 62y 8m 27d
  Their children:
  Westley  d. 08-22-1855  age 2y
  Lovey  d, 09-11-1861  age 7y 3m 25d
  Augusta  d. 09-21-1861  age 3y 1m 22d
  Hannah  d. 09-21-1861  age 1y 7m 20d
  Phirilla  d. 08-22-1867  age 1y 3m 6d
  Armina  d. 09-19-1879  age 5y 10m 7d

  John E.  d. 1-16-1850  age 10m 12d

  Joseph H.  1855 - 1925
  Issetta  his wife  1859 -
  Their Dau's.:
  Minnie  11-23-1875 - 07-31-1909
  Allie E.  10-15-1880 - 01-05-1897
  Ehtelyn L.  12-30-1881 - 12-27-1896
  Inez  d. 08-27-1886  age 2y 5m 3d

  Anthony  4-16-1877 - 9-30-1950

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