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Windham Resources

  1. Friends' Meeting Records (Courtesy of the Windham Historical Society)
  2. 1906-1974 Death Records for Windham, ME; taken from the Annual Town Reports
  3. MARRIAGE RECORDS (Alphabetized by bride) 1906 - 1944 Windham, Maine (text copy)(size 86kb) or (html copy) (size 450kb)
    Copied by Karen Ray from the "Annual Reports of Town Officers of the Town of Windham, ME.
    Courtesy of Windham Historical Society, P. O. Box 2233, Windham, ME 04062-2233
  4. MARRIAGE RECORDS (Alphabetized by bridegroom) 1906 - 1944 Windham, Maine

    Map of Windham -- Coming Soon

  1. Court Records

    Moses Little Papers & Court Records (Writ of Summons & Exons)
    (Courtesy of the Windham, Maine Historical Society)

    Windham Deeds & Probate Records -- Records of our Windham Ancestors.

    Windham Town Records -- Records of our Windham Ancestors.

    1. Copied from original town records by Samuel Dole 1894 (Courtesy of the Windham Historical Society)
    2. Family records written by Samuel Dole 1897 (size 173 Kb, Courtesy of the Windham Historical Society)
    3. Windham, Maine - Records of Deaths, compiled by Samuel T. Dole, George H. Kemp, Joel Rand and Israel Morrill.

    Windham Census Records -- Records of State and Federal Census.

    Windham Cemetery Records

    1. Akers Cemetery (Dutton Hill Rd)
    2. Arlington Cemetery
    3. Austin Cemetery (Nash Rd.)
    4. Brown Family Cemetery (TEXT) or (HTML Format) (9 Chute Road)
    5. Chase Cemetery (94 Highland Cliff Road)
    6. Craig Cemetery (Craig Road)
    7. Chute Cemetery (Chute Rd)
    8. Dolley Cemetery (Varney Mill Rd)
    9. Elder Cemetery (River Rd, near the Westbrook Line)
    10. Friends Cemetery (Rt 202)
    11. Gould Cemetery (Nash Rd, near the Windham Center Rd.)
    12. Hanson Cemetery (In the woods, unlocated.)
    13. Hunnewell Cemetery or (Old Anderson Cemetery)
    14. Knight Cemetery (Pope Road)
    15. Knight Cemetery (135 Brand & Knight Rd.)
    16. J A Knight Cemetery (Dutton Hill Rd)
    17. Loveitt Cemetery (River Road North of Route 202. )
    18. Mayberry Cemetery (Park Rd, )
    19. McIntosh Cemetery (On Rt. 202 on the Falmouth Rd. Windham, Me. Visible from the road.)
    20. Morrell Cemetery (514 Route 202)
    21. Mugford Cemetery (483 River Rd)
    22. Old Friends Cemetery (Old Quaker Cemetery) (corner of Route 202 and Pope Road.)
    23. Old Smith Cemetery(Smith-Anderson Cemetery on cross road from Parson Smith Homestead on the River Road)
    24. Purington Cemetery (Route 202, near the Windham, Gray town line.)
    25. Smith Cemetery (Route 202, Near Foster's Corner. )
    26. Stevens Cemetery (Stevens Rd.)
    27. Sevens Cemetery (Montgomery Rd.)
    28. Varney Cemetery (310 Falmouth Rd)
    29. Windham Hill Cemetery (Windham Hill Rd. off of Route 202)

    Windham Roll Call -- List of descendants researching their Windham Ancestors.

    Early Windham History -- Narrative on the lives of our Windham Ancestors.

    Early Windham Families -- Ancestors living in Windham before 1700 -- Individual Narratives.

    1. Mayberry Family (Doreen Russell), over 700 individuals.
    2. Webb Genealogical Information (Courtesy of Bill Wescott)

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Windham Lookup Volunteers

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