Ladd-Bacon Cemetery
Mercer, Maine 

Route 2 to the Mercer School. Take the road - Beech Hill Road - beside the school. Go about 4 miles to the Bacon Road on the right. Go up the Bacon road about 3.5 miles. Take a right. The cenetery is about .3 miles on the left. Fenced. Well-kept. 

 The information in this record is not alphabetized as other cemetery records prepared by Geo Thompson. The purpose is to provide cemetery information for people researching this area of Maine and for the convenience it provides. 
Copied August 1998 by Dorothy N. Beisaw and Nancy Porter

LADD, William  no date

   Mary Ann wife of Enoch d. 11-7-1856 25y

   Benjamin Ladd b. 1790 d. 4-5-1884 @94y
   Betsey his wife d. 12-17-1891 @73y
   Mrs. Louisa his wife d. 1-30-1830 @41y

   Joseph D  d. 7-23-1888 @87y 11m 19d
   Amy his wife d. 12-14-1844 @42y 5m
   Sally his wife d. 4-16-1879 @76y 4m
   Ichabod B. d. 4-20-1855 @27y 6m

   William d. 3-28-1859
   Rebecca his wife d. 10-30-1855 @59y
   2 children's stones
   Samuel d. 4-21-1845 @20y
   Hannah, wife of Wm Ham d. 9-26-1856 @78y

   Alvinzy (that's right) d. 4-14-1859 @54y 2m 25d
   Charlotte his wife d. 7-13-1879 @74y 8m
   Rhuhamah W wife of Calvin S Whitehouse d. 6-2-1862 @30y
   Alvinzy d. 1-8-1902 @68y 2m 28d
   Martha W Billings his wife d. 9-17-1903 @61y 6m 2d
   Levi d. 1-11-1858 @51y 1m
   Cordelia Guptil, Levi's Former wife d. 5-8-1894 @83y 2m
   Cyrus T  d. 3-30-1892 @56y
   Mercy M his wife d. 8-7-1911 @79y 10d
   Mr Levi d. 3-26-1839 @60y
   Mrs Ester his wife d. 10-8-1840 @60y
   Seth d. 7-2-1913 @75y 6m 28d
   Emily W his wife d. 11-13-1892 @54y 7m 10d

   Edward d. 9-12-1839 @43y 8m
   Sarah S Williams wife of Dimon Taylor d. 6-15-1885 @78y 10m
   Samuel d. 1-31-1879 @80y 11m
   Matilda h.w. d. 2-12-1872 @73y
   William d. 10-14-1905 @86y 10d
   Rosana h.w. d. 12-26-1872 @51y 2m 23d

   Jackson d. 5-25-1847 @21y 1m

   Charley H Co H 1st Me Cav  GAR Flag
   Lucetta d. 12-4-1903

   Earle J d. 12-15-1959  (1884-1959)
   Effie Cummings d. 3-16-1968  (1889-1968)
   Virgil son 1917-1968  Vet Stone WWII 7-23-1917  5-10-1968
   Grace Allen h.w. 1917

   Inf son of Frank S & Hattie E Kelly d. 1-23-1879 @1d

   William   d. 6-14-1883 @72y
   Roxanah h.w. d. 2-21-1875@60y
   Wm L son d. 4-12-1887 @29y

   Ernest J 10-9-1881  11-11-1965
   Mary A Bacon, h.w. 3-1-1890  11-13-1916
   inf son  d. 9-21-1913

   Nathaniel 1886-1948    Mason
   Emma Wish h.w. 1878 - 1968
   Harold, inf son of Ansel & Addie Nickerson  d. 9-12-1901
   John W 1900-1991
   Marion L Rogers h.w. 1900-1942

   Clara Alice, dau of Azel W & Sophronia L  d. 4-6-1867 @4y 2m 6d

   James P 3-14-1886  1-4-1913  Mason
   Lura F 12-20-1857  8-21-1932
   Fred B d. 12-25-1901 @43y

   Fred B  b. 7-29-1923               Mason
   Ruth B h.w.  b. 11-18-1922          OES
       ma: Nov 14 1943
      (no death dates - yet)

   Ashman M 1887-1941
   Inf son of Ashman & Marie d. 1-8-1914
   (same lot)
   Bill K 1919 - 1981
   Lillian Ladd  1921- 1991

   Frank A 1918 -
   Alice R h.w. 1928 -
   Patricia L 1952 - 1970

   Philip D 1897 - 1979    Mason
   Genieve H 1896 - 1981

   Everett B 1916-1976  WW II  Vet stone:  9-20-1916  2-6-1976
   Marie B (no dates)

   Charles William  1912 - 1973
   Eva Ladd h.w.  1911 - 1995

   Earl A 1922 - 1973  Mason
   Margie W  1922 -
   Vet stone: WW II  Korea  Vietnam  4-6-1922   8-4-1994
   Paul C 5-15-1889  12-19-1968  Mason
   Nellie E Bacon h.w.  10-8-1894  7-24-1981
   Eugene Boynton d. 1-25-1922

   John d. 7-28-1852 @75y

   David d. 5-14-1857 @26y __d  (stone broken)

   Joseph D  1902 - 1966
   Thelma L  1902 - 1980

   Ebenezer  1797 - 1887
   Hannah Stain 1798 1881
   dau: Roxana G d. 10-23-1848 @18y 7m
   dau: Hattie d. 10-11-1873 @33y
   Thaddeus N  child of D & P F Guptil
    b. 8-2-1872  d. 5-7-1875 @2y 9m 5d
   Priscilla F, wife of Daniel Guptill d. 2-29-1876 @36y 4m

   Herbert R son of G F & Betsey A
    d. 5-14-1879 @10y 7m

   Inf son of Ansel & Betsey Nickerson d. 3-19-1883
   Ida A Lee  10-27-1862  11-10-1953
   Inf son & Dau of Ansel & Betsey
     d. 8-22-1864  d. 8-18-1865  @2d each
   Ansel d. 1-29-1892 @71y 8m
   Betsey A  his wife d. 9-12-1899 @57y 10m 12d
   Maria S his wife d. 7-11-1874 @48y 7m
   Nora A, dau of Ansel & Maria d. 4-30-1882 @ 23y 3m 25d

   Richard d. 7-20-1858 @66y
   Sarah h.w. d. 8-3-1865 @71y 5m
   Geo d. 6-11-1889 @69y
   Lydia Q h.w. d. 11-18-1913 @84y 7m

  The next entries are all in the same lot in a row:
  Infant son of William & Roxana Downes d. 10-10-1840 @8d
  Old unreadable slate stone
  Abba W Staples d. 7-23-1845 @28
  Persis B wife of Asa Williamson d. 10-25-1889 @78y 4m 21d
  Nathaniel Stapels d. 10-27-1877 @88y
  Eliza h.w. d. 7-15-1837 @50y
  Polly h.w. d. 3-8-1870 @70y
  Harriet, wife of Moses Dones d. 10-25-1838 @25y

   John W d. 6-4-1927 @77y    Mason
   Mary E his wife d. 9-2-1880 @25y
   Nellie A d. 3-25-1934 @66y
   Nathaniel d. 9-22-1882 @70y 10m
   Margaret G his wife d. 9-25-1879 @63y 2m

   John d. 4-8-1825 @14y 4m
   Roloson B d. 6-27-1829 @15y 6m
     son of John & Mercy
   Lodoiska W  d. 11-15-1885 @73y
   John d. 12-16-1855 @79y 2m
   Mercy his wife d. 11-5-1848 @64y