Growstown Cemetery Veterans List, Brunswick, Maine

Growstown Cemetery
Brunswick, Maine


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This 2002 list is a compilation of notes taken onsite by the Town Manager's Office, records in the Town Clerk's Office and the Pejepscot Historical Society, and the following CDs: SAR Revolutionary War Graves Register, 2000 Edition by Progeny Publishing; Military Service Records: War of 1812, 2000 Edition by, Inc.; Roll of Honor: Civil War Union Soldiers (#351), 1996 Edition, by Broderbund Software, Inc.

Adams, Thomas J , GAR, LOT 181

Alexander, Lorenzo O, GAR, LOT 145

Alexander, William, 1775, LOT 51

Anderson, Cornelius T, WWI

Bailey, Miciah H, CIV, LOT 73

Barnikow, Jeff Alan

Barrett, Arthur P

Beals, Edward M, WWI

Boyden, Jesse R

Brackett, Alesto, GAR, LOT 73

Brackett, Calvin C, SPAN/AM, LOT 72, added from 1968 S&S list

Bradley, George

Brett, Charles H, GAR

Brewer, Charles E, CIV, LOT 12

Brooks, Fred Boomer, WWI

Chase, Capt. James, GAR, LOT 58, stone in wife's name, added from TC list

Coombs, David E, CIV, LOT 97

Coombs, John, 1775, LOT 44

Coombs, Osborne D, CIV, LOT 43

Coombs, Thomas H , GAR, LOT 101

Duke, Charles L, WWII

Dunning, Henry M

Erickson, Robert E

Farmer, Charles E , WWII

Farr, Abby J, CIV, LOT 18, added from TC list

Fawley, Glenn L, VT

Fowler, Robert Crane, WWII

Given, Charles

Given, Charles

Given, Robert, REV, added from Douglas list

Gotimer, Donald E, VT

Green, James W, GAR, LOT 98

Greene, Nathaniel L A, GAR, LOT 100

Hackett, Edwin A, GAR, LOT 148

Hart, James B, VT

Hart, Leroy, WWII

Hartill, Jefferson M, WWI

Heath, Walter E, WWII

Hersey, Hiram

Hodsdon, Henry, CIV, LOT 100

Hunt, Benjamin S, CIV, LOT 69

Hunt, Donald A,

Kindlimann, Edward J, K

Kincaid, Roland G, WWII, added from 1968 S&S list

Lincoln, Frank P, WWI

Lipovsky, Lewis J, WWII

Luke, John, REV, LOT 1, unmarked boulder, added from TC list

Marriner, Arthur

McGill, William, 1776, LOT 70, east corner

Melcher, Capt. Abner, 1812, LOT 43, added from TC list

Merriman, James, GAR, LOT 2, added from TC list

Meryman, Thomas

Michiels, William S, GAR, LOT 146, TC says Michaels

Mitchell, Charles B, GAR, LOT 124, TC says middle initial "R"

Mitchell, Robert E, GAR LOT 9

Morang, William, GAR, LOT 175

Parsley, Eliphalet G , GAR, LOT 91, TC says Parshley

Parsley, John W, GAR, LOT 92, TC says Parshley

Parsons, Jeremiah, GAR, LOT 60

Parsons, John H, GAR, LOT 39, added from TC list

Plummer, Frank W

Prince, John E, VT

Reardon, Fred L, WWII

Richards, Michael J , VT

Rogers, Capt. George, REV, added from Douglas list, descendents buried here

Savage, Roy, WWII

Skelton, Walter E, WWI, Shelton (?)

Skolfied, Thomas, 1812

Skolfield, Capt. James, 1812

Skolfield, Capt. Joseph, 1812, LOT 53, added from TC list, see note below

Snow, Aaron, REV, added from SAR list

Stanwood, George P

Stanwood, Phillip, 1812, LOT 30

Stockford, Keith C, WWII

Strout, Charles T, WWI, LOT 155

Thompson, Charles M, GAR, LOT 182

Toothaker, Abraham, REV, added from Douglas records, child or spouse buried here

Toothaker, Henry

Williams, Arthur G, WWII

Williams, Irving R, WWII

Nearby graves

Nickerson, Luke, REV, added from SAR list

Skolfield, Capt. Joseph, 1812, Newall Farm, added from 1968 S&S list, (Newall Farm was on Raymond Rd., perhaps grave moved to Growstown)

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