Town of Penobscot, Hancock County, Maine Families
Town of Penobscot, Hancock County, Maine Families
Sioux L. Stoeckle

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The following information was obtained from several sources including transcriptions of town records, local histories and genealogies, published cemetery records, census records, and other materials (see sources page). Some of these family group sheets are "best guesses" based upon the dates found. You should - as always - check the original records.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am aware that duplicates exist in these family group sheets. This is because I have insufficient data to "prove" that the people in question are one and the same. Remember, most of these people are NOT in "my" family and in most cases, the information posted here is ALL I have. I am merely reproducing the data as it exists in the sources (mostly secondary) cited.

***** As of 10 Sep 2005, there are 10,212 individuals and 7,229 families included.

Since many people found on the 1930 Federal Census are still living, I have created "privacy filters" to block some information. The criteria I used is to exclude info on people born AFTER 1915 AND for whom I have no death date. (Obviously, many of these people are deceased; I just do not have death information.) Please contact me if you wish for additional information on people marked "Living."

***** Be sure you click on the individual's underlined name to see miscellaneous notes, including the date intentions were published.

Please contact Sioux L. Stoeckle with any corrections to this on-line material. Here's my plan (for now, anyway):

If you want me to include information on existing or new Penobscot town people, I will add your material if you send me copies of the published or official sources via snail mail. Please limit your input to people with a direct connection to Penobscot town: i.e. a birth, residence, death, marriage, etc. The current posting includes over 16,500 HTML files; this translates to 66.7 Megabytes of information. If I include all of the ancestors of a given family, this site will get even bigger, which will make it harder to navigate. I'm also having GREAT difficulty uploading the files via a dial-up modem.

My reasons for requiring sources and restricting the material are as follows:

a. To put the source material on-line in one place for people to examine and make their OWN interpretation of the sources. Not everyone will agree on the "correct" lineage of a given family.

b. To try and link the families together so we can see relationships in a format that genealogists are already familiar with (the family group sheet).

I can, however, include corrections or interpretations in the "miscellaneous notes" section of the "person sheets" and give the researcher's name who provided the correction or opinion.

Thanks for supporting the Maine USGenWeb project's Town of Penobscot site. And again, special thanks to Rootsweb for generously supplying the storage space!

Please visit the Town of Penobscot USGenWeb page:

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