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Maine was a part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until it became an independent state in 1820. On February 5th 1821, the new Maine State Legislature passed an act to divide more than 1/3 of the Town of Jay, and incorporate the westerly section thereof, into a town by the name of Canton. (Named after the town of Canton, MA) This act was signed by the first Governor of Maine, William King. Also a portion of Canton Village came from the town of Hartford.

From the readings, I take it that some of the people who lived alone the town line, now found themselves in a new town and didn't like the idea. Thus the Canton borders with Jay changed several times soon after the incorporation. On 27 Jan 1823, several lots alone the line at Canton Mountain was annexed back to Jay. This action was repealed on 3 Feb 1824 and at the Canton town meeting of 28 Feb 1824, this land was again annexed back to the town of Jay. On 3 Apr 1831, additional land was annexed back to Jay.

The first town meeting at Canton was held at the Canton Point School on March 28th 1821. John Hersey was elected as the moderator. Dr. Cornelius Holland was elected as the first town clerk, and Joel Howard, as the first treasurer. The selectman were Joseph Holland, Abiathar Austin, and Joseph Coolidge.

Canton Point was the center of town at this time, and Canton Village was than known as Hayford Mills. Gustavus Hayford was the first settler in the Village. He moved here from Hartford in 1814, built the first log cabin, first house , first saw mill and the first gristmill there. The Village later became known as Canton Mills until the Post Office came, then it was called Canton. There was also a small settlement up on Canton Mountain.

Most genealogy data for Canton prior to 1821, will be found in the Jay vital records.

Canton Cemeteries.

  1. Alden
  2. Alden Farm
  3. Alden Hill, located on the Alden Hill Road.
  4. Ames, located on the Jones Road.
  5. Canton Mt., located on Canton Mt.
  6. Canton Point/Hillside, located off the Dixfield Road & Rt. 140.
  7. Hines/Adkins, located on the Poland/Jones Road.
  8. Ludden, located off the Canton Point Road in the woods.
  9. Meadow View, located on the Meadow View Road.
  10. North Canton, located on Canton Mt.
  11. Pine Grove, located on Rt. 108.
  12. Simmons Family, located on the Meadow View Road.
  13. Staples Hill, located on Staples Hill.
  14. Whitney, located off the Canton Point Road.

Admistrative Assistant
Town Clerk - Treasurer - Tax Collector

Kathleen Hutchins
Road Commissioner
Craig Gammon   2007
Fire Chief/Fire Warden
Wayne Dube
  • Deputy Assistant:   Paula Marsters, Michelle Timberlake
  • Deputy Fire Wardens:   George Spear, Mark Blanchette
  • Animal Control Officers:   Mark Blanchette , Rick Houghton
  • Health Officer:   Donna Hebert
  • Sexton:   Donald Cummings
Board of Selectman
  • Jacqueline Conant   2009
  • Wallace Haynes   2008
  • Richard Ray   2008
  • Lisa Cummings   2007
  • Donald Hutchins   2007
S.A.D. #21 Directors
  • Cynthia Bissell   2009
  • Ben McCollister   2007
  • Scott Verrill   2007

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Early Canton Families

The following are the Surnames of the first settlers of Canton in 1821

Alden, Austin, Bacon, Bean, Bennett, Benson, Brackett, Brett, Brown, Bryant, Capen, Carver, Carey, Child, Childs, Conant, Coolidge, Dyke, Eastman, Ellis, Farrington, French, Fuller, Gibbs, Hannaford, Harlow, Hathaway, Hawkins, Hayford, Hill, Hinkley, Holland, Howard, Huntress, Jewett, Leach, Ludden, McCollister, Parsons, Peabody, Peterson,Reynolds, Robertson, Shackley, Stevens, Strout, Thomas, Thorn, Treat, Turner, Wilson and Wood.

Surname Index

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