Otisfield, ME Secedes from Cumberland County 1978

Otisfield's Secession from Cumberland County

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We  went from the 1st to 2nd Congressional District sometime between the 1976 and 1978 General Election.

In the November 1976 General Election we voted for David Emery or Fred Barton, both 1st District, as our US Congressional Representative.

On June 28, 1977, Art 2 of a Special Town Meeting Warrant reads....

Shall an Act to Annex the Town of Otisfield to Oxford County, as passed by the 108th Legislature, be accepted.

The Vote was 11-NO and 232 YES.  The approval of this item went into effect July 4, 1978.

The Primary Election Warrant for June 13, 1978 says "2nd District" .

In the November 1978 General Election we voted for 2nd District Congressional Candidates.

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