Bolton Family Bible

Bolton Family Bible

Complete listing of this Bible:
1st page:
John Bolton married to Tryphene Strange June 20th 1784.
Joseph Mixter married to Ruth Boton December 19th, 1812.
Joseph A. Mixter married to Ioama S. Norris August 10th 1836.
Rufus S. Mixter married to Lydia Ann Whitney April 16th, 1848.
Gilbert L. Mixter married to Matilda C. Converse Nov. 29th 1848.
George S. Converse married to Julia Ann Mixter April 30th 1849.
Joseph G. Allbe married to Jane A. Mixter June 11th 1856.

2nd page:
John Bolton born in Freetown, Mass. Aug. 10th 1762
Tryphana Strange born in Freetown July 13th 1764.
Tyloenus? Bolton born in Freetown, Nov. 2, 1784.
Thomas Bolton born in Freetown, Jan. 14th 1786.
John Bolton jr. was born in Freetown, April 19th 1788.
John Bolton died Oct. 30th, 1829. age 68.
Tryphena Bolton died Feb. 3, 1832 age 68.
James Bolton died July 1791.
John Bolton died 1828. age 40.
Thomas Bolton died Nov. 25th 1839. aged 53 yrs.
Lydia Bolton died 1876
Enos Bolton died about 1883
some info I can't make out.

page 3:
James Bolton born in Freetown, July 1791.
Ruth Bolton born in Freetown, June 19th 1792.
Phebe Bolton born in Freetown, Nov. 3, 1794.
Thankful Bolton born in Freetown March 25th, 1797.
Tryphena Bolton born in Freetown, Aug. 1st 1799.
Enos Bolton born in Freetown, Feb. 18th, 1802.
Lydia Bolton born in Freetown, June 29th, 1804.
Dr. ? Joseph Mixter born in Suffield Com? 1753.
and died April 19th, 1823.
Ruth Amedoron? wife of Dr.? Mixter born in Greenfield, Mass. Aug. 21, 1761.
Cynthia Farmin 2nd wife of Dr.? Mixter, born in Wilbriham? March 1770. Died
October 1842.
Ezra Mixter July 20th 1799 age. 88.
Daniel Mixter Oct. 29, 1841. age 87.
Sophia wife of Daniel March, 2 1816 age 25. Esther 2nd wife of Daniel Dec.
20?, 1850 age 36?

4th page:
Joseph Mixter born in Wilbnham?, Mass. March 12, 1791.
Married to Ruth Bolton, December 19th 1812.
Joseph A. Mixter born in Ludlow, Mass. Aug. 10th 1815.
Harriet A. Mixter born in Newhaven, Conn. May 15th 1817.
Rufus S. Mixter born in Stafford, Conn., March 20th, 1820.
Lydia or Letitia I. Mixter born in Randolph, RI?, April 21, 1825.
Gilbert L. Mixter born in Randolph Vt. ? May10th, 1826.
Ihlia? Ann Mixter born in Randolph Vt. ? June 20th 1830.
Jane A. Mixter born June 5th 1837.
Letitia I. Mixter died June 19th 1847. Age 22 yrs. 2 mo.
Lydia Ann wife of Rusfus S. Mixter died Jan. 12th 1850 Age. 27 yrs.
Harriet A. Mixter died April 19th, 1853.
Aged 35 years, 11 mos. 4 days.
Joseph Mixter died Feb. 21st 1855. Aged 64 Years.
Ruth Bolton Mixter died Jan. 6 1889.
Julia A. Converse died Aug. 11, 1890.

bottom of page:
Gilbert S or L. Mixter died at Andersonville (Ga.) prison in July 1864.

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