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The establishment of Androscoggin County, effective March 18, 1854, took from Cumberland County the towns of Auburn, Danville, Durham, Minot and Poland; from Kennebec County the towns of East Livermore, Greene, Leeds and Wales; from Lincoln County the towns of Lewiston, Lisbon and Webster; and from Oxford County the towns of Livermore and Turner.

All boundary changes have been of a minor nature. Land was set off from Leeds to Wayne in Kennebec County in 1859; from Poland to Otisfield in Cumberland County in 1858; and from Poland to Casco in Cumberland County in 1858. All additions to the county area have been from Kennebec County; from Monmouth to Wales in 1855; from Litchfield to Wales in 1856; and from Litchfield to Webster in 1867. The parcel of land annexed to Webster was so small that it is imperceptible on the accompanying map.

The county has lost one town - Danville, which was annexed to Auburn in 1867; and has gained one town Mechanic Falls, formed from parts of Minot and Poland and incorporated, March 22, 1893.

The name of East Livermore was changed to Livermore Falls in 1929.

Androscoggin County now contains the cities of Auburn and Lewiston and the towns of Durham, Greene, Leeds, Lisbon, Livermore, Livermore Falls, Mechanic Falls, Minot, Poland, Turner, Wales and Webster.


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