norcrosshill cemetery

Chesterville, Maine

From Chesterville Village take the Ridge Road. About 2.5 miles out, there's Norcross Pond and the Public Boat Landing on the right and the Norcross Hill Road on the left. Turn left, proceed about half-way up the hill to find this cemetery on the left.. A lot of stones that are unreadable; also some stones are tipped over and some broken. Usually mowed.

Copied by E Nora Farrington & Phyllis E Hardy Aug 1998

 Footstone that is hand carved, looks like Dawn Louisa Aug 1935

 Lisa E   1968-1968  (small metal marker)

 Lydia, wife of Lewis Billings d. 2-6-1857 @36y 8m
 Lewis H, son of Lewis & Lydia E d. 4-19-1852 @2y 8m

 Jeremiah d. 11-28-1812 @50y
 Hannah d. 11-  -1806 @36y

 Joseph  b. Oct 1845  d. Feb 1908
 Arabell N  b. Sept 1840  d. Nov 1919
 Wilfred  1880-1927
 (footstones mother  father  Wifred)

 Josiah, son of Enoch & Abigail Brown d. 9-6-1806 @25y 5m

 Donald G  b. 10-15-1912  d. 5-4-1975
 Ella H his wife  b. 12-6-1911  d. 5-10-1975

 Mrs Lecty, wife of Mr. Joel Doyen d. 10-2-1827 @25y

 John Calvin  1832-1890*
 Lucy A his wife 1834-1913*
 Lillian O  1864-1936*
 Archie C  1872-1958
 Alice M his wife 1888-1921*
 Robert Calvin  1921-1921*           *(all on one stone)
 (footstones) son, wife,husband, father , mother, sister

 John d. 2-23-1875 @79y
 Betsey his wife d. 1-8-1872 @75y
 Hannah d. 9-21-1870 @72y
 Samuel W d. 11-28-1831 @69y
 Hannah his wife  d. 3-5-1842 @83y

 Isaac  d. 11-6-1868 @79y
 Elmira his wfie d. 9-23-1867 @74y
 Olive V, dau d. 3-12-1851 @31y

 Sabrina, wife of Lowell Eaton d. 5-26-1860 @69y 11m
 Two infant sons (no dates)

 Sewell  b. 7-18-1814  d. 5-4-1975
 Elizabeth K his wife  b. 9-22-1818  d. 9-18-1865
 Harriet N his wife  b. 7-12-1829  d. 11-14-1905
  (all on one stone)

 Moses d. 2-18-1876 @75y
 Sally his wife d. 4-18-1852 @49y
 (duplicate stone says April 8)
 Eliza b. 4-25-1810 d. 11-26-1890
 Dearborn d. 2-22-1849 @40y 8m
 Aaron d. 4-7-1854 @81y
 Eliza his wife d. 6-7-1849 @76y
 Sarah, dau, d. 5-26-1866 @67y 2m
 Nathan son d. 6-2-1825 @20y
 Mary, wife of Rand White & dau of Aaron & Eliza Fellows
d.  1-26-1886 @73y
 Aaron d. 6-11-1876 @73y
 Polly his wife d. 1-28-1869 @54y

 Betsey 1817-1909

 Dearborn  d. 5-1-1863 @84y 3m
 Anna Carr, his wife d. 2-12-1812 @36y
 (There is a duplicate stone that says she died on 2-1-1812)
 Rebecca Walton, his wife d. 7-13-1864 @85y

 Emery  1815-1880
 Lydia M his wife 1818-1849
 Elizabeth G his wife 1830-1905
 Lewellyn G  1855-1901
 Lydia E 1853-1905
 Ernest D 1862-1923
 Ervin J 1857-1924
 (all on one stone)

 Nathan M  d. 12-29-1902 @71y 1m  father
 Mary E his wife d. 9-11-1907 @70y 5m  mother
 William N son  d. 7-4-1947 @76y 3m 8d brother
 Charlie L son  d. 3-20-1887 @13y 4m brother
 Fred G son  d. 7-11-1896 @29y 9m 14d  brother
 Moses  d. 2-15-1882 @85y 2m 18d
 Edna his wife d. 1-24-1882 @94y 2m 1d

 Seth, son of Joseph French Esq d. 4-3-1806 age (couldn't read)
 Nat, son of Joseph French d. 5-27-1814 @19y 2m 5d
 Jsoeph, son of Joseph French Esq d. 11-1-1800 @11m 23d

 Mary Hervey b. Newburyport Mass 7-22-1799  d. Chesterville Maine 3-12-1885

 Levi  d. 11-13-1884 @81y
 Nancy P his wife d. 10-13-1886 @73y
 Lyman W son d. 5-14-1863 @9y
 Alice C dau d. 5-9-1863 @11y
 Julia S dau d. 5-26-1863 @18y
 Minnie L dau d. 7-11-1868 @24y in Sumner
 Mary E dau d. 3-21-1874 @42y 8m
 Little Carrie d. 5-12-1863 (@9m?-stone cracked?
 Nellie M Coolidge d. 5-24-1863 @7y

 L Everett  1848-1916
 Nancy Gardner Hollis 1848-1926
 Clair b. 1-12 d. 5-9-1908  On back of stone it says "Mayflowers"

