Cemetery Links

Abbreviations : 

  1. EMMC = Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, ME

  2. BHMH = Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, Blue Hill, ME

  3. MCMH = Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, Ellsworth, ME

  4. INH = Island Nursing Home, Deer Isle, ME

  5. PNH = Penobscot Nursing Home, Penobscot, MEDI = Deer Isle, ME

  6. Stgtn = Stonington, ME

  7. LDI = Little Deer Isle, ME

  8. SDI  = South Deer Isle, ME

  9. NDI = North Deer Isle, ME

  10. w/o = wife of

  11. h/o = husband of

  12. s/o  = son of

  13. d/o = daughter of

  14. VR = vital records of DI prior to 1867

  15. SL = Still Living (at the time of writing)

Cemeteries are listed in their respective area or district, but they are all within the town of Deer Isle.

Isle au Haut was part of Deer Isle until it became a town of its own in 1874.

I like to use this Hancock County web site since you can click on “visit the town pages” and then scroll to any town of your choice:


Cemetery Preamble

Cemetery listings - dedication

Cemetery list for Deer Isle

Deer Isle - Mt. Adams  A - D

Deer Isle - Mt. Adams  E - G

Deer Isle - Mt. Adams  H

Deer Isle - Mt. Adams   I - P

Deer Isle - Mt. Adams  Q -Z

Deer Isle - Old Deer Isle Cem. - A-C

Deer Isle - Old Deer Isle Cem - D-G

Deer Isle - Old Deer Isle Cem. - H

Deer Isle - Old Deer Isle Cem. - I-R

Deer Isle - Old Deer Isle Cem. - S- Z

Deer Isle - Old Settlers Cem.- 1764

Deer Isle - Gray - family lot

Deer Isle - Greenlaw family lot

Deer Isle - Quaco Road - Marshall

Deer Isle - Long Cove Woods - Small

Deer Isle - Dow Road - Hodermarsky

Deer Isle - Dow Road - T. Eaton

Deer Isle - Pressey Village Rd. - Pressey

Deer Isle - Pressey Village Rd. - Smith

Deer Isle - Pressey Village Rd. - Knowlton

Deer Isle - Pressey - SW bank of NW Harbor

Deer Isle - Dexter Field Cemetery

Sunset - Hillside Cem. - A-D

Sunset - Hillside Cem. - E-H

Sunset - Hillside Cem. - I -M

Sunset - Hillside Cem. - N-R

Sunset - Hillside Cem.- S

Sunset - Hillside Cem. - T-Z

Sunset - Small/McDonnal

Sunset - Goose Cove Rd. - Small

Sunset - Goose Cove Rd. - Wolffe

Sunset -  Packard lot - Crockett’s  Point

Sunset - Thomas Small lot

Sunset - Micajah Lunt lot

Sunset Crossroad - Amos Small

Sunset Crossroad - Eunice Small

Mountainville - French Camp Rd. -  Bray/Brown/Harvey/Hutchinson/Perry

Mountainville - Marshall / Lancaster

Mountainville - Sam Petty Point - Eaton

Mountainville - Toothaker graveyard

Mountainville - Morey

Greenlaw District - Hill family

Thomas Lowe Pt.- Fishcreek area

Reach - Esten Cemetery

Reach - Howard Cemetery

Reach - Gray’s Cove

Reach - Carter Cemetery

Reach - Old Hutchinson

Reach - Old Reach Cem.

Reach - Fishcreek Area - Robbins

Reach - Forest Hills Cem. A-E

Reach - Forest Hills Cem. F-J

Reach - Forest Hills Cem. K-S

Reach - Forest Hills Cem. T-Z

Sunshine - Evergreen Cem. A-C

Sunshine - Evergreen Cem. D-L

Sunshine - Evergreen Cem M-Z

North Deer Isle - Closson/Comstock

North Deer Isle - Holden/Powers

North Deer Isle - Hardy/Moraine

South Deer Isle - Warren's Point Cem.

South Deer Isle - Mt. Warren Cem.  A-D

South Deer Isle - Mt. Warren Cem.  E-K

South Deer Isle - Mt. Warren Cem.  L-R

South Deer Isle - Mt. Warren Cem. S

South Deer Isle - Mt. Warren Cem. T-Z

Little Deer Isle - Billings Cemetery - Private

Little Deer Isle - Hardy/Weed

Little Deer Isle - McWilliams

Little Deer Isle - Harris/West Cemetery

Little Deer Isle - Weed Cemetery

Little Deer Isle - Eaton Cemetery - Swain’s Cove

Little Deer Isle - Haskell District - Eaton

Little Deer Isle - Haskell District - Banks/Eaton/Haskell/Weed

Little Deer Isle - Howard’s Hill Cem.  A-E

Little Deer Isle - Howard’s Hill Cem.   F-R

Little Deer Isle - Howard’s Hill Cem.   S-Z

Little Deer Isle - Gray's Hill Cem.  A-B

Little Deer Isle - Gray’s Hill Cem.  C- G

Little Deer Isle - Gray’s Hill Cem.  H-Z

Little Deer Isle - Blastow’s Cove Cemetery

Bear Island - Eaton/Kenison

Butter Island - Witherspoon

Carney Island

Eagle Island

Stave Island

Isle au Haut cemeteries

go to < https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mehancoc/ >

and select Stonington in the “visit the towns” menu

Cremation w/o cemetery burial

Burial location unknown or off Island

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The Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society is indebted to Montelle “Monty” Small for his years of painstaking efforts to prepare these websites and, most importantly, the recording of extensive cemetery records for our Deer Isle area. 

Monty sends his thanks to Janice Olsen and Connie Wiberg for compiling these cemetery listings. Thanks to Jan McGrath of Geelong, State of Victoria, Australia, for information on the Holdens of North Deer Isle.  Thanks to Janice Barter of Trinidad/Tobago for  information on the Barter family of Isle au Haut; and  thanks to Ingrid Luke from the Portland, Oregon, area for invaluable help on the Rich family line and also on other Isle au Haut families.

Click on the link to Google Maps for location points.  We continue to work on placement of the cemeteries and other points of interest.