hnhuncem cemetery

New Vineyard, Maine

At the junction of SR-4 & 149 in Farmington, take a right on to SR-149 and go about 2.5 miles to a dirt Rd. on the right. Take the Dirt Rd. to next left. Take Left and go about 1.5 miles and find Cemetery on the right.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied July 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

  Mary G.,  (see Eben T. SCRIBNER lot)

  Otis  d. 12-12-1877  age 65y

  Thomas  11-27-1803 - 10-26-1874

  William  3-7-1819 - 1-5-1894
  Mary J., his wife  d. 6-17-1859  age 54y 3m

  Aphia M., dau. of Wm. P. & D. C. DODGE
  d. 4-5-1870  age 3y

  I. Irvin, son of L. E. C. & A. M. DODGE
  d. 3-30-1885  age 7m 13d

  Ira K.  d. 6-11-1911  age 80y 3m
  Olive, his wife  d. 11-5-1869  age 33y
  Cordelia G., his 2nd wife  d. 3-16-1914  age 78y 6m 2d

  William  d. 6-17-1871  age 70y
  Keziah, his wife  d. 6-17-1859  age 54y 3m

  Harold, son of L. H. & Elsie FREDRIC  1900

  J. Hannibal  d. 1-2-1919  age 84y
  Isabella E., his wife  d. 5-7-1915  age 79y
  Charles H., their son, drowned 7-17-1880  age 17y

  James, Esq.  d. 1851  age 48y  (broken stone)
  Mrs. Sarah, his wife  d. 11-2-1871  age 65y 11m

  William,  born in Stewardstown, Tyron Co., North Ireland
  2-19-1794 - 7-5-1870
  Martha, his wife  d. 7-24-1860  age 65y 8m
  Hartson C., their son  d. 3-9-1901  age 77y 11m22d
  Lucy C., wife of Hartson C.,  d. 10-18-1878  age52y 4m
  Their Children:
  Susan A.,  d. 11-12-1870  age 16y 4m
  Brine B.,  d.10-3-1870  age 3y 6m
  Willie,  d. 11-2-1855  age 3y 8m
  George P.,  d. 4-14-1885  age 25y 11m
  William,  1857 - 1937

  Eben T.,  d. 9-25-1917  age 70y 13d
  Sarah E., his wife  d. 4-1-1893  age 38y 2m 4d
  Mary G. BELL, their dau.  d. 1-21-1890  age 6m 11d
  Willie, their son  d. 11-2-1879  age 3m

  Frances C., wife of Greenleaf E. SPAULDING
  d. 5-11-1871  age 40y

  John D.,  d. 10-6-1875  age 73y
  Mary, his wife  d. 7-30-1883  age 83y

  Wm. M.,  d. 6-27-1887  age 76y 10m

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