Honoring The Men And Women Who Built the "Liberty" Ships


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Did you work in any of the South Portland shipyards during World War II?  If you did, please email me with your reminiscences or comments and I'll post them to share them with other visitors.

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Thu 05/30/2002 3:43 PM Tom A Tanguay

Photo #2, small brick building was a latrine, or toilet facility.  Enjoy the website. My Dad worked as a welding "counter" most of the existence of the yard.

Wed 07/03/2002 3:13 PM Tom A Tanguay

The new Liberty Ship Memorial @ Bug Light Park shows a photo identified as the "Broadway Plate Yard". This was located approx. 3 miles from the main yards, connected by rail.

I am assuming that this was located where the present day Megquire & Jones Steel Co. is. Can anybody supply additional information on this facility ? Photos, diagrams &/or map, history, etc. ?

I am especially interested in the shipyards railroad, also. Any and all information regarding rail activity would be much appreciated.



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