Farmington, Maine

Cemetery is on the right side of the road going up the hill.
Located behind a white Farm in a bunch of Birches in a field.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied by Nancy J. Porter

  Dr. A. & Ellen   (see James M. MOSHER lot)

  Ansel, James, Caroline, Martha & Bessie   (see James M. MOSHER lot)

  S. & F. Jenings
  Sarah, their dau.  d. 12-22-1860  age 2y 9m

  Benjamin & Mary JENNINGS
  Isaac, their son  d. 5-7-1847  age 56y

  James M.  9-5-1806 - 10-27-1886
  Rozilla F., his wife  4-29-1804 - 10-28-1892
  Their children:
  J. Edwin  d. 7-25-1848  age 3y 8m 23d
  James  d. 10-26-1840  age 4m 4d
  Ellen, wife of Dr. A. Backus  d. 10-30-1861  age 25y 1m
  Henry Reed  1856 - 1914
  Emily V. Mosher, his wife  1849 - 1915
  Inf. of J. M. & R. MOSHER  d. 12-11-1811
  Inf. of J. M. & R. MOSHER  d. (couldn't read)

  Samuel MOSHER
  Irene, his wife  d. (stone broken - May _______ 51y 6m
  Nellie B., dau of S. & F. Mosher  d. 5-20-1883 @13y 2m
  James MOSHER Jr.  d. 7-11-1836
  Betsey, his wife  d. 5-16-1850  age 77y 7m

  Samuel Frost  12-27-1833 in Farmington, Me. - 10-8-1904 in Phillips, Me.

  Wm.  d. 11-7-1896  age 94y 5m 10d
  Eliza F., his wife  d. 2-10-1884  age 82y 15d
  William, II, their son  8-24-1835  age 2y 3m
  Albert A., their son  d. 7-22-1844  age 11m 5d

  Jesse & Ann McLAIN
  Adeliah their dau.  d. 1-19-1844  age 20y
  Sylvia Ann  d. 9-3-1844  age 18y 5m

  Icabod McLane  Mass Mil Rev War (Flag)
  Beside Icabod - ureadable Marble stone
  Jesse McLane  d. 9-30-(1863?)
  Otis McLain   1822 - 1852
  Ansel Flood  d. 6-24-1870  age 42y
  James Flood  d. 7-13-1874  age 76y
  Caroline, his wife  d. 1-24-1875  age 74y
  Two daughters:
  Martha  d. 12-26-1888  age 58y 5m
  Bessie  d. 5-15-1879  age 43y 10m

  Jesse Pratt  d. 7-6-1852  age 36y
  Augustus E., son of Jesse & Amanda Pratt  d. 6-15-1850
  Almeda, dau of J & A Pratt d. ________ 1860 17y 8m (broken stone)

  Henry   (see James M. MOSHER lot)

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