Farmington, Maine

Go up Anson Street by the courthouse past High Street. As you climb the hill, there's a private driveway to Joseph Holman's house on the right. The Cemetery is on his land up in the woods, but fairly close to the road. It can be seen from the road most of the year. It's surrounded by a wall. I certainly would get permission. His law office is on Main Street and that would likely be the best way to catch him.

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Copied August 25, 1986 by George & Janet Thompson

  Martha C. H.   (see Samuel BELCHER lot)

  Abraham W. F.  8-26-1821 - 6-8-1885
  Caroline E., his wife  3-28-1828 - 3-12-1892
  Francis C., their son  3-21-1848 - 1-19-1903
  Carrie, their dau.  8-26-1852 - 2-23-1855

  Clifford  1-17-1778 - 3-15-1832
  Deborah A., his wife  2-29-1782 - 3-1-1865
  Clifford, their son  3-31-1819 - 12-24-1879

  Samuel  12-8-1814 - 5-22-1886
  Martha C. H. ABBOTT, his wife  9-18-1819 - 8-23-1900
  Any Gill, their dau.  d. 8-23-1842  age 1y 2m
  Fuller, their son  9-13-1862 - 6-24-1864

  Timothy  8-3-1823 - 1-29-1890
  Margaret J., his wife  3-10-1836 - 3-7-1920
  Arthur F.  4-24-1861 - 10-5-1904

  Walter  1899 - 1972

  Charles GILL
  Deborah Ann, his wife  d. 2-24-1845  age 28y

  Henry  12-20-1778 - 8-19-1864  age 85y
  Ann B. his wife  d. 1-22-1859  age 78y

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