Greenville, Maine Genealogy

    I am the daughter of Wallace and Marilyn (Jennings) Pelletier and the granddaughter of Edward and Madeline (Sawyer) Jennings, natives of Greenville, Maine. We are descended from Captain Henry P. and Louisa M. (Davis) Sawyer of Greenville. Please see the Greenville Family Connections page for more information about the Sawyer/Jennings family as well as family histories submitted by researchers of the Moosehead area.

Greenville, Maine Genealogy

Piscataquis County - Moosehead Lake Region

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      "It was not till we were in within a mile or two of its south end that we got our first view of it--a suitably wild looking sheet of water, sprinkled with small, low islands, which were covered with shaggy spruce and other wild wood, --seen over the infant port of Greenville, with mountains on each side and far in the north, and a steamer's smoke-pipe rising above a roof. . . .  There was no village, and no summer road any father in this direction, --but a winter road, that is, one passable only when deep snow covers its inequalities, from Greenville up the east side of the lake to Lily Bay, about twelve miles."

Greenville, Maine Genealogy

Piscataquis County--Moosehead Lake Region

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First Glimpse of the Lake from "Moosehead Lake" by Rev. Julius H. Ward. Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Vol. LI, June to November 1875, 350.

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Source: Henry David Thoreau, September 16, 1853.  "Chesuncook," The Atlantic Monthly, June 1858, 3.

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