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Aroostook County Towns





Aroostook County Towns

This page contains a list of the towns, villages, and plantations in Aroostook county. The leftmost column contains the names of towns -- past and present -- that you might find during your searches, along with the year it was established under that name; a clickable town name indicates a link to a Town Page. The middle column contains earlier names that have appeared in census records, etc. for each town (along with which census records call it by that name). The rightmost column contains links to other information specific to that town; click on the:

for an Aroostook county map, showing the location of the town (courtesy of the Census Bureau's Tiger Map Server).
for a map of the town.
for the civil (non-genealogy) website for the town.
to go to the Aroostook GenWeb Cemeteries page, which contains some information on cemeteries of the town.
to go to the Aroostook GenWeb Churches page, which contains some information on churches in the town.
for the 1837 special census records for the town.
for the 1840 census records for the town.
for the 1850 census records for the town.
for the 1860 census records for the town. -- Images of the Federal Census records!!

If you have any suggestions (towns missing from this list, links you know of that are not included, other kinds of links that should be included, etc.), please let me know.

Town Names
(links are to Town Pages)
Other Name(s)
(census years indicate the name of the town for that census)
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Allagash Plantation part of Number 17, Range 9 (1850; 1860)
Ashland Number 11, Range 5 (1837, 1840, 1850); Number 12, Range 5 (1850, 1860)
Bancroft Plantation 
BenedictaNumber 2, Range 5 (1837); Benedicta Plantation (1850; 1860)
BlaineLetter B, Range 1 (1850; 1860)
BridgewaterBridgewater Academy Grant (1837, 1850); Portland Academy Grant (1850)
Bridgewater Corner 
Brown Corner 
BurleighNumber 5, Range 3 
CaribouEaton Grant (1840,1850); Letter H, Range 2 (1840,1850,1860)
Cary Plantation  
Carys Mills 
Castle Hill
(incorporated 1903)
Number 12, Range 3 (1850); Number 12, Range 5 (1850); Number 11, Range 5 (1850)
(founded 1880)
Pleasant Ridge Plantation
Chapman Plantation 
Clayton Lake 
Cote Corner 
Cross Lake 
Crouseville Number 13, Range 3, Sections 3, 4, 5 & 6 (1837, 1840); [East] Salmon Brook Plantation (1850, 1860)
CrystalCrystal Plantation (1850)
Crystal Plantation  
Cyr Plantation  
Deadmans Corner  
Dickeyville part of Madawaska Plantation (1850)
Dyer Brook  
Dyer Brook Plantation 
Eagle Lakepart of Hancock Plantation (1850); Township 16 Range 7 (1860)
East Hodgdon 
(settled 1851)
Easton Center  
Easton Station  
Estabrook Settlement 
Fish River Lake  
ForkstownNumber 3, Range 2 (1850; 1860)
Fort FairfieldPlymouth Grant (1840,1850); Letter D, Range 1 (1850); Sarsfield
Fort Kentpart of Hancock Plantation (1850)
Fort Kent Mills 
Fort Kent Village 
Four Corners 
(founded 1869)
part of Madawaska Plantation (1850); Township 18, Range 5 (1860); Dickeyville
Garfield Plantation 
Glenwood Township 2, Range 3 (1837)
Glenwood Plantation 
Grand Islepart of Van Buren Plantation (1850)
Grand Lake  
Grass Corner  
Halls Corner  
Hamlin Plantation  
HammondLetter B, Range 2 (1850)
HaynesvilleDole Township (1837); Haynesville Plantation (1850)
HerseyDayton Plantation (1850)
Hersey Plantation 
Hodgdon Corners  
Houltonpart of Williams College Grant (1850)
Howe Brook  
Island Falls 
Island Falls Plantation 
Jewells Corner 
Jimmey Mountain 
Knowles Corner 
Letter A Plantation  
LimestoneLetter E, Range 1 (1850)
LittletonWilliams College Grant (1837); Framingham Academy Grant (1850); part of Williams College Grant (1850)
Long Lake 
LudlowBelfast Academy Grant (1837, 1850)
Macwahoc Plantation 
Madawaska part of Madawaska Plantation (1850, 1860)
Mapleton Number 12, Range 3 (1837, 1850, 1860)
Mars Hill  
Masardis Number 10 Range 5 (1837, 1840)
MerrillNumber 6, Range 4 (1850)
Merrill Plantation  
MolunkusMolunkus Plantation (1850; 1860)
Moro Plantation Number 6, Range 5 (1850)
Morris Corner  
Mud Lake 
Nashville Plantation 
New Canada 
New Limerick 
New Limerick Plantation 
New Sweden
(founded 1870)
Number 15, Range 3 (1850)
New Sweden Plantation  
New Sweden Station  
North Amity  
North Bancroft 
OakfieldBurleigh; Number 5, Range 3 (1837, 1850, 1860)
Oakfield Plantation 
OrientOrient Gore (1837); Orient Plantation (1850)
Oxbow Number 10 Range 6
Oxbow PlantationNumber 9, Range 6 (1850; 1860)
(settled 1856)
Number 14, Range 4 (1850)
Perham Plantation 
Pleasant Ridge Plantation  
Portage LakePortage Lake Plantation (1850)
Portage Lake East 
Powers Corner  
Presque Isle Letter G, Range 2 (1840,1850); Letter F Township (1850)
Presque Isle Junction 
Reed Township 1, Range 3 (1837)
Reed Plantation 
Saint Agathapart of Madawaska Plantation (1850); Township 18, Range 5 (1860); Dickeyville; Frenchville
Saint David  
Saint FrancisNumber 17, Range 9 (1850; 1860)
Saint John  
Sawyer Corner 
Sheriden Plantation  
Sherman Township 3, Range 5 (1837); Golden Ridge Plantation (1850)
Sherman Mills  
Sherman Plantation  
Silver RidgeTownship 2, Range 5 (1837)
SmyrnaTownship 6, Range 3 (1837)
Smyrna Mills  
Somers Corner  
South Bancroft 
Squa Pan  
Squa Pan Lake  
Square Lake  
(settled 1881)
Number 16, Range 3 (1850)
Sugar Hill  
Ten Mile Lake 
Township 7, Range 5Number 7, Range 5 (1850)
Township 8, Range 5Number 8, Range 5 (1850)
Township 9, Range 5Number 9, Range 5 (1850)
Township A, Range 2Letter A, Range 2 (1837, 1850)
Twin Brooks 
Upper Frenchville 
Van Buren part of Van Buren Plantation (1850, 1860)
Wadeprobably included in Salmon Brook Plantation (1850)
Wallagrass Plantation 
WashburnNumber 13, Range 3 (1837, 1840); Salmon Brook Plantation (1850)
Washburn Junction  
WestfieldDeerfield Academy Grant (1850)
Westfield Plantation 
WestonMonroe Gore (1837)
Wheelock Mill 
Woodbridge Corner  
(settled 1860)
Woodland Center 
Woodland Plantation  
Wytopitlock Lake