hlbutcem cemetery

New Portland, Maine

At the junction of SR-4 & 27, go North on 27 to SR-146. Turn right onto 146. After crossing the Carrabessett River bridge take the next left onto the Middle Rd. Go about .25 miles and find Cemetery on the left in the woods. Many unmarked graves and in Very Poor Condition.

Information in ( ) with -ed are added by us, the editors
(flag) denotes a military affiliation
This record is set up alphabetically by Surname,
not by row or lot as the stones appear in the cemetery.

Copied August 1981 by George & Janet Thompson

  David M.  d. 7-8-1837  age 28y 2m 4d
  Emeline, his wife  d. 7-3-1839  age 29y 5m 11d
  (and dau. of Ephraim & Elizabeth Sawyer)
  David M., won of David & Emeline Butler
  d. 10-18-1837  age 14m 4d

  Mrs. Abigail, wife of Levi Butler
  5-16-1842  age 67y

  Reuben J.  d. 4-20-1836  age 31y

  Reuben  d. 8-24-1860  age 81y 6m
  Sally, his wife  d. 9-15-1836  age 54y 12d
  Washington, their son  d. 1-26-1838  age 37y
  Sarah, their dau.  d. 3-8-1832  age 13y 68d

  George C., son of Warren & Catherine G. Hill
  d. 5-12-1853  age 4y

  Eleanor  d. 7-16-1817  age 91y 5m 4d

  Lydia G. Thompson, wife of Thomas R. Jordan
  d. 8-18-1848  age 37y 8m

  George, son of Samuel D. & Olive Millay
  d. 5-10-1836  age 18m
  Sarah, Infant dau. of S. D. & O. Millay
  d. 4-28-1844

  Benj.  d. 12-30-1815  age 23y 8m

  Ephraim & Elizabeth  (see David M. Butler lot)

  Daniel, son of Johnson & Sophia Streeter
  d. 2-17-1832  age 7y 9m
  Julia Ann, dau. of Johnson & Sophia Streeter
  d. 8-18-1833  age 3y 8m

  Mary Beetle, dau. of Eben Sr. & Carrissa Wellman
  d. 5-31-1834  age 17y

  Mrs. Mary, wife of Hiram Wethern
  d. 7-10-1810  age 28y 8m 13d

  David  d. 3-19-1855  age 78y 8m
  Mrs. Betsey, his wife  d. 11-1-1845  age 69y 10m 4d

  Mrs Hannah, wife of John Young  d. 10-6-1840  age 26y 2m 5d

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