Farmington, Maine

From Route 4, take a left onto the Back Falls Road/Mt Blue High School Road At the "y" by the high school, go straight. Cemetery is about 1.5 miles past the high school on the left on a knoll with a stonewall in front. Cemetery is well-kept. Many, many old unreadable stones. Many unmarked graves. Probably one of the oldest in Farmington.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copyright 1998 by Nancy J. Porter

    Hiram  d. 1-16-1861  age 35y 8m

B_ _ _ _
  John A, son of Eli L & Joanna (?) B......... d. Oct 9 1841 13y 11m 25d
  (note: the B_______ name is too short to be "Butterfield" - more like "Butler")
    (Wirth didn't have this stone or info)

  Samuel & Sophronia C BURSLEY
  Ann Caroline, their dau.  d. 5-29-1836  age 4m 16d

  Jesse  d. 2-6-1842  age 90y              [SAR flag]
  Lydia, his wife  d. J___? __ 1837  age 79y
      [BB June 12 1837] [Wirth gives June 12 18?? @79y)

  William, William P., Betsey, Betsey L., & Eliza
      (see Reuben LOWELL, Jr. lot)

  David DWINAL
  Betsey, his wife  d. 1-7-1832  age 46y
  (Wirth gave above info - stone wasn't there July 1998)

  Samuel  d. 3-24-1837  age 74y                 [SAR Flag]
  Sally, his wife  d. 8-15-1794  age 30y
   note: this is the oldest standing stone in Farmington

  William, Gen.  d. 9-23/29-1831  age 78y
  Elizabeth, his wife  d. 8-26-1831  age 66y

  Jacob   d. 5-13-1813                [SAR Flag]
    (two stones - original & one Veteran)
  Hannah, his wife  d. 6-9-1840  age 90y

  Benjamin  d. 12-3-1827  age 17y

  Samuel  d. 6-21-1823  age 35y

  Oliver LOWELL
  Jane, his wife  d. 12-5-1821  age 22y

  Reuben  d. 6-1824  age 85y     [Flag-SAR]
  Priscilla h.w. d. 1807

    (Broken Stone  see Ref. below)
  Reuben LOWELL, Jr.
  Betsey, his wife  d. 8-6-1824  age 52y
  Reuben, their son  d. 8-9-1825  age 20y
     (see Wirth's Cemeteries of Franklin County, Me.)
  Betsey her dau. & wife of William COOK  d. 5-31-18??  age 77y 5m
     (Butler's Hist. of Farm.: Betsey Lowell d. 5-31-1877)
  Eliza, dau. of William P. & Betsey L. COOK d. 2-11-1854  age 20y

  Jonathan NORTON, Dr.
  Hannah Norton, his wife  d. 7-1-1826  age 22y
  Nancy, his wife  d. 3-3-1831  age 31y
  Oriza, his wife  d. 11-23-1811  age 23y
   (Wirth: stone says Nancy & Oriza were sisters)

  William Taylor of Dunstable d. Sept 11 1795 @22y
     (Note: Wirth did not have this stone)

     Ed note: It's likely the unreadable stones & unmarked graves belonged
     to members of the Butterfield & Gould families, as they are the folks
     who lived in this area of town circa 1800.

     History of Farmington by Francis G Butler gives the
     death dates of the people with illegible stones

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