Ella Virginia Houck Holloway Chapter

Est. July 2, 1918

Named Gov. William Smallwood Chapter until May 26, 2010

Southern Maryland

Ella Virginia Houck Holloway, born next to the Shot Tower in Baltimore in 1862, was instrumental in persuading U. S. Congressman Charles J. Linthicum to introduce a bill in Congress which would mandate the Star Spangled Banner as the national anthem. On 3 March 1931, Congressional Resolution (46 Stat. 1508) was signed into law by President Herbert Hoover.The Baltimore Sun reported that "Mrs. Holloway considered herself an expert on the use and display of the flag and to that end toured the city to see that the flag was not improperly displayed. She did have rather impressive credentials in this department, having served as chairman of the Committee on the Correct Use of the Flag of the United States Daughters of the War of 1812." The Sun further reported, "She always appeared in public wearing a tall shako, a cylindrical beaver hat with plume, that rose a foot above her head." She told the Sun in 1937, "The general contours of my hat and the Constitution of the United States must remain unchanged."

Mrs. Holloway was admitted to the National Society United States Daughters of 1812 on 16 Jan 1903 and served as Maryland State President beginning in 1918. Upon the death of Mrs. Holloway in 1940, a Sun editorial declared, "Mrs. Reuben Ross Holloway, who died yesterday, would have been a noteworthy person in any era."

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