 Lucinda P, wife of Amos F Hutchins d. 4-17-1880 @67y

 Jonathon W, son of Asa Jr & Betsey  d. 12-7-1816 @29 hrs

 Isaac Prvt Baldin's Mass Regt Rev War d. 3-32-1822
 Samuel L d. 6-3-1863 @69y 11, 3d
 Ezekiel  Mass Military Rev War (no dates) FLAG
 Ezekiel Knowles d. 10-16-1832 @83y 9m
  this stone by itself, but I suspect this is the same person

 John d. 4-13-1901 @82y
 Rosilla his wife b. 4-29-1821  d. 4-14-1879 @57y 11m 18d
 Julia S dau of  (stone leaning and broken off)

 Ozrem  d. 5-13-1858 @80y
 Lydia his wife d. 6-17-1862 @77y
 (there are several field stones peeking out of the ground on this lot)

 Russel I  d. 6-6-1881 @25y 10m
 Cordelia A  d. 2-10-1909 @86y 3m
 Isaac P  d. 11-9-1901 @79y 11d

 Jedediah  d. 5-27-1884 @51y 11m 9d
 Nancy M his wife  d. 5-5-1881 @52y 6m
 Sally, wife of Samuel Knowles d. 2-7-1884 @79y 11m
 Julia E, dau of Samuel L & Sally Knowles d. 2-23-1883 @42y 6m 19d
 Clara dau of Samuel & Sally  d. 1-10-1881 @47y 6m
 Sidney G son Member of Co. 129th Me Vet Vols  d. at Morganzia LA 6-13-1864 @18y
 Horace W b. 10-30-1843  d. 1-29-1915
 Ellen F his wife b. 12-22-1846  d. 7-4-1918
 Harry H son d. 3-5-1884 @4m 9d

 Clifford H  b. 9-14-1888  d. 3-17-1961
   Maine Pvt. I Co. 151 Depot Brigade WWI
 John W 1880-1961  (small metal marker on lot with Clifford H)

 Elias W  d. 4-7-1860 @29y 11m

 Abigail  d. 10-3-1845 @30y

 In memory of widow Comfort Lowell  d. 6-2-1816 @85y

 Kenneth Neil b. 8-26-1943  d. 6-28-1964 (FLAG)

 Harold A b. 11-5-1896  d. 5-18-1967
  Maine Pvt Co 74th Infantry WWI (FLAG)
Etta M his wife  1898-1925

 Nancy, wife of Abiel Mosher d. 5-30-1830 @22y 9m
 Nathan, son of Abiel & Nancy d. 12-27-1820 @8m 17d

 Philip  d. 10-4-1821 @66y 5m
 Joanna his wife d. 8-9-1831 @ (70y? stone cracked)

 Philip d. 4-11-1885 @51y 11m 23d
 Seth  d. 10-21-1877 @81y 1m
 Arabell his wife  d. 9-12-1881 @79y

 Charles L  1907-1967

 George A  1859-1917*
 Mary E  1866-1955*
 and six children*      *on one stone

 Mary Etta  d. 7-21-1955 @38y 6m 28d
 (Metal marker says Russells Funeral Home, Rockland Maine)

 Samuel Pvt. Waterbury's Conn Reg Rev War  d. 3-23-1821 (FLAG)

 Frank N  b. 7-24-1865  d. 12-10-1925
 Emma B his wife b. 1-20-1867  d. 12-24-1925
 John W b. 12-19-1858  d. 10-31-1937
 Emma A his wife b. 4-1-1859  d. 4-4-1912

 John  d. 2-14-1876 @77y 6m
 Martha H his wife  d. 1-27-1869 @71y
 Sarah F dau  d. 10-11-1888 @52y 2m 14d
 (other side of stone)
 Simeon E Richards  d. 11-27-1898 @63y 5m 14d
 Maria his wife  d. 7-4-1913 @77y 5m 11d
 Joseph E son d. 4-29-1856 @1m 8d
 Joseph S son  d. 5-26-1872 @11y 3m 21d

 L C  1832-1912
 Eliza S his wife  d. 2-11-1908 @73y
 Zello O dau and only child of L C & E S Richards d. 4-27-1863 @7y 6m

 William F  1862-1956*
 Sophia F his wife  1869-1954*  *(one stone)
 Lewellyn B  1911-1927 **
 Williamina S  1893-1907**
 Ellis B  1894-1905**  **(one stone)

 Cyrus  b. 12-31-1803  d. 11-9-1899
 Lucy P his wife  b. 5-31-1808  d. 4-17-1891

 Mark  d. 12-26-1835 @59y

 Mary A H wife of Gilbert Symes  1881-1915

 Charles  b. 3-20-1814 d. (no date)  father
 Rosannah Leadbetter his wife b. 10-1814  d. 10-20-1900 mother

 James D  1888-1969*
 Geneva K  1895-1980*    *(one stone)
 Corydon  1841-1927
 Katherine B his wife  1856-1932
 Clarence  1852-1927
 Lizzie A his wife 1855-1935
 Orley G  1839-1916 husband
 Abbie A his wife  1843-1872

 Moses  d. 9-8-1850 @66y
 Abigail his wife  d. 10-19-1828 @43y
 Ann Fuller, wife of Moses Walton, Jr & afterward wife of Capt Isaiah Rich of
   Jay b. 6-28-1796  d. 8-15-1880
 Moses d. 2-25-1831 @81y 1m 23d
 Martha his wife d. 11-16-1828 @75y 11m 10d
 Miss Sally  d. 4-16-1895 @42y 11m
 Miss Betsey d. 12-9-1816 @25y

 Charles B  d. 2-9-1897 @84y 8m

 Gladys F  1896-1965
 June A  1915-1963

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