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Google Map in May 2008

I've been told that graves either faced East or West. If they face East they were there to welcome the Lord when he came back, and if they faced West they were heading home to the Lord.

May 27 2001:  Tombstone Carvings - what they mean - courtesy of Maine Old Cemetery Association

Jan 8 2001:   Caring & Cleaning of Tombstones can be found here!

11/29/2000:   How to Clean Cemetery Stones - off site link

10/4/2000:   Other Oxford County Cemeteries - off site link

8/31/2000:  I'm slowly taking digital pictures of tombstones in each cemetery . . . if you have an Otisfield Cemetery tombstone photo and you would like it included on this site, please attach it to an email and send it to me. See Tombstone photo guidelines for more specific details.

6/18/2000:  If you plan to visit a cemetery, please read the following Cemetery Guidelines to help make your visit more enjoyable

From 1973 to 1994, Jean Hankins laborously sat among the tombstones in Otisfield and transcribed each and every one!  As of this date (20 June 2000) they have not been converted to web page language (HTML).  They are, however, available for viewing as plain text files at the US GenWeb Archives.
 Please realize that in a Tombstone Transcription Project, tombstones are TRANSCRIBED EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR! (This includes mistakes and all).

3/23/2000:  Shirley Bean    advised that the Shed Family Burial Ground was moved from Shed Hill on the Bean Road,  to the East Otisfield Cemetery, by William Spurr, sometime during the 1950s.  Shed Photos Added Oct 1, 2000

However, if you find an error, please send me an email and I will see to it that it is corrected in our records.

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  Denotes Cemetery is officially open in 1994.

  Bean Road Cemetery   See East Otisfield Cemetery
1 Bell Hill Cemetery More Photos Bell Hill Road
  Bicknell Cemetery   SEE HIGHLAND Cemetery
2 Cedarcrest Cemetery     More Photos
Jan 05
1250 State Route 121 (Casco Road)
  Coon Road Cemetery   See Reuben Keene Cemetery
  Dunkertown Cemetery   See South Otisfield Cemetery
3 East Otisfield Cemetery ALL Photos State Route 121 (Oxford Road)
4 Elmwood_Cemetery  Photos Aug 04 Rayville Road
  Forrest Edwards Cemetery   SEE South Otisfield Cemetery
5 Cobb Hill Road Cemetery aka Winship Cemetery Some Photos  Cobb Hill Road (New Road)
6 Merrill Memorial Cemetery    

Some  Photos

Gore Road
7 Highland_Cemetery  More Photos East Swampville Road
8 Oak Hill Cemetery Some Photos Oak Hill Road
9 Oakdale Cemetery     New Interments 7/30/03 Jesse Mill Road (Scribner's Mills Road)
10 Reuben Keene Cemetery Transcript & Photos 8-2004 South Coon Road
11 Scribner Hill Lower Yard Cemetery Some Photos Scribner Hill Road
12 Scribner Hill Upper Yard Cemetery Some Photo Scribner Hill Road
13 South Otisfield Cemetery     Some Photos Powhatan Road (Mayberry Hill Road)
  Swampville Cemetery   See HIGHLAND Cemetery
14 Wight family Cemetery ALL photos State Route 121
15 Other Burials in Otisfield   Various locations
  Other Oxford County Cemeteries   Other Cumberland County Cemeteries

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