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The Mattapony site is an excellent resource, not to be missed, hosted on MyFamily.com. The only way to get on there is to be a site member, or to be invited by a site member.

To access the Mattapony site and all of its treasures, you'll need to email Bob Jones at bobjones@ezy.net and let him know you'd like to join. He'll then send you an invitation to join the site, which will include a temporary password and instructions on how to proceed.

Once you've joined the site and are a member, you can access the Mattapony site at this address:



Before Worcester County existed (1742), there was, for about seventy-five years, a huge county that stretched from Georgetown, Delaware, to Red Hills and Horn Town, including what would later be Salisbury, Princess Anne, Pocomoke, and Snow Hill. This early-colonial county, named Somerset, was divided up into "Hundreds". Historically, the term "Hundred" began in England in the Middle Ages when the king divided the realm into regions called Hundreds, each of which would produce 100 fighting men in time of war. In 17th-century Somerset County, the land was divided into "Hundreds" for administrative purposes. The area we live in was named "Mattapony Hundred", but it came to be known simply as Mattapony. "Bogerternorton Hundred" lay to the north of Girdletree and of present-day Shad Landing State Park. "Pocomoke Hundred" lay to the north of the Pocomoke River.

Mattapony ran south from the Pocomoke River as far as the Chincoteague Bay. Accomack County bounded it to the south and Mattapony Creek or Corker's Creek to the north. The hamlets that eventually came into existence included, to name the more important ones, present-day Girdletree, Rabbit Gnaw, Big Mill, Goodwill, Cross Roads, Lindseyville (the earlier name for Klej Grange) -- and even Greenbackville. It included Pocomoke but not Snow Hill. The two main roads through Mattapony went from Mattapony Landing (near Beth Eden) to Sandy Hill (Stockton) via Klej Grange, and from Girdletree to Pocomoke via Klej Grange and Cross Roads. From about 1675 till 1750, Klej Grange, being at the crossroads of the two principle arteries, was one of the leading communities. Sandy Hill (Stockton) was important too because it was a stage on the old seaside road. In those days, there was no Pocomoke / Snow Hill road. If you traveled between those two towns, you either went by boat or you took the Klej Grange Road -- although there was a primitive road north of the Pocomoke River through the forest. Actually, few people would have travelled to Pocomoke in the earliest days as it was nothing more than a ferry landing point called Steven's Ferry, established in 1670 by Col. Wm. Stevens. Pocomoke will not be included on this particular web site, deserving one of its own.

The object of study pursued on this site of Mattapony will therefore be primarily limited to the confines of old "Mattapony Hundred", which, to a large extent, are reflected in the boundaries of the present-day Eighth District. The purpose of this web site is to disseminate and gather historical data, photographs, and information about southern Worcester County, with emphasis on Stockton, this, merely because it is my home-town. It is, of course, my hope that I will not be the sole contributor to the site. I know that others have letters and stories and documents of historical interest but have no handy outlet available to share them with others. This site could thus be used as a sort of "clearing house" for the exchange and the preservation of knowledge. But time is crucial. Whenever an elderly native of Mattapony dies, a part of history is lost forever. Each generation takes with it a treasure-trove of facts because no one took the trouble to record what was known. This site is intended to save for posterity the few facts and old photographs that have trickled down to those of us who are now looked upon as the old guard. In conclusion, happy quest to those who seek to know; and may those who visit this site have the pleasure of delving into the history of a unique and special plot of earth -- old Mattapony.

--Bob Jones 27 Aug 2002

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