Phillips, Maine

Through information given to me by Reginald Bubier of Phillips, I hiked into the area known as the Dill Road in Phillips. I followed the Dill Rd. toward SR-142 (Weld Rd.) About a mile after the Milton Stinchfield house the Rd. takes a left. Not far up the Rd. on a rise to the right is the cemetery. It sets up off the Rd. about 30 yards, among some very large trees. Only three stones were ledgible. What appeared to be three other graves were also seen, but no formal stones, just field stones, set up with large stones at the head and smaller at the foot.

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Copied October 12, 1987 by Nancy J. Porter

  Daniel C.  d. 6-29-1889  age 79y
  Mary W., his wife  d. 6-7-1873  age 63y
  Mary A. MINER  d. 2-28-1863  age 11y

  Seth  d. 4-24-1858  age 73y 7m
  Mary, his wife  d. 10-24-1857  age 57y 8m
  Nancy J., their dau.  d. 1825  age 3y
  Inf. son  (no dates)

  Mary A.   (see Daniel C. BILLINGTON lot)

